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"This is a place where people like you can learn how to be the best version of who you are. And you can do it without being afraid for your life."
Dick Grayson to Rose Wilson[src]

Titans Tower is a building that serves as the base of operations for both incarnations of the Titans.


Titans Tower was used as a base of operations for the Titans.[1]

After Dick Grayson reformed the Titans, he and company moved back in.[1] They used the building to train and prepare for their next big clash.[2] Dawn, Hank, and Donna visited after Dr. Light returned, helping Dick to attempt to take him down.[3]

After saving Jason, Conner was shot and taken to the tower by the Titans, where he was visited by Eve (who brought Krypto) and healed by Kory and Rachel.[4] After that, Conner was still unconscious. After the Titans fell out, they left the tower, leaving only Gar to look after Conner. When Conner woke up, he and Gar left the tower to walk around town.[5]

Then, the tower was invaded by Cadmus agents, who took Gar and Conner.[5] Donna later arrived at the tower and found debris, but Conner and Gar were gone.[6] So she, Kory, Rachel and Dawn returned to the tower to plan what to do. After saving them, they and Bruce Wayne went back to the Tower for lunch.[7]

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