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"The whole point is being Robin. Batman needs Robin. Why do you think he makes us wear those lame colors? 'Cause we're drawing fire. "Look over here, assholes!" Then boom, the Bat lands and starts trashing ass."
Jason Todd to Dick Grayson[src]

The Robin suits are the protective suits that Dick Grayson and Jason Todd used to wear as the vigilante Robin.


Dick Grayson's suit[]

Dick burns the Robin suit

"When you hide behind a mask for so long... it starts to give you a license to do things."
Dick Grayson to Koriand'r[src]

Leaving home, unbeknownst to Bruce, to help Hawk and Dove, Dick donned the suit.[1] Four years later, despite having hung it up, he once again donned the suit to take down Tyler Hackett and found out the mysteries around Rachel Roth and the people who were trying to abduct her. After being mentally tortured and had a relization that he was blaming Bruce and Zucco for making himself into a monster Dick gave up the mantle for good and burned his Robin suit.[2]

Jason Todd's suit[]

After Dick left Gotham, Bruce came upon Jason Todd who was attempting to steal the Batmobile's hubcaps, Bruce saw potential within Jason, taking him on as the new Robin. Jason eventually received his own upgraded suit.[3] While wearing the suit, it once protected Jason from an acid bullet shot by Nick Zucco.[3]

Heading to Ohio to help save Rachel, Dick, and Gar, Jason donned his Robin suit.[4] He later wore it again when he and Gar went to do reconnaissance on Dr. Light, but Jason was ultimately kidnapped.[5]

After his death at the hands of the Joker and subsequent resurrection thanks to Jonathan Crane, Jason adopted a new name to oppose the Titans, Red Hood, as well as a new suit, leaving his Robin one behind.[6]


"So, what do you think of the new suit? Upgrades are pretty sick, right? The new tunic is made with Zylon fibers, six times stronger than Kevlar. Seriously, bro, you can hit me with a flamethrower from ten feet and I'd be like, "That's all you got?""
Jason Todd to Dick Grayson[src]
  • Identity concealment: The main purpose of the suit is to conceal Dick and Jason identity.
  • Briefcase: Dick and Jason possess a briefcase to carry their suits. It can only be opened by passing a fingerprint and retinal scan.[7]
  • Bo-staff: Dick used a bo staff when fighting crime. But later on while fighting the Nuclear Family the bo staff was broken into two.[8] It is unkown if Jason has his own bo staff.
  • Shuriken: Dick used specialized shuriken that are shaped in his Robin symbol. They were capable of penetrating concrete, making them strong weapons. One of them is R shaped and is installed as the symbol on his chest plate. It is unkown if Jason's suit has this function.[7]
  • Grappling device: Dick used a technologically advanced grappling hook as part of his crime-fighting arsenal. The grapple line was strong enough to yank fully grown humans into the air, notably allowing him to separate enemies from their groups. As the device is primarily a traversal tool, Dick often used it to to scale buildings in mere minutes, if not seconds. It is most likely that Jason has this device as well.[7]
  • Smoke bombs: Dick and Jason use smoke bombs when fighting crime, such as when Dick took down Tyler Hackett and a number of thugs and Jason saving Dick from six assassins.[3][7]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, the Robin suit's colors are modeled after The Flying Graysons' acrobat attire.


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