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"Nuclear Stepdad" (died 2018) was the second patriarch of a brainwashed "family" that used drugs to enhance their physical capabilities.


The man was brainwashed at Agnews Asylum. Following this, "Nuclear Stepdad" joined his new "family" at their home in St. Louis, Missouri. They continued on their mission to find Rachel Roth, finding Dick Grayson's Porsche at Gold Star, where they beat Gerald for information. They ultimately found the group holed up at Do-Si-Do Motel, but were overpowered and tied up. Having accidentally given away the location of Dr. Adamson, the "family" had their implanted explosives detonated, blowing their heads off.[1]

Powers and abilities[]


When activated for missions, every member of the Nuclear family are given separate syringes to inject an adrenaline like substance that temporary turns their veins the color blue once inserted into the bloodstream which enhances their physical attributes.

  • Enhanced strength: The substance granted him increased strength, which allowed him to tackle Dick Grayson outside a window to land on a car, as well as rip the door off the side of a car to then swing Kory Anders towards another with ease.


  • Expert combatant: With the use of his enhanced physiology, Nuclear Stepdad was able to fight up against martial arts master Dick Grayson as he was able to keep up on par with his strikes. He was also great at landing a huge blow on Kory Anders.


Season 1[]


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