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Mercy Graves is the Personal Security Specialist to Lex Luthor. She served as one of the two main antagonists in Season 2.


Early life[]

Her connection to the Luthors runs deep, as Mercy has been a friend of the family and in Lex’s life since they were young.[1] Later, Mercy joined Cadmus Laboratories, becoming the Personal Security Specialist to Lex.[2]

At some point, Mercy married an unnamed woman and adopted two daughters.[3]

Hunting Conner[]

After Conner and Krypto escaped from Cadmus, Lex Luthor sent Mercy Graves to retrieve them. Mercy met with Dr. Eve Watson, who created Conner, giving her command of a security team and tasking her with finding the escaped subject. Eve and the security team tracked Conner to the Luthor Farm in Smallville, Kansas where Lex's father lived.

Mercy with Kryptonite bullets.

The team ultimately failed in their mission and, after a change of heart, Eve chose to abandon Cadmus. Ignoring a call from Mercy, she instead drove Conner to San Francisco, to an abandoned Cadmus Industries facility where previous failed attempts to create clones had been conducted. Meanwhile, Mercy and a new security team arrived at the Luthor farm to find the previous team members injured or dead, and Conner and Eve gone. She spoke with Lex on the phone, reassuring him his father was fine and promising to find Conner and Eve. Mercy's team eventually tracked the two to the abandoned facility and were able to apprehend Eve, with Conner and Krypto escaping into the city. Eve attempted to persuede the team that she was still loyal to Cadmus, however Mercy appeared to see through the ruse, loading her gun with Kryptonite bullets and declaring that this time they were "doing it [her] way." She and her team were ultimately able to track Conner to the streets of San Francisco, capturing Krypto and shooting Conner with Kryptonite bullets before leaving him to die.[2]

Later, at Cadmus Laboratories, Mercy told Eve that Conner was dead, or soon would be as a result of kryptonite poisoning, and that it was time to move on to Subject 14. When Eve tried to object, Mercy told her that she had been fired and should leave the premises.[4]

Capturing Conner and Gar[]

Mercy and her family.

Sometime later, Mercy was driving in her car with her wife and two children when she received a phone call from Walter Hawn, who told her that Cadmus had discovered the location of Subject 13. Mercy told Walter to put a team together, before abruptly ending the call.[3]

Mercy and a team of Cadmus soldiers raided Titans Tower where they found Conner with Gar Logan and Krypto. Mercy initially told her team to capture Conner and Krypto alive, but to kill Gar; however, she changed her mind after seeing his shapeshifting powers in action, commanding her team to capture Gar alive as well. They tranquilized Gar and subdued Krypto using a net made of kryptonite, but were unable to subdue Conner until Mercy mentioned that she worked with Eve Watson. This, along with the lie that Eve had sent her to "fix" him, was enough to get Conner to stand down. Mercy and her team took Conner, Gar and Krypto to Cadmus Laboratories. There, Walter told Mercy that Subject 13 was in stasis, to which Mercy responded that she would call Mr. Luthor and update him.

Mercy then went to visit Gar, who was wearing a containment suit, preventing him from turning into a tiger. Gar asked her what they did with Conner, with Mercy replying that she simply did exactly what Conner wanted. Gar asked if they plan on “fixing” him, too, but Mercy instead offered to help him in a way what Niles Caulder was never able to. Gar hesitated at the mention of Dr. Caulder, before telling Mercy that the only thing he wants to be is a Titan.

Later, Mercy informed Walter that there would be some changes made to Subject 13. Walter tried to argue with her, but Mercy quickly shut him down, making it clear that she was the one in charge of Cadmus now. Walter asked her what to do with Gar; Mercy said that Gar wants to reunited with his team, and that it was an excellent idea.

Sometime later, Mercy was watching as a team of Cadmus scientists were conducting experiments on Gar. They removed part of his skull, probing his exposed brain and causing him to speak about Rachel and her powers. When Gar showed frustration and began reenacting his and Rachel's earlier argument, Mercy told the scientists to probe deeper, and Gar’s eyes began to turn green. In a later experiment, Mercy watched as Gar spoke to a female Cadmus scientist, though in his mind he was talking to Rachel in the Titans Tower. During the conversation, Mercy began playing classical music, which triggered a response in Gar that caused him to morph into his tiger form and attack the scientist in the room with him. Mercy watched as the injured scientist begged her to let her out of the room, but Mercy just smiled as the tiger tore her colleague apart. [5]

Phase 2[]

Mercy and her security team showed up at the home of Walter Hawn to find him bound and gagged. When questioned, Walter confirmed that he was interrogated by Dawn Granger and Donna Troy, causing a frustrated Mercy to declare that the schedule for Phase Two was being moved up. Mercy then arranged a virtual meeting with buyers for Conner and demonstrated his abilities by having him shoot at her and catch the bullet before it hit, before promising a further demonstration later that day. Walter attempted to congratulate her, but was killed when Mercy ordered Conner to throw the bullet he had caught earlier, effectively 'shooting' Walter in the head. Before leaving the room, Mercy stood over Walter's corpse and ominously declared, "Welcome to Phase Two."

Mercy later unleashed Gar on a carnival, before sending Conner to defeat him while the potential buyers watched and placed bids. Conner easily gained the upper hand, with Mercy watching on in satisfaction. When the Titans arrived Mercy ordered Conner to kill them, considering it an opportunity to further showcase his skills; however, her plan began to fall apart when Bruce Wayne hacked into and disabled the her connection to the buyers.

When the Titans were able to break Conner free from Cadmus' mind control, Mercy ordered her men to take him down before trying to escape, however she was knocked out by Koriand'r.

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Mercy Graves is the ruthless, cunning, right hand and bodyguard to the notorious Lex Luthor – serving her boss with unquestioned loyalty.[1] She cares about her family and mentioned not liking a monogamous relationship.[3] Mercy seems to have no empathy, remorse or caring for anyone other than her family, she watched a cadmus scientist get killed by Gar and even smiled.[5] Despite not showing any emotions so far, Mercy was terrified when Cadmus investors were disconnected from the network.[6]


"Field ops is your job."
Eve Watson to Mercy Graves[src]

  • Expert tactician: Mercy is an expert in strategy and militant tactics.
  • Expert tracker: Mercy was able to track down Conner and Krypto, managing to capture the latter.
  • Leader: Mercy efficiently leads her group to track down Conner.
  • Expert marksman: Mercy is experienced with firearms. This seen when she shot Conner with a kryptonite bullet from a few yards away.
  • Stealth proficiency: Mercy is highly skilled in stealth tactics. This seen when she snuck up on Conner and shot him, despite the latter's superhuman senses.
  • Intimidator: Mercy is an intimidating presence, as someone like Eve Watson are easily intimated by her.


Season 2[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In DC comics, Mercedes "Mercy" Graves is the right-hand woman and assistant of Lex Luthor and aided him in most of his crimes. Unlike the cartoon series where she first appeared, the DC comics version was also an Amazon.


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