• Hi there

    Even without your warning, i already noticed about your clash with ChristheWalrus for a week about whenever colons should been bolded or not. Since we currently didn't have a style guidelines about the way we use bold to the article, then it practically doesn't matter much whenever they should be bolded or not. So, unless there's already a discussion about it, then we should leave it that way until we make a decision about it.

    And then the spacing part. Some wikis is referred to giving a space between the infobox and the opening paragraft. But there is also wikis who decided to not given a spacing between their infobox and paragraft. But since we already going with not giving a space between them, then you're practically is not wrong about the spacing.

    However, If you have problem with other contributor, then please at least try to discuss it in a civic way, instead of continue with the edit warring. And piece of advice, when other user harrassing you, DO NOT taunting them with a certain word. This will only brings more trouble, as the user will continue to harrassing you, and then you're taunting him, which create a continuous circle, unless wiki staff solve the clash.

    If you two keep continue doing this, then i've no choice but to bring this up to MakeShift.

    Thank you.

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