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"I come from a planet called Tamaran."
Koriand'r to Dick Grayson and Donna Troy.[src]

Tamaran is the home planet of Koriand'r and Tamaraneans.


"Earth will be the first planet that he will cover in his darkness. But eventually, everything, all worlds, my world, will burn."

Tamaran was prophesied to be destroyed by an interdimensional being known as Trigon. According to the book Gul'ron Dez Dire, Trigon was summoned to Earth to conceive a daughter that will serve as a doorway for him to enter through from his own dimension. Koriand'r traveled to Earth from Tamaran on a mission to secure Trigon's daughter, the Raven, before she could summon Trigon to their dimension.[1] Komand'r later claimed Tamaran's throne for herself and murdered her parents, becoming the new Queen of the planet.[2]

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