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"Don't make this harder than it has to be."
"But that's what I do, love.
Donna Troy and Selinda Flinders[src]

Selinda Flinders is a metahuman criminal commonly known as Shimmer.


Selinda committed crimes in exchange for money, specifically murder. This led to Roy Harper having intel on her for some time.

Walking the streets of Chicago one night, Selinda encountered Donna Troy and Kory Anders. Given the option to turn herself in, Selinda decided to fight back. Grabbing a nearby newspaper, she used her abilities to transmute it into a solid object and hurl it at them, engaging in battle. Dodging a burst of flames from Kory, she tried to grab another paper before she was reeled in by Donna's lasso and given a final blow from Kory. She was easily apprehended and arrested by the Chicago FBI, promising Donna that they would meet again.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Metahuman physiology: Through unknown means, Selinda received metahuman abilities.[1]
    • Matter transmutation: Shimmer has the ability to transmute any inanimate element or compound into any other. For instance, she used a newspaper as a weapon by turning it into steel and hurling it at her enemies.[1]
    • Bioluminescence: Shimmer naturally emits (in short bursts) a pink and blue electric glow emanating from her body that resembles plasma. This energy also appears on the object that she is transmuting.
      • Bioacoustikinesis: Whenever she glows, a sound resembling high pitched bells clanking against each other follows.


Season 2[]

Seaon 3[]


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