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The Tamaranean spaceship, also known as X'Hal[1], is an immense Tamaranean aerospace craft that was used by Koriand'r, in her mission, to travel to Earth.


Upon being given an assignment to travel to Earth and terminate a young girl named Rachel Roth, X'Hal was provided to make Kory Anders' journey possible. Not much is known about the journey, however, it was implied that X'Hal had difficulty being landed. Eventually, it was landed in an abandoned warehouse but forgotten for some time.

After being located by Kory once again, X'Hal greeted her. Present with Donna Troy and Dick Grayson, they were all scanned and welcomed aboard. Kory used X'Hal's projections to brief them on her initial mission and how it tied to Rachel and her father, Trigon.[1] When X'Hal was visited by Kory again, she was with Faddei. However, by Kory's orders, Faddei was locked inside X'Hal.[2]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • There is ten years worth of food in the galley. [2]
  • X'Hal possesses artificial intelligence.[1]


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