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"Nuclear Dad" (died 2018) was the patriarch of a brainwashed "family" that used drugs to enhance their physical capabilities.


Nuclear Dad's body.

Reading the newspaper one day, "Nuclear Dad" answered the front door to find a man with a photo, telling him that he was activated, telling him to pursue a specific girl. Travelling interstate from St. Louis to Detroit, his "family" found Detective Amy Rohrbach, the partner of Dick Grayson, who had been protecting the girl in question. They beat up Rohrbach, before finding both Grayson and Rachel in Washington, D.C. They entered a fight, ultimately badly injuring Dawn Granger and taking Rachel with them.[1] They headed to Coolville, Ohio, but after stopping at a gas station, "Nuclear Dad" was killed by Kory Anders.[2]

Powers and abilities[]


When activated for missions, every member of the Nuclear family are given separate syringes to inject an adrenaline like substance that temporary turns their veins the color blue once inserted into the bloodstream which enhances their physical attributes.

  • Enhanced strength: The substance granted him increased strength, which allowed him to toss Dawn through the air with one arm off the roof.


  • Expert combatant: Nuclear Dad wasn’t shown to be very capable of battling with his fists, but with use of his strength he was instinctively great with causing severe brutality on foes during missions, as showing no hesitation in landing a few blows on Dick Grayson, Hank Hall with Nuclear Sis, and Dawn Granger before throwing her off a roof.


Season 1[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the comics, Dad is an android member of the Nuclear Family. Each possessing powers related to one of the five states of a nuclear explosion, Dad emits an intense amount of amount of radiation.


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