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Dick Grayson and Jason Todd

"Batman needs Robin."
Jason Todd to Dick Grayson[src]

Robin is a sidekick identity that was created and first used by Dick Grayson. Robin fights alongside Batman, as a vigilante duo, to protect Gotham City. Robin is intensely trained in multiple fields of survival in order to be on par with Batman and to outwit his opponents. Unfortunately, a byproduct of being Robin is often sustaining childhood trauma and being overshadowed by Batman.

Currently, there have only been two Robins: Dick Grayson was the first Robin and the predecessor of Jason Todd, who became the second Robin after Dick quit. Jason no longer holds the mantle of Robin after his last encounter with the Joker which killed him.

Currently, no one is holding the mantle of Robin, although Tim Drake wishes to become the third Robin.


The original Robin[]

Robin originally came into existence when Bruce Wayne took Dick into his care and adopted him. At some point, he was told of the true identity of Batman. He was trained extensively and took on the identity as Robin where his acrobatic past served as an asset.[1] Through his journey as Robin he encountered multiple of Batman's enemies such as the Joker and Riddler. Being Robin also gave opportunities to meet other well-known heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman and befriend their respected proteges.[2] This led him to meet vigilantes on his own, such as Hawk and Dove. However, Dick wanted to gain his own independence as a vigilante hero and left to start his own team known as the Titans. When things failed, his role as Robin spiraled and he began operating on his own more ruthlessly. This usually encouraged negative feedback from the public.[3] Despite this, he continue to operate as Robin.

The new Robin[]

Jason was discovered when trying to steal hubcaps off the Batmobile. He was extensively trained and was allowed more freedom than his predecessor. Even though Dick still moonlighted as Robin from time to time, Jason Todd claimed the identity of Robin and fought crime alongside Batman for an unspecified amount of time.[4] He was given a task to rescue Dick from the Organization and, after successfully saving him, the two worked alongside one another to capture and defeat enemies such as Adamson and Nick Zucco. However, despite having similar objectives, they had difficulty getting along. Jason, somewhat, misused his role as Robin and insisted that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted because of his status as the sidekick. This prompted Dick to officially drop the role of Robin and take on a new identity.[5] When Jason returned to Gotham, he was offered to become a Titan, which was now becoming reformed.[6]


Jason and Dick, with their respective briefcases that hold their suits and gear for Robin.

Whoever holds the official title of Robin is determined by Batman. If for any reason, Robin is to defect or permanently leave Batman's side, Batman can take it upon himself to recruit another sidekick to succeed the previous Robin. Robins are usually boys with troubled pasts and Batman merely seeks to give them a better purpose in life. So far, the title is designed for teenage boys who possess some preexisting talents. For instance, Dick was an acrobat, meanwhile, Jason was particularly skilled at getting away with petty theft.[3][4] Although the individual may not fully give up the role of Robin and still fight as Robin, another can exist as long as Batman decides.[7]

Known Robins[]


  • Dick Grayson's Robin suit had yellow on the abs and the belt while Jason had silver on his costume.
  • Jason's suit seems to be more advanced as he mentioned to Dick that it is more durable than the latter's.[4]

Behind The Scenes[]

  • In DC comics, the Robin identity is mainly known to be associated with Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne.
    • Stephanie and Damian are the only Robins who didn't make an appearance in the show. Although a picture of Stephanie Brown was shown.
  • The current Robin in the comics is Damian Wayne, as Dick, Jason, Stephanie, and Tim have graduated to their respective newfound identities.
  • The Robin suit and color scheme is based off of the Flying Graysons' acrobat attire.


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