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Valeska Nox (died 2020) was a criminal in Gotham City until her death.


In 2020, she and the leaders of several crime rings in Gotham were lured into a meeting by Red Hood. During the meeting, she confirmed the others' doubts that Batman was no longer beyond killing as he just killed Joker. Red Hood made his existence known to the group, presenting them with a bag of heads consisting of their lackeys—and the nephew of at least one of them—that Valeska opened when no one else complied. The newcomer threatened them into making a deal with him and, after making an example of one who refused by shooting him upfront, she and the others surrendered their guns in agreement.[1]

Valeska is killed by Koriand'r.

Some time after, Valeska was approached by Komand'r and Koriand'r for information to bring down Jonathan Crane and Jason Todd. She agreed to help them, only if they brought her son, Michael, to her. They agreed and went to meet with Michael. After convincing Michael to return to his mother, the three went to Valeska's home. Upon arrival, Valeska greeted her son, before shooting him in the head, killing him. In anger, Koriand'r shook Valeska's hand and burned her to death. After Valeska's death, the two sisters would gain information from an employee of Valeska, who soon returned after walking her dogs.[2]


Season 3[]


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