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Washington, D.C., also known as Washington, District of Columbia, is the capital city of the United States of America.


Hank Hall and Dawn Granger moved to Washington from Gotham. Four years later, Dick Grayson visited them, hoping for help to deal with Rachel Roth.[1] Dawn was hurt in conflict, leading to her entering a coma, residing in hospital.[2]

In 2019, both Hank and Dawn moved to San Francisco after rejoining the Titans, though later returned after defeating Deathstroke. During 2020, Hank became a small-time officer in D.C., retiring as Hawk, as Dawn continued to operate as Dove. Upon learning about the death of Robin, Dawn joined the Titans in moving to Gotham City, with Hank arriving shortly after.[3]

Known inhabitants[]

Current inhabitants[]

  • Tod

Former inhabitants[]


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