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"When the acid strikes your skin, it doesn't burn. It's much worse. It's like insects eating away at your flesh... burrowing inside of you. I can still feel them crawling all over me."
"I didn't want this to happen to you, Nick."
"I'm not Nick anymore. That's what the acid did for me. It changed me. You revealed your true self on that bridge. Just like the acid peeled away the surface to reveal my true self underneath.
—Nick Zucco and Robin[src]

Nick Zucco is a serial killer known as the Melting Man. He is the son of Tony Zucco.


After his father, Tony, was arrested, Nick visited him in custody. He overheard Dick Grayson talking about how his father should die, and so after Dick's actions had Tony killed, followed by a number of his family, including nearly Nick himself, Nick decided to exact revenge. He began going after performers from Haly's Circus as revenge against Dick. With one person left, Clayton Williams, he kidnapped the man, luring Robin in. However, before he could hurt Clayton, Jason Todd intervened, ultimately allowing Dick to knock him out.[1]


Season 1[]


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