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Marie Granger (died December 14, 2009)[1] was the wife of an unidentified man, and the mother of Dawn and Holly Granger.


Marie resided in London, where she married an unnamed individual and had two daughters with him, Dawn and Holly Granger. Over the years her husband was repeatedly abusive to her and used to beat Marie and the girls, eventually Holly and Dawn rebelled against their father and became estranged from him, Marie remained submissive and desperately believed that her husband could still change.[1]

In December 2009, Marie found the strength to leave her husband, only to quickly begin having second thoughts. After attending one of Dawn's ballet performances, she had afternoon tea with her and revealed her intentions to return to her father in London. Dawn tried to persuade her not to do it but to no avail.

The accident that killed Marie and Don Hall.

As they're exiting the tea room, they bump into Hank and Don Hall, after the boys helped them pick up their bags they stop to chat on the sidewalk at the exact moment when a road accident leads a lorry to swerve in their direction, crashing into Don and Marie in front of Hank and Dawn's eyes.[1]


Season 1[]


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