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"You should really be thanking Ra's al Ghul. He left a tiny puddle of mysticism, that even your friend Bruce Wayne didn’t know about."
—Crane to Jason Todd[src]

The Lazarus Pit is a hole filled with mythical water of dark magic that is capable of raising the dead back to life completely revived.


"Someone did some kind of voodoo act to raise him from the dead? "
Hank Hall to the Titans[src]

After being killed by the Joker, Jason Todd's corpse was brought by a member of the League of Assassins who dunked it in a secret Lazarus pit placed by Ra's al Ghul. Once his body emerged from the water, his used to be broken face was fully healed and he was resurrected but his personality became corrupted by his own need for recognition, respect and value, taking more morally askew means than ever before when he began his persona in becoming the Red Hood under the toll of Scarecrow.[1]Then Gar Logan did research of where the first pit was established and learned how it brought Jason back and different and after a fight Dick Grayson, got shot in the neck by an armed civilian and is brought to the pit by Rachel and Gar hive minded to control other bats. While inside the pit it revealed all of his past that had been taunting him since his childhood and learned to move on from it becoming fearless and resurrected back to life.[2]After a bomb went off in Gotham city many individuals were killed by the exploded fear toxic, this enforced the Titans to absorb the waters of the pit to deliver in the sky for it to rain all around everyone’s dead corpses which successfully raised them from the dead.


While the substance of the pit could restores life to the dead, it can also heal severe wounds off the body as if they never occurred but a more rare side-effect from using it can corrupt a host's personalities making them driven with negative morals due to it revealing their deepest of fears and overcomes them.


Season 3[]


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