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"Sometimes, when I feel the darkness come out... it feels good."
—Rachel Roth to Dick Grayson[src]

Rachel Roth (born February 19, 2005)[2] also known as Raven Azarath[1] is a teenage girl who possesses supernatural powers of apocalyptic proportions inherited from her demonic father, Trigon. Reeling from her adoptive mother's murder, Rachel was pursued by mysterious operatives hell-bent on reuniting her with her demonic father. She learns that Trigon’s intention is to come to Earth and destroy the world - and that she’s supposed to create the portal for his return. Rachel hopes to contain the darkness inside of her and learn how to relate to other people using her powers.


Early life[]

A photo of Melissa holding baby Rachel at the nunnery.

Rachel was born in 2005,[2] Michigan to Angela Azarath and a powerful inter-dimensional demon named Trigon, who sought to destroy Earth and other dimensions but at some point was banished to his native realm, leading Angela to swear to do anything in order to bring him back to her.[4] However, knowing his offspring to be Trigon's only doorway and anchor to our dimension, a well-intentioned woman named Melissa Roth, subtracted her from Angela's hands and ran away, swearing to raise the child as her own and never tell her about her heritage nor her biological parents.[1][5]

For some time, Melissa and Rachel stayed at Saint Paul's Convent, hoping to get protection and escape from Rachel's father and the acolytes of his cult.[2]

Becoming a runaway[]

After becoming a preteen, Rachel began having a nightmare in which she saw John and Mary Grayson, trapeze artists, falling to their deaths. She suddenly woke one night from the nightmare and was reassured by her mother that she would be fine. The following morning, she argued with her mother over breakfast, accidentally knocking her to the ground. Having frightened herself, she left to catch the bus to school. On the bus, a boy named Kyle attempted to make fun of her, but another student, Matt, stood up for her.

After being apprehended, Rachel recognizes Detective Grayson as the boy from her nightmares.

Rachel arrived home that afternoon, ready to apologize to her mother, only to find her mother held at gunpoint by a stranger. He forced her to admit that she was not Rachel's mother, before shooting her in the head. Rachel screamed in anguish, inadvertently using her powers and running away. She arrived at a bus depot, getting a ticket for Detroit. Once arriving in Detroit, she went to a soup kitchen, where she got food. A woman attempted to kidnap her, under the guise of helping her, but she escaped by throwing a brick at a police car. While at the station, she was interviewed by Detective Dick Grayson, who she recognized from her nightmare. Refusing to help her, another police officer came in, claiming to be there to take her to join other kids. She obliged, but not before being drugged, losing consciousness. When she woke up, Rachel found herself tied to a chair and face to face with her mother's murderer. Her captor claimed to be there to get rid of her, due to her being highly important. She suddenly heard Dick's voice, causing her captor to wait by the door, ready to ambush Dick. Right as Dick went to enter the room, Rachel's dark side manifested itself, pushing the man against the door and torturing him, finally entering him and causing him to vomit up blood. Dick promptly found Rachel, taking her to a safe location.[5]

Reacting to a fight between Dick and Hank, Rachel loses control while trying to deescalate it.

They stopped at a diner, before checking in for the night at Interstate 80 Motel, where Rachel watched Game of Thrones. When Dick left to get some food, Rachel went snooping, opening one of his cases and finding a built-in computer. She used it to Google herself, as well as the nature of Dick's parents' death. Before she could get far, some pages printed out, one which manifested a face, freaking her out and causing her to continually draw crosses on paper, surrounding herself in the tub with them. When Dick returned, he consoled Rachel. As they continued on their way, Dick promised Rachel that her feeling of abandonment would eventually fade. They soon arrived at the home of Dawn Granger and Hank Hall, the former of whom Rachel introduced herself to. They headed up to the roof, where Rachel checked out Dawn's pet doves while Dawn and Dick talked. That night, Rachel questioned Dick's motives in hurting Dawn, having felt it when she'd touched Dawn's hand, but Dick refused to answer. The next day, the two girls went out together, both returning with smiles on their faces, much to the shock of Dick. Shortly following, Dick and Hank got into a physical altercation, leading to Rachel screaming and sending a telekinetic shockwave, which knocked both men about and smashed the windows. That night, Rachel suggested Dick lookout for Dawn, as she'd gone on a vigilante excursion, despite his wishes otherwise. When he was gone, however, Rachel found an envelope of money and a letter, addressed to Hank and Dawn, explaining Dick's intention to leave Rachel with them. She headed to the roof, where she was found by Dick. Before they could talk much, they were interrupted by a family. The family proceeded to start to fight them, causing Rachel to go hide. She was ultimately found, however.[6]

Back to Saint Paul[]

Kory Anders frees Rachel from her captors and offers to help escape.

Rachel was taken by the Nuclear family cross country, finding themselves at a gas station. Rachel pretended to use the bathroom, meanwhile trying to escape through the window. Before Nuclear Dad could enter, Rachel was saved by a random woman named Kory Anders, who questioned Rachel if she had any answers as to her identity but to no avail. Kory gave her a photograph of herself as a baby, surrounded by her mother and nuns, with it being marked "St. Paul's, 2005". They headed to a diner, where Kory dealt with an unruly patron, subsequently getting free food for Rachel. They continued on to Covington, Ohio, where they found Saint Paul's Convent. The head nun answered them at the door, recognizing both women. They sat down for tea before she took them to look around Rachel's old room.

Shortly following, Kory took Rachel to Scooters Roller Skating Rink on an errand, where Rachel befriended Gar Logan at the pinball machine. However, they were interrupted by the arrival of Dick Grayson, who wished to leave with Rachel. The three decided to go, but before Dick could get them in his car, Rachel's darker side got the best of her, resulting in her shattering all the windows of the nearby cars. They quickly headed back to the convent, where Rachel had some quiet time in the chapel. Dick gave her some advice, before leaving her to be on her own for a bit. The head nun soon joined Rachel, giving her a warm drink secretly laced with a sedative. When Rachel woke, she was being wheeled to a room. Once inside the room, the nun explained that sacrifices had to be made, locking Rachel in. Locked in solitary confinement, Rachel began to become distraught, smashing a mirror and finally allowing her demonic self to take over. This conjured a massive explosion in the convent which allowed her to hastily escape, having realized what she had done.

Rachel is kindly helped by Gar Logan, the same boy from the arcade.

As she ran away, Rachel ran into a tiger, revealing itself to be Gar, who offered to help her. They headed to his home, running into some hunters on the way. Scaring them off, Rachel unknowingly healed and completely revived a deer the hunters had shot. Arriving at the house, Rachel was forced to hide in a closet as one of Gar's housemates entered the room. They were soon caught out, though, and Cliff took them upstairs. Rachel wandered off, finding herself in the kitchen, where she met Larry. Larry and Gar agreed to let Rachel stay for dinner, so she did. Rita joined, but mid-way through her face began to sag. Rachel empathically felt her hand, assuring her that she was not afraid. They were suddenly interrupted by the Chief. They all headed downstairs, where the mansion's occupants assisted the doctor with his newest patient, Shyleen Lao. When her body did not react well with a drug, Rachel held her hand, reassuring this girl that she would be fine.

Dick helps Rachel by consoling her, thus making her regain control.

They all headed back upstairs, where Dr. Caulder explained their situation and how he had helped and saved everyone living in the house. Hoping to help Rachel, she allowed herself to be strapped to a medical table. She quickly decided that she did not want to go through with the procedure, but the doctor did anyway, tranquilizing Gar so that he could not interfere. Before he could proceed, however, Rachel's inner darkness was unleashed, grabbing Dr. Caulder and throwing him across the room, breaking his back on a pillar. She began to open a portal but was stopped halfway through by Dick, who'd come to rescue her. He promised that he would never leave again, and they embraced. Following this, their group left the mansion, joined by Gar.[7]

Reuniting with her mother[]

Rachel and the Team.

Trading Dick's Porsche in for a minivan, they made their way to Do-Si-Do Motel, where they hoped to lay low. Deciding they needed to know how to work best with each other, they found a warehouse and demonstrated their abilities to one another. Fascinated by everyone else's demonstration, Rachel was far from thrilled when it was her turn. Eventually, Rachel was convinced to use her abilities, which nearly attacked the group before Kory could stop it. However, when it was Dick's turn, he refused. Later, Rachel and Gar bonded, the latter describing to the former how it felt to transform into a tiger. Later in the night, Rachel was frightened by her demonic reflection, causing Dick to help her take down the mirror. Shortly afterward, the group was ambushed by the Nuclear family. Rachel was helped by Gar to safety but the group was surrounded in the parking lot. They were saved at the last minute by Dick in his Robin suit, much to the surprise of Rachel. They pooled their resources and overpowered the "family", tying them up for interrogation.[8]

Rachel shows her mother Angela Azarath her raven-shaped birthmark to prove herself.

Rachel, Kory, and Gar headed to meet with Dick, who had captured Dr. Adamson. While there, they met him at a safe house, where they also met Jason Todd.[9] As Adamson refused to speak to anyone but Rachel, she persuaded Dick to let her talk to him and he expressed his belief that she was on the planet to heal. He smashed a nearby water level, slicing his own throat, forcing Rachel to heal him, proving his point. Later, the doctor revealed to Rachel her birth mother was alive and held in an asylum, Rachel left to find her alongside Gar causing Dick and Kory to follow them. After reaching the asylum, they were captured and Rachel was taken to Adamson himself, who in the meanwhile was extracted and taken to his office in the asylum. He showed her video feeds of her imprisoned friends, requesting that all she had to do was summon her father. Refusing to do so, Rachel's demonic side took over and she reopened his throat wound, instantly killing him. Rachel then located her mother and, after convincing her of really being her daughter, the proceeded in freeing Gar, Dick, and Kory before escaping the asylum and blowing it up.[10]

Summoning her father[]

Rachel helps Trigon get to Earth.

When they arrived at Angela Azarath's house, Rachel noticed that Kory was not feeling well and offered to help her by using her healing powers. By doing so, Kory started to regain her memories and tried to kill Rachel. Dick and Donna Troy arrived just in time for the latter to use her lasso mastery to subdue and defeat Kory. After apologizing to Rachel, Kory left the house, and Dick and Donna followed her.[1]

Gar started to feel sick and, after falling on the floor, Rachel realized that he was dying. Following her mother's orders, she tried to heal Gar, but her powers were not strong enough. Her mother suggested the only way to cure Gar would be through her father. Rachel then summoned Trigon to Earth, and after hugging him and pleading, he healed Gar.[4] Soon after, Dick entered the house, having learned about Trigon's true intentions with Earth. However, Trigon puts Dick into a dream world, where he ultimately chose to embrace his inner darkness. In the real world, Rachel tried to bring Dick back, but her attempts were futile.[11]

After gaining a new understanding of her powers, Rachel faces Trigon in his true form.

When Angela sided with Trigon, Rachel realized that she cared more about bringing Trigon into their world than she did their daughter. Rachel tried to fight Trigon but he easily deflected her attacks. A fully healed Gar and Rachel decided to escape and Trigon made Dick chase them, before they returned to where they started, only to find the recently-possessed Titans before them. Rachel watched in horror as the group nearly assaulted Gar to death. With Rachel in a state of turmoil, Trigon ripped her heart out and transformed it into a jewel that embarked itself within her forehead. Rachel became possessed by her dark side and accepted the understanding of her father's plans, watching as her father walked out of the house. Gar, having survived the brutal attack was successfully able to recover and bring Rachel back to her senses by reminding her of the good times they shared. Rachel, knowing how Gar was able to get through to her, decided to try and get through to Dick. As he refused and nearly harmed her, she took them both to the trapeze act from his childhood. She explained that she would cross the trapeze and that if she fell, she would die in real life, ultimately testing Dick's morality and care for her. When she inevitably fell, Dick caught her at the last moment, removing him from Trigon's control. Having a new understanding of things, Rachel confronted her father. Having come to terms with herself and her powers, she unleashed them, causing a massive shockwave that caused Trigon to disintegrate, subsequently snapping the rest of the Titans out of Trigon's control. Following this, Rachel traveled with Dick, Gar and Jason to San Francisco, where they set themselves up in the old Titans base of operations.[12]

The new Titans[]

Rachel and Jason at Titans Tower.

Over the next three months, they went about training in the Titans Tower. Dick and Rachel grabbed a coffee while discussing the future of the team. That night, Rachel attempted to read The Art of War, but fell momentarily asleep, seemingly dreaming that she was manifesting purple-black energy all around her. When she suddenly awoke, she found scratch marks up her side. She was joined by Gar, who gave her some food, and the two talked about how Rachel had started to feel different. They were interrupted when a light came through the window. The team gathered in the living room, watching helicopters fly past the building. They turned on the news, finding a girl to be being pursued by the police. Dick, impressed by her skills, brought her unconsciously back to the tower to recuperate. She attempted to escape but was met by the rest of the team. While Dick talked to the girl, the rest of them discussed her in the training room. Following this, Rachel joined Dick by the computers, recommending that they let her stay if her opinion was worth anything.[13]

Losing control once again[]

Rachel loses control.

During a blind training session between her, Gar and Jason, Rachel was smacked on the neck by Jason's training staff. After the sparring match was supposedly over, Rachel removed her blindfold in a fit of rage as she manifested purple-black energy around herself and her gem lit up. Gar and Jason both looked in confusion as Rachel's powers began growing. Rachel got up and her body became completely shrouded in the energy, her eyes glowing red. She looked at Jason, grabbing him by the throat and levitating the two of them into the air. Jason tried to make her see reason, but she simply directed the training swords at him. She was suddenly snapped out of it by Gar, the surrounding energy disappearing. She dropped Jason and landed on the ground, Jason angrily suggesting she get checked out by a priest, putting her in a state of shock. Later on at night, Rachel made herself some tea in the kitchen as Rose walked in and they introduced themselves to one another. Rachel explained the living situation, that they were all simply friends. Bringing up what had happened to Rose, Rose explained that "the guy with the sword" was her father. Rose quickly quipped regarding the gem in Rachel's head, to which she explained that her own father had put it in her,before she'd "got rid of him". They continued to bond over their shared terrible fathers. Later that night, Rachel watched as the original Titans returned from a bout with Dr. Light, having been unsuccessful. Jason verbally attacked Dick, causing Dick to accidentally violently push him to the ground, much to Rachel and Gar's shared shock. Later on, unable to sleep, Rachel called Kory. Rachel admitted that she was worried that Kory had gone back home, as everybody had been returning home to the Tower, but not staying. Kory apologized, as she did have to return home. Unable to return home with Kory, she began explaining that something had been happening to her, and she'd been feeling different, fighting every day and night to keep it suppressed in herself, but she'd been feeling tired of it as of late. Kory agreed to come and help her out.[14]

Rachel's power growth[]

When Gar walks into Rachel's room, he sees a cloud of purple-black energy circling above Rachel as she sleeps, and it nearly takes his hand off. With Rachel awake, Gar tells her nothing's wrong. Later on, as the old Titans try to locate Jason, Rachel and Gar talk about them not doing anything, with Gar saying they should be helping out and Rachel saying they are by watching coffee brew. Afterward, Rachel is at the computer, and Gar walks in after being irritated by Rose, and she says it wasn't her fault, Gar believing Rachel's saying it's his fault. Rachel tells Gar that she could've helped them if Gar didn't keep it a secret, with Gar saying she can't even control her powers. Rachel reassures Gar that her powers are fine and that she could've turned the guy into a glowing puddle and says none of this would've happened if he and Gar weren't so stupid and thought it through before Kory interrupts them from outside the Tower.

Rachel faces Rose.

Rachel talks with Kory about how after she defeated her father she thought she would be normal and her drama would be over, but it's been all the boys, no school and nonstop training. Rachel then shows Kory the scars on her side, and Rachel tells her a thing comes out when she sleeps, with Gar describing it as a black cloud filled with razor blades, then she tells Kory she almost choked out Jason. Rachel thought this was punishment or that Trigon might be back, but Rachel believes it's her. Rachel believes that when her father ripped out her heart, she changed, turned into something different, something she can't control. Later after Kory said people like her are destined to be special and she shouldn't suppress her powers because it'll be harder to resist, Rachel tells her that the prophecy Kory found said she was meant to destroy worlds, with Kory saying she could also save them, and saying no one is born good or bad and the choices they make define their destiny, with Rachel believing she just decides to be good.

When Rose tries to leave the tower, Rachel confronts her, she starts manifesting her powers and easily defeats Rose, nearly killing her by throwing her against a counter, she then walks away after seeing what she did and tells Kory that some people don't get to decide who they are, telling her they're born bad.[15]

Kryptonians, crosses, and goodbyes[]

Rachel and Kory join forces to save Conner.

When Conner is brought into the Tower because he is slowly dying from Kryptonite poisoning, Rachel is brought in by Kory, when asked by Kory if she's ready, she thinks he is, but then tells her she is fully confident and is instructed by Kory to contain her. Rachel starts using her powers to contain Kory's flames so the fire doesn't destroy the room, then she says hi to Conner after he's revived.

When Rachel walks into her room, she sees a bunch of crosses all over her mirrors, she then shatters a mirror by screaming at it and asks Jason how screwed up he is. Rachel tells Jason about the crosses on her mirror, with Jason responding that he doesn't know what she's talking about, Rachel then pushes Jason telling him to not lie to her. Rachel tells Jason to not walk away from her and she tells the adults in the tower that Jason drew crucifixes all over her mirrors.[16]

Rachel and Donna in a taxi.

After Dick tells the Titans about Jericho's death, Rachel leaves with Donna, while they're in a car, Rachel tells her that she was also there and everybody played their part and decided to keep it a secret. Rachel then uses her powers to stop Donna from moving, gets out of the car and leaves.[17]

Meeting other runaways[]

Rachel meets Dani.

After leaving Donna, Rachel goes to a shelter for abandoned kids where she meets a girl named Dani, and they both bond over their messed up families. When Dani is threatened to be killed by her abusive father Caleb, Rachel uses her powers to save her, pushing Caleb against a wall but stops after she sees Dani being frightened. When Caleb runs away, Dani tells her that she was freaking awesome, being amazed at her powers, but Rachel is unaware that a piece of her power starts acting as if it has a mind of its own, reanimating a gargoyle statue to life, which then brutally kills Caleb by mauling him to death. Rachel is taken to a hideout of street kids by Dani that she's a part of.[18]

Vision Of The Future[]

Slade kills Dick in the vision of Rachel.

Rachel starts having a dream where she's at a funeral, and after she makes her way through the crowd she sees a grave with Dick Grayson's name, then Dick appears behind her, telling her to not give up, moments later Dick is stabbed in the back by Deathstroke and Rachel screams before waking up from her nightmare. Then her friend Dani starts using tarot cards to read Rachel’s fortune and help Rachel, the cards she draws are a tower for upheaval to represent her past, leading to a period of darkness, her present represents the moon, with her unconscious knowing her way back to the right, and she must trust her intuition because it will guide her to her purpose, finally her future is the hanged man, brutality is coming her way and she must make a great sacrifice or suffer a great loss. When Rachel moves closer, the card moves with Dick calling out her name. When Dani receives news of her father being dead, Rachel believes her powers are the cause of his death.[19]

Elko's Diner & Trying To Save Dick[]

Rachel and Kory at the prison.

Rachel takes a bus to Elko's Diner where she randomly meets Kory, Dawn, and Donna there as well, then they find out they've been gathered together by Bruce, Bruce then tells them that lies can tear a family apart, but this was a family by choice, and breaking apart was a choice, and Bruce wants them to make a choice to come back together, but before he walks away, he warns them that if darkness comes while they're still apart, none of them will survive. Rachel tells them she had a dream of Dick being killed by Deathstroke, and even though she sounds crazy, Dick needs her help, and she needs the help of the other, too. Dawn and Donna decide to help Gar while Rachel and Kory decide to help Dick. Rachel and Kory arrive at the prison and take out the security guards, then when Kory blasts Dick's cell door down, they see Dick nowhere to be found but with writing thine wall that says "Jericho is Alive".[19]

Rachel and Kory on the road.

Rachel and Kory stop at a store and Rachel asks what's wrong, and Kory tells them something's happened with Gar and they're going back to San Francisco, with Rachel accusing Kory of using the adult card, Kory tells her they're not running after him anymore and calls Rachel an intergalactic space witch. Rachel calls Kory truth-claw, bringing up the fact that she didn't know her name a couple of months ago, then when Kory tells Rachel her name, Rachel simply doesn't care, then she name calls Kory "Princess Alien Pink Hair from Planet Tam-o-Whatever". Kory then angrily corrects Rachel on the name of her planet by saying Tamaran, with Rachel not caring at all. When Kory breaks down about her not being in control of everything and her best qualities being gone, Rachel apologizes and tells her those aren't her best qualities and telling her she does care about what her planet is called. Then they shake hands and drive back to San Francisco.[3]

Titans Against Deathstroke and Cadmus[]

Rachel meets Gar in the park.

Rachel tells the girls that they need to do something about their conflict, then when Donna tells them that Kory and Rachel are all the fire power they need, Rachel tells them she's fully loaded but she can't promise that she won't go overboard. As they drive to Golden Gate Park after hearing of a disturbance, they're ambushed by Deathstroke, then when Kory gets shot in the arm by him, Rachel uses her powers to heal her wound, with her arm being fully healed in a matter of seconds.

Rachel decides to go with the Amazons.

Then the Titans arrive at the Golden Gate Park, and after a confrontation between Gar and Conner, Rachel brings Gar out of Cadmus' control and helps Dick telepathically link his mind with Conner to free him from Cadmus' control as well. After Donna is killed by saving civilians from an electric pole, the Titans bring her body to the tower and Rachel comforts Gar, at Donna's funeral, Rachel tells Dick that her powers are changing, she could bring Donna back to life, and decides to go to Themyscira with the Amazons in hopes of saving Donna. Then she gets on the plane and flies to Themyscira with the other Amazons.[20]


After several months of training and trying to bring back Donna, Rachel sneaks into Donna's chambers at night, attempting to use her powers to resurrect her. Unfortunately, Rachel is caught by Lydia, who punishes Rachel by tasking her in rebuilding a stone structure representative of a soul. Rachel repeatedly tries and fails to reassemble the stones, which causes her to admit that Donna will never be brought back. Thus, she decides to leave Themyscira, but notices that Donna's body has suddenly disappeared from the chambers.[21]

False reality[]

Rachel and Gar in Trigon's false reality.

In a false reality created by Trigon, Rachel was in college and was sharing a college dorm with Gar. Preemptively, they both confessed they were calling for Johnny Grayson, who had a white, stuffed tiger, given to him by Gar.[11]


Because Rachel discovered she had powers at a young age, she developed a very timid and fearful personality because she didn't fully know who she was, what she could do with her abilities, or how she came to have them, as she was unaware of her parentage. Her emotional outbursts and reactions in moments of intense duress caused her powers to manifest during and/or immediately after those times, such as when she saw her adoptive mother killed in front of her, or when she got abducted by an acolyte of her father. After training with the Titans and talking with Gar Logan, she gained some confidence over her powers as well as some control over her demon half and wasn't as scared of them as she was before.

When she found out her Mother was still alive, she was more than determined to find and save her from the Asylum, and was overjoyed when she found her. As her mother gave her some insight on her father, even if it was far from the whole truth, Rachel feared her father even more than she feared herself, because she was not aware of how dangerous, powerful, and seemingly influential he was, prior to this. When Gar got sick after consuming poisoned food given to him by her mother, Rachel showed her determination once again, this time to save her friend, to the point that she even went as far as giving into her demonic half, freeing her father, Trigon, from his prison, due to her mother's betrayal and manipulation of her, so he could heal Gar.

After Rachel witnessed her father possess Dick Grayson, she feared him and knew this wasn't what she wanted; After all the other Titans were put under Trigon's control and nearly killed Gar, she let out an emotional outburst that resulted in all the windows being shattered, angry and bitter that her own father possessed her friends and made them injure Gar to the point where he seemingly died. When Raven had her heart back in the form of a red gem, after her biological heart was ripped from her chest by Trigon, she was shown to be under her father's control, viewing what he believed to be right and just. Gar then snapped Rachel out of Trigon's control and she did the same to Dick, putting her trust in him, and life in his hands, through a mental illusion, which brought him back to himself at the last moment. Rachel later showed her confidence when she defeated her father with ease, snapping everyone else out of his control.

Over time however, Rachel felt her powers growing far beyond her control and felt like she was becoming a completely different person, as she felt her powers changing her as a person, turning her into what she was when she destroyed her father. Her powers began to slip free from her control in this way more often, such as when she went to the verge of possibly killing Jason during training. This all came to a head when she nearly killed Rose after she tried to escape the tower, which made her fear her powers once again, and made her believe she was born a bad person. When Kory needed her help to save Conner, she was able to singlehandedly shield the Tower and surrounding city from Kory's supernova, and reign the darkness back in. She angrily confronted Jason when she accused him of drawing crosses on her mirror, after what he said about her needing a priest, showing that she may possibly, in some way, still hold the belief unintentionally imparted on her by her adoptive mother, Melissa Roth, that she is cursed, broken in some way, innately evil, or at least sensitive to the idea.

After leaving the Titans and going on her own after Dick revealed the true reasons behind Jericho's death, Rachel went to a shelter and opened up to a foster girl, with whom she quickly became friends. Just before the girl was going to be hurt- Or worse- by her abuser, Rachel used her powers to stop him from hitting her, only pulling the darkness back in when she saw her friend, though her powers seemingly slipped free at the order of her subconscious, bringing a statue to life and brutally killing her abuser via the animated figure, though she was unaware that this was happening, and apparently not in control of the actions of the statue, or that it had been brought to life, in the first place.

Over time, Rachel has shown confidence in using her powers despite her being more powerful than she was before, using her powers for what she knows is right and protecting the innocents from evil and the dangers in the world. She even believes that, because her powers are still growing, she might be able to resurrect Donna Troy.

Powers and abilities[]


"You're a monster inside. A bringer of death. That's all you are. All you've ever been. Just... like... me."
Trigon to Rachel Roth[src]

  • Cambion physiology: Raven possesses magical abilities from her demonic lineage.[12] She is said to have inherited Trigon's power[1], and although he is said to be far stronger, she is the most effective means to destroy him.[4] After her rebirth, Rachel's powers are increased, but not without still experiencing difficulty controlling the dark, overwhelming impulses it gives her. Even before her formal training in Themyscira she gained greater control of her powers, beyond that she said that her powers are constantly growing and considering that she is already one of the most powerful magical beings in the world she has great potential and, in the future, she could perhaps be even more powerful than her father Trigon.
    • Soul-self: The demonic portion of Rachels spirit is able to behave as an independent extension of herself. When projected out of her body, it is shown to be ghost-like (being transparent, and able to float). Although seemingly intangible, it can interact with the material world. It appears as a demonic version of Rachel; having pale-grey skin and dark veins that spread from her completely black eyes. These same traits manifest on Rachels face when channeling her dark powers (although in later seasons her eyes would glow red instead of black). When not outside of her or overshadowing her human side, it can appear in reflections, usually to taunt her. It is unknown whether others are able to see this evil reflection or not. Rachels soul-self also acts as a sort of intuitive radar, warning Rachel of danger in times when needed. After Rachel's rebirth, her soul-self began to resemble a more black liquid-like state, with hints of purple energy mixed in, occasionally manifesting itself as a giant raven, or (more commonly) wings protruding from her back. This new form of her soul-self takes does not seem to be as sentient as its original counterpart.
      • Superhuman strength: Rachel has shown to easily overpower Rose Wilson with her strength by stopping her attacks and throwing her into a table, breaking many of Rose's bones.
      • Illusion casting: Rachel has the power to make extremely accurate illusions of people, like Bruce Wayne at the diner. Through her magic, she can make these illusions hypnotic to a point that they bend others' minds, making it impossible to perceive them as unreal.
      • Umbrakinesis: Through her demonic side, Rachel has the power to produce pure darkness from her body that resembles a viscous liquid or mist, and manipulates the element for a multitude of purposes.[7] After some training with the others, she was able to control it for a short time to attack the Nuclear Family. After months of training at Titans Tower, she has developed a finer degree of control over it such as being able to effortlessly restrain Donna Troy, an individual who possesses super-strength.
        • Telepathic linking: Rachael is able to envelop two separate targets with her darkness to link their minds together.
        • Effigy animation: Through a small piece of her power, Rachel brought a gargoyle to life. Although, she was unaware of it and had no control over the gargoyle, as it killed a street thug despite Rachel letting him live previously.[18]
        • Portal creation: Due to being born as the doorway for her father Rachel is able to create portals.
        • Magic Absorption: Through the use of her soul-self, she was able to absorb the dark magic and energies into herself along with the water of Lazarus pit.[22]
    • Telepathy: Rachel has the power to access the minds of others. She can call out to them for help, or even make aspects of their mind "come to life". She can also manipulate their minds with or without their consent, asserting complete control over their senses, memories, thoughts, and personality traits.
      • Memory manipulation: Rachel can not only access another person's memories, but can also alter, delete them, or implant false ones.
      • Empathy: Rachel can sense and manipulate the emotions of others, allowing her to gain insight into their thoughts and intentions, such as when her foster mother was secretly afraid of her, despite claiming to not be.[5] Rachel has also demonstrated the ability to send an emotional state of calm through individuals who are in extreme pain, fear or anger.[7]
        • Healing: Rachel possesses the ability to rapidly heal others from any physical injury, such as when she was able to resurrect a dead deer and heal its wounds without even trying to,[7] as well as when she healed Dr. Adamson from his wounds, although this caused great pain and fatigue for her.[10] After some training Rachel is able to heal both Kory and Gar with out any pain or fatigue. It seems this ability stems from her empathy. She can, however, undo the healing by returning their damage back to them.
    • Divination: Rachel can use her powers to divine for information. She receives visions in the form of precognitive dreaming and can use her dark powers to trace and feel energy signatures.
    • Energy Senses: When Rachel and Gar found the entrance to the Lazarus pit, Rachel was able to sense the energy of people who have been there and used it.[23]
    • Telekinesis: Rachel has demonstrated the ability to telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them. Her telekinetic powers have been able to throw people across rooms, and lock doors into place, keeping strong individuals such as Dick Grayson from entering.[5] She was also able to shatter all the windows of the cars in a parking lot when angered.[6]
      • Telekinetic blasts: Rachel can exert enough telekinetic force to form a powerful, concussive blast, capable of destroying part of a convent with relative ease.[7] While fighting her father, Rachel was able to generate a telekinetic wave strong enough to send her friends flying away.[12]
      • Telekinetic teleportation: In conjunction with her telekinesis, Raven's soul-self is able to envelop her and allow her to travel far distance in the form of a giant Raven.[24]
      • Disintegration: Rachel can tear down the molecules of a being telekinetically destroying them, as demonstrated when she killed her father Trigon.[12]
      • Levitation: When she lost control of her powers during training, Rachel was able to levitate both herself and Jason Todd several feet in the air.
    • Magic: Rachel was born with a natural predisposition to use mystic energy for a variety of purposes. All of her adjacent powers are based on magic.[12]


  • Indomitable will: Rachel has tremendous force of will and determination. During her fight with her father Rachel was able to resist his control something that not all the titans were able to do.[25]
  • Skilled combatant: Rachel has received combat training from Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.[14] She was able to defend herself and hold her own against Rose Wilson.[15] In the months of training with the Amazons, her skills seem to improve as her agility and reflexes allowed Rachel to evade the strikes of a sword while wearing a blindfold. [26]
  • Skilled swordswoman: Rachel has some skill in using a wooden sword, as demonstrated during her training with Gar and Jason.[14]


  • Power instability: Rachel's biggest weakness is that her powers are unstable since she can't control them all the time.



Promotional images[]

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  • Rachel watches Game of Thrones[6] and Full House.[8]
  • Rachel likes Grape Crush soda.[7]
  • Rachel dislikes pineapple, at least on pizza.[6]
  • Rachel likes coffee and drinks it often, despite her adoptive mother's objections.
  • Rachel likes chicken and waffles.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Raven, is a prominent member of the Teen Titans as well as the Sentinels of Magic. Her first appearance in the comics was DC Comics Presents #26 (October, 1980).
  • This version of Raven is loosely based on her fourth incarnation within the DC comics, where Raven's spirit was implanted in a teenage member of the Church of Blood. She takes the name "Rachel Roth" and begins a romance with Beast Boy.
  • Like her original comic incarnation and her animated one, she has an enigmatic, stoic, quiet, troubled, brooding, grim, moody, intelligent, studious, sarcastic, acerbic, and bitingly witty personality though not to their extent.


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