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The fourth and final season of Titans was announced on October 16, 2021,[1][2][3] and part one premiered on HBO Max on November 3, 2022, with the second part released on April 13, 2023 and concluded on May 11, 2023.[4]


Part 1[]

Having saved Gotham, the Titans hit the road to head back to San Francisco. But after a stop in Metropolis, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a supernatural cult with powers unlike anything they've faced before.

Part 2[]

In the mid-season premiere, the Titans — with the exception of Gar — are returned to the place they had vanished, the Temple of Trigon, only to find Sebastian and Mother Mayhem are no longer there. The Titans rush to find them before Sebastian summons his father Trigon, their pursuit leading them to a mysterious town whose populace is hiding a deep secret. Along the way, the Titans come across a prophecy that may require Kory to make a huge sacrifice to save the world, but Dick's feelings for Kory surface and he refuses to let her die.

In the final episodes, the Titans enter into an epic battle to save both Kory and the world…. Gar goes on a quest of self-discovery, attempting to find his true purpose and to save his friends…. and Rachel embraces darker powers while Conner, struggling with his Lex Luthor side, goes his own way to defeat Sebastian. Amidst all that, Tim and STAR Labs guru Bernard's growing feelings for each other become increasingly difficult to resist, and when Bernard’s life is threatened, Tim finally becomes the hero he has always strived to be.


Main cast[]

Special appearance by[]

  • Grant Morrison as Themself

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Number Title Directed by Written by Premiere date
1 "Lex Luthor" Nick Copus Richard Hatem November 3, 2022
After Superman requests a meeting with Conner, the Titans travel to Metropolis for exclusive access to S.T.A.R. Labs. But when unexpected complications arise, including the re-emergence of Lex Luthor, Conner faces a tough decision.
2 "Mother Mayhem" Nick Copus Bryan Edward Hill November 3, 2022
In the wake of Lex Luthor's sudden demise, Conner finds himself framed for murder while the Titans try to piece together Luthor's suspicious connection to Rachel's haunting and clear their teammate's name.
3 "Jinx" Boris Mojsovski Jamie Gorenberg November 10, 2022
With Rachel left powerless, Dick turns to an old friend whose magic could be the key to identifying their mysterious enemy. Meanwhile, Conner and Tim investigate attack victims, and Sebastian finds himself at the center of an eerie plot.
4 "Super Super Mart" Boris Mojsovski Tom Pabst November 17, 2022
As she grows closer to Sebastian, Rachel makes an unsettling discovery that leads the Titans to The Organization's Asylum - where they come face-to-face with their deadliest foes yet.
5 "Inside Man" Jen McGowan Joshua Levy & Prathi Srinivasan November 24, 2022
As the Blood Moon rises, the Titans fight to keep Sebastian from Mother Mayhem’s clutches, and an injured Conner gives rise to a venomous threat that jeopardizes the team’s plan.
6 "Brother Blood" Jen McGowan Richard Hatem December 1, 2022
The Titans race against time to save Sebastian before the Blood Moon ritual, while Conner's new hardened personality rears, and Garfield is presented with an ominous choice.
7 "Caul's Folly" Greg Walker Melissa Brides April 13, 2023
In the wake of Sebastian’s transformation, the Titans race to retrieve Trigon’s horn, leading them to the quaint - but eerie - town of Caul's Folly.
8 "Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory" Greg Walker Tom Pabst April 13, 2023
With Dick and Kory at risk of falling victim to the spell of Caul's Folly, Bernard and Tim attempt to crack the town's mystery before it's too late.
9 "Dude, Where's My Gar" Eric Dean Seaton Geoff Johns & Ryan Potter April 20, 2023
After being separated from the Titans, Gar uncovers long-lost secrets from his past as he confronts his mysterious connection to the Red.
10 "Game Over" Jesse Warn Bryan Edward Hill April 27, 2023
With help from Conner at LexCorp, Sebastian manifests his powers in a sinister new way, as Dick and Rachel have a close encounter with black magic.
11 "Project Starfire" Nick Copus Jamie Gorenberg May 4, 2023
An unexpected reunion sheds light on Project S.T.A.R.F.I.R.E., forcing Kory to make a difficult decision that puts her powers to the ultimate test.
12 "Titans Forever" Nick Copus Richard Hatem May 11, 2023
With Brother Blood at full power and Conner left in critical condition, the Titans join forces to find and defeat Sebastian once and for all.


  • The events of season 4 likely take place in late 2021, as evidenced by Jason Todd's headstone showing that he died in 2021, and there were only a few days between "Purple Rain" and "Lex Luthor."
  • The season's two parts have also been referred to as Season 4A and Season 4B respectively by various news outlets.
  • This season features the first episode of the show to be co-written by a member of the cast. Ryan Potter served as story co-writer for the ninth episode, "Dude, Where's My Gar".[5]
  • In November 2022, cast members Joshua Orpin and Teagan Croft revealed in an Instagram live that there would be a Christmas episode,[6] and in January 2023, a behind the scenes image of Conner and Krypto released featuring the characters in festive clothing.
  • In response to Gunn's tweet[7], cast member Ryan Potter announced that he had an upcoming project "for the entire DC fan base",[8] sparking hopes from fans that Titans may not be the last they see of Beast Boy.
  • The episode order was changed in March, 2023. Originally "Dude, Where's My Gar" would serve as episode 7, however it was moved to episode 9 with "Caul's Folly" and "Dick & Carol & Ted & Kory" set to release back to back on April 13, 2023.[9]



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