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"Families can be fucked up. I mean, look around. We've all spent our lives recovering from the damage done by our families. Donna knew something I didn't. If you throw enough strays together, you get the best kind of family. One bound not by DNA... but by a collective sense of duty and devotion to another. And when you lose someone you love... you need this. What we have right here."
Dick Grayson to the Titans[src]

The Titans are a team of heroes, who came together to fight the forces of evil. The group was disbanded after Jericho's death.[1]

The new Titans are a group of individuals who allied to protect Rachel Roth from the Organization. After successfully defeating the Organization and reuniting Rachel with her birth mother, Angela Azarath, the Titans disbanded, though several of its members and allies were called back into action when it became apparent that Rachel was going to call forth a greater threat, Trigon.


The first team[]

Aqualad promotional still 3

The first team.

The Titans were formed by four superheroes, Robin, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove The team would be based out of Titans Tower in San Francisco, California.[2]

Four months after Aqualad joined the Titans, They would encounter Dr. Light.[1] The Titans were successful in apprehending Light, and he was sent to San Quentin State Prison.[3]

After Light was sent to prison, the Titans would suffer a major loss; Aqualad would be killed by the mercenary known as Deathstroke.[1] Deathstroke proved to be a formidable enemy for the Titans that they disbanded and shuttered Titans Tower.[3]

The new team[]


Dick formed a new version of the Titans with Koriand'r, Rachel Roth and Gar Logan to defeat The Organization. They went to a motel called Do-Si-Do Motel to train. When night fell, they were attacked by the Nuclear Family, but they were defeated and interrogated by the Titans. Dick then went to Dr. Adamson's hotel and questioned him about his reasons, then several agents from the organization arrived but were defeated by Dick and Jason Todd.[4]

Titans 1x05 The Team

The new Team.

They captured Adamson and took him to their hotel.[5] At the hotel, Adamson revealed that Rachel's mother was alive and trapped in the Agnews Asylum. They went there but were captured and tortured. Rachel found her mother and released them and Kory blew up the Asylum, killing the last members of the organization.[6] They went to a house where Kory managed to remember who she was and attacked Rachel,[7] Donna arrived and managed to stop her. Kory, followed by Dick and Donna, went to a warehouse where he found her ship. At the house, Angela convinced Rachel to bring her father back[8] and then he created a force field around the house that made the Titans enter an alternate reality inside their own heads. Later, Rachel managed to control her powers and sent Trigon into a portal, leaving his current status unknown.[9][2]

Return of Deathstroke[]

Shortly after stopping Trigon, Dick Grayson would reform the Titans, now consisting of himself, Rachel, Gar, and Jason.[2]

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Fightning against Gizmo[]

Titans against Gizmo

The Titans confront Gizmo.

Continuing their vigilante activities, the Titans went to Dayton Labs, where the criminal Gizmo and his henchmen were committing a robbery, so they went to confront them. Dick easily took it upon himself to take down the criminals. Gar grappled with the criminals, transforming into a tiger to scare them off while Conner and Krypto protected him, and Kory arrived in a firestorm. The Titans regrouped to catch Gizmo, who was defeated by a sonic bark from Krypto.[10]

Scarecrow and Red Hood[]

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The Church of Blood[]

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Known members[]

Current members[]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, the Titans are the adult ex-members of the Teen Titans. Initially consisting of Justice League side-kicks, the group eventually take in other members outside of their mentors' team.
    • The original Titans seem to be inspired by the original 1960s Teen Titans, primarily consisting of the side-kicks of the Justice League. However, the present day Titans are more aligned with the 1980s team, being mainly comprised of members unaffiliated with the Justice League.


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