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Tamaraneans are an extraterrestrial species that inhabit the planet Tamaran.


Through Gul'ron Dez Dire, the Tamaraneans knew that their world would be destroyed by an interdimensional being known as Trigon. In order to avert this, they sent one of their own - Koriand'r - to the planet Earth in order to secure Trigon's heir before she could summon her father into their dimension.[1] Not having done her job, Kory was followed by Faddei, who made her unconscious.[2] When she came to, he explained how he'd been sent to retrieve her, or else legions would be sent should he not succeed.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

  • Superhuman strength: Kory possesses superhuman strength, which is further increased by accumulating solar energy throughout her body, as she can overpower beings of lesser or equalized power with relative ease. Her incredible strength allows her to inflict significant bodily damage to opponents and launch them through the air with mere strikes.
  • Superhuman durability: Kory's body is highly resistant to physical harm and can withstand inhumanly high levels of punishment, such as intense heat or blunt force trauma. She also resisted the blows of the superhuman Nuclear siblings and recovered shortly after being struck by an Amazon.
  • Accelerated healing factor: When being experimented on, it was revealed that Kory regenerated remarkably fast after having her resistant skin seared with a laser.
  • Solar energy absorption: The royal lineage of Tamaran possesses the innate ability to absorb and store solar radiation in their cells. This stored energy fuels staggering power that they can use even when away from heat and sunlight. This energy is weaker when away from solar rays and can be depleted, requiring exposure to solar radiation to recharge this fuel source.
  • Solar energy projection: The royal lineage of Tamaran possesses the innate ability to channel the solar radiation they stored in their cells in different forms of heat and fire. They can release concentrated fiery bursts capable of melting, igniting, and destroying dense materials as well as incinerating opponents into charred bodies of ash. They can also project defensive shields of flame that melt projectiles and burn enemies that come close. When Kory uses this ability, her entire body and hair radiate with solar energy while her eyes glow a bright green.

Known Tamaraneans[]



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