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"Things get hectic in my life and I fight. Happens to the best of us."
—Rose Wilson to Dick Grayson[src]

Rose Wilson (born February 14, 2002) was a main character in the Titans TV series. She is a former and inactive member of the Titans, also she is the daughter of Slade Wilson and the half-sister of Jericho. With her father's training, Rose became a skilled assassin. She donned a leather suit, similar to Slade's, and took on the name Ravager.


Early life[]

Rose suffers an accident.

Rose Wilson was born to Slade Wilson and Mei on February 14, 2002 after a one-night stand in Kansas City. Slade was married to his wife Adeline at the time so he chose not to be a part of his daughters life. However, he made sure she was well cared for, paying for her house, bills, and even her mother's and stepfather Gary's membership at a country club. As she grew older, Rose realised she had accelerated healing, which prevented her from being hurt.

Rose trains with her father.

After confronting her mother about her birth father's identity, she soon tracked him down. Although initially dismissive of his daughter, Slade had a change of heart and invited Rose to live with him. He gifted her a suit similar to his own Deathstroke uniform and trained her in combat. He eventually told her about her half-brother Jericho and how he was preparing her to help him take down the people he saw as responsible for his death the Titans. He tasked her with going undercover and infiltrate the group under the pretense that he was hunting her, even making Rose sacrifice her left eye for the charade.[1]

Meeting the Titans[]

Dick tries to convince Rose to stay at Titans Tower.

While on the run, Rose stole a vehicle and was pursued by police, resulting in a police chase. She was cornered on the top of a multistory car park, where she engaged in a fight with them. Escaping, she jumped from the top of the building and crashed through another, falling into an active conference. She got up and continued on, falling unconscious on the street. Rose was rescued by Dick Grayson, who took her to Titans Tower to recuperate. When she regained consciousness, she expressed that she did not need their help, nor did she want to stay there. Promising coffee, Dick took Rose on a drive. After driving around the city in order to make sure they were not being followed, the two bid farewell, but not before a planted light-bomb started to go off in the back seat. Dick grabbed Rose and they ran to safety before the car could explode.[2]

Rose trains with Dick.

They returned to Titans Tower, where Rose examined her eye wound. Having learned of her identity, Dick questioned her on her father and explained that she had been intending to avenge her brother's death. That night, Rose and Rachel got properly acquainted, bonding over their bad fathers. Eventually, she and Dick sparred in the training room, giving her the opportunity to demonstrate her swordsmanship. Although she was proficient enough, Dick bested her in battle.[3]

Following Jason's abduction, Rose was awakened by the commotion in the tower. Encountering Gar in the kitchen, she questioned him on the search for Jason. As she casually complained about the lack of good cereal available, her calm attitude angered Gar, who accused her of not caring about Jason. Rose deflected by probing Gar about his and Rachel's possible romance, further infuriating Gar. In response to Gar's anger, she claimed that Jason got himself in the said situation and that Gar's guilt should not be thrown on her. When the erstwhile Titans return from their search in the tunnels, they go off with Kory to fill her in on what's happened. In the control room, Rose compelled Gar to turn on the sound so they can eavesdrop on what is happening. When Rose learned that they are deliberating whether to turn her over to Deathstroke, she attempted to flee but was stopped by the tower's lockdown mode. First, she encountered Hank and managed to fight out from his grasp. Second, she met Rachel and reluctantly engaged in combat with her. This prompted Rachel's powers to emerge and injure Rose, breaking nearly every bone in her body. This left Rachel horrified. Dawn checked Rose's pulse and, to everyone's surprise, discovered that she was alive. Rose's rapid regeneration powers take effect and they tend to her. She is transported to the medical ward where she is guarded by Gar.[4]

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Rose is more of a loner, wanting to fight battles on her own a lot, even refusing a helping hand from Dick Grayson when he pulled her off the street. Even when she took the phone that was given to her, she took it just to get Dick off her back.[2] However, Rose does have moments where she is friendlier to them, such as when she meets and immediately bonds with Rachel. Rose repeatedly demonstrates that she has a very sarcastic sense of humor, often discussing her past in a very sardonic and humorous way.

However, Rose can be very cold, such as during the kidnapping of Jason Todd; while everyone else was worried, she only cared about cereal.

Later, it's revealed that Rose had secretly been working as an infiltrator for her father in a twisted form of devotion and loyalty towards him. But after she begins getting closer to Jason, she begins to care for him enough to sever ties with her father, showing that there is some decency in her.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Artificially enhanced physiology: Rose has metahuman abilities inherited from her father due to the experimentation he went through when he was apart of H.I.V.E.
    • Regenerative healing factor: Rose is able to heal from injuries much faster than normal humans. Gar Logan stated that the wound where she lost her eye healed up much faster than it should have. She was able to heal her broken bones after her fight with Rachel Roth, though she was still left in an unconscious state afterward, probably because of the shock and the strain the attack had on her body.[2] She was also able to heal from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to her hand within seconds.
    • Super leaping: Ravager's artificial nature grants super-strong muscles in her legs to jump several feet off the surface and leap several stories in a single bound across the window of a building.[2]
    • Superhuman durability: Rose has been able to withstand various forms of physical harm without being affected. When she landed through a window after jumping off a high-rise, she was able to get up and walk away with limited injury. [2] She was also able to withstand being hit by a car and sent flying in a way that would have killed a normal person and claimed to have endured similarly severe injuries in her past that she walked away from with no injury.


"The suspect actually, jumped, from the roof of the parking garage. Now, that's seven stories."
—News Reporter[src]
  • Master acrobat: Rose is known for maneuvering around obstacles and being an agile fighter in combat. She was able to jump from seven stories and land through a window.
  • Master martial artist: Having been trained by her father Slade, Rose is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, proficiently able to beat down several police officers without much effort. She was able to defeat Hank Hall, a seasoned combatant with years of fighting experience. She also overpowered Rachel Roth before the latter utilized her powers to violently subdue her. Later, along with Dick Grayson, she was able to fight her father. Her fighting style seems to comprise of capoeira, karate, boxing, Eskrima, Kali, hapkido, and judo.[2]
"You did very well with the prison guards. The crooked strikes, the rising cuts."
Slade Wilson to Rose Wilson[src]

  • Master swordswoman: Rose is a highly skilled swordswoman. This is seen during her training session with Dick Grayson, where she was able to cut his bo staff in half. She was able to slaughter the guards when breaking Arthur Light out of prison. With Nightwing's help, she was able to duel her father and eventually stabbed him in the chest.
  • Expert marksman: Rose was able to use a policeman's gun to shoot her way out of capture.[2]
  • Expert tactician: Rose is a skilled planner. She was able to use a policeman's gun to keep his back-up from approaching her and used a car to jump down to another building in order to escape.
  • Expert deceiver: Rose is a skilled at deception when she infiltrated the Tians, pretending to be on the run from her father when she was really spying on them for him.
  • Expert driver: Rose was able to drive a car with relative ease and escape for quite some time from the police.[2]
  • Stealth proficiency: Dick was impressed by Rose's evasion techniques, calling her talented and noted her for her training.


  • Ravager suit: Rose wears a protective suit while operating as Ravager. The suit was given to her by her father Slade, and she wore it during a training session with him and when in the field.
  • Twin swords: Rose uses twin swords when operating as Ravager. They have straight single-edged blades, similar in appearance to a katana or ninjato, and two quillons on the hilt used for trapping an opponent's weapon. She was seen using them during a training session with her father and when she teamed with Nightwing against her father.

Former equipment[]

  • Katana: Rose used a katana during her sparring session with Dick Grayson, where she was able to cut his wooden bo staff in half with it.
  • Glock 17: Rose used this handgun to shoot her hand in order to demonstrate her healing abilities to her father Slade. She later used a policeman's gun against his back-up when she was surrounded by police.


Season 2[]

Season 3[]


Concept art[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Rose Wilson is a member of the Teen Titans known as Ravager.
  • As of the New 52 run of Red Hood and the Outlaws, it is confirmed that Rose and Jason Todd had a one-time fling. When first seeing Rose on the news, Jason smiles and calls her a badass.


During the last episode of season 2 of Titans, Rose Wilson is no longer a member of the titans and apparently left the Titans off-screen.


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