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"I am not your mother. But I do love you. You have good inside your heart, sweetheart."
—Melissa Roth to Rachel Roth[src]

Melissa Roth (c. 1979–November 2018) was the adoptive mother of Rachel Roth.


A photo of Melissa holding baby Rachel at the nunnery.

Melissa was born in around 1979. According to Angela Azarath, they were friends before Rachel was born.[1]

Melissa seconds before being murdered.

Shortly after the girl's birth, Melissa adopted Rachel as her own daughter. She took her to Saint Paul's Convent in order to protect her from her father.[2] As Rachel grew up, Melissa worked as a nurse at Traverse General Hospital.[3] She tried to help Rachel deal with her supernatural behaviors, placing a large number of crosses on her door and praying for her. One night, she checked on Rachel after Rachel woke up from a nightmare, screaming. The following morning, the two got into an argument, before Rachel ran out, having frightened both herself and her mother. That afternoon, Rachel arrived home to find her mother held at gunpoint. The man forced her to admit that she wasn't really Rachel's mother, before he shot her point blank in the head.[4]


Season 1[]


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