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The Organization was a mysterious cult dedicated to reuniting Rachel Roth with her father Trigon, an intergalactic demon prophesied to bring about the end of the world.


Years ago, Trigon was summoned to Earth in order to conceive a child with one of his acolytes, Angela Azarath, with the intention of having that child, Rachel, eventually serve as his doorway into the human dimension. Somehow, Dr. Adamson learned of this, and formed The Organization with the intention of bringing this to pass.[1]

The Organization owned and operated Agnews Asylum, in which they kept Angela Azarath.[1] It was here that they also brainwashed various people into the Nuclear Family, a team of assassins that posed as a stereotypical family unit.[2] The family was given vials of a serum that gave them enhanced strength and durability and set up with a home in St. Louis, Missouri, where they stayed until they were needed.[3]

The Nuclear family was sent to kidnap Rachel, but they failed. They were interrogated and restrained by the Titans, so Dick Grayson went after Adamson. Dick arrived at his apartment and questioned him about his reasons, then several agents from the organization arrived but were defeated by Dick and Jason Todd.[2] They captured Adamson and took him to their hotel.[4] At the hotel, Adamson revealed that Rachel's mother was alive and trapped in the Asylum. They went there but were captured and tortured. Rachel released them and Kory blew up the Asylum, killing the last members of the organization.[1]

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