"Knowledge is a fire that once lit can never be extinguished."
Eve Watson quoting Lex Luthor to Conner[src]

Alexander "Lex" Luthor is a well-known billionaire and scientist.


Early lifeEdit

"Alexander never did have many friends."
Lionel Luthor to Conner[src]

Lex Luthor grew up in the town of Smallville Kansas. For unknown reasons, Lex was bald from a young age. As a boy, he became friends with Clark Kent, who lived several miles down the road from the Luthor’s. Lex was a childhood prodigy whose genius outshined even his own scientist's father. His behavior came off as cold and resentful, this caused his father to beat him.

Acquired Superman DNAEdit

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Hunting Conner and KryptoEdit

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"Alexander was a difficult child. Stubborn. Arrogant. He was a genius. But... he was missing something. Inside. A moral compass. A sense of right or wrong."
Lionel Luthor to Conner[src]

Lex is said to be very intelligent, arrogant, stubborn, curious, and greedy as he only appreciates good scientific results and hard work. Because of his father's beatings, Lex had developed a sense of fear from his father, a wrathful behavior, and contempt. Lex was not very social as a kid as he focused more on his academics, as a result of this, he never had many friends, however, he did develop a friendship with Clark Kent. During his childhood, Lex was always told he was a gifted child and great intellect, Lex, however, knew he was intelligent and had to make it his purpose to prove it to everyone. Lex did not much like his time living in Kansas because he felt smothered and smaller in life.

Even though Lex was more intelligent and competent than a lot of people, Lex had lacked a moral compass and a sense of right or wrong. As a result of his lacking, Lex was ignorant, unpredictable, and intimidating towards his father, Eve Watson, and anyone else who worked closely with him. Lex was also seemed to predict what anyone would be able to do and how they would do it. According to Conner, even though Lex had resented his father for his beatings, he still wanted his approval for his work and was even concerned for his father when he thought he was killed.

With no sense of empathy or morals, Lex cares for nothing and no one, except himself, and is only willing to keep people alive if they benefit him and only him. Lex was also shown to be very strategic as he sent his skilled bodyguard, Mercy Graves, and a team of mercenaries to capture or kill Conner and Krypto because he knew they could do it. Because of Lex's cold, curious, and calculating nature, people don't like him very much, including the people that may work for him, however, his employees still fear him for his nature.


"He was a brilliant child. So gifted."
"You're proud of him?"
"Yes, very. He's a scientist... like I was. But even as a child, he was far beyond anything I could ever hope to be.
Lionel Luthor and Conner[src]

  • Genius-level intelligence: Growing up, Lex was a brilliant child prodigy. His father has a cabinet full of his awards, including a science fair achievement and a chemistry award. Even his father admitted that Lex was more intelligent in his youth than he ever was. As an adult, he became a renowned scientist.
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Season 2Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In DC comics, Lex Luthor is a well known as a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist, and Superman's greatest enemy.


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