In order to keep coherency across our wiki, we follow a number of guidelines when it comes to naming pages.

As a general rule, titles should remain as concise but accurate as possible. If the page is to do with a piece of media, it should be named exactly as it has been reported, be it in a trade or website, an actual press release or another source entirely.

Title precedence

Often topics will share a name, such as "Dick Grayson" the episode and Dick Grayson the character. When this happens, the titles will need to be differentiated somehow, typically using parentheses. In the case of differentiation needing to be made with episodes and other things, the episode's pagename will include "(episode)", due to our use of the Ep template; its use means we can streamline the need to type out the parentheses in any capacity.

In most other cases, it is recommended that, if two or more pages share a name, they should all use parentheses, utilizing a disambiguation page to help readers differentiate between them.

Characters and individuals

Characters will sometimes bear a title, be it pre-nominal or post-nominal, as will crew and cast members. While these are often important to the individual, they do not constitute part of the individual's name, and thus should be left out of the page title. Only the individual's name should be used as part of the title, with few rare exceptions.