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Lawrence, better known as Larry, is a former Air Force pilot and one of the inhabitants of Caulder house.


Early life[]

Larry before the accident.

Larry was a pilot in the Air Force. However, sometime before 1968, he crashed his plane, being subjected to negative energy. While given days to live by regular doctors, Dr. Niles Caulder took Larry in, helping him live, albeit wearing full-body bandages. By 2018, he lived in the Caulder house with a number of others Caulder had saved.[1]

Living at Caulder house[]

Larry with the residents of the Caulder house.

One day in 2018, Larry cooked dinner for the house. He was interrupted by Rachel Roth, who the group decided to let stay. However, their dinner was interrupted by the Chief, who they assisted in saving a new patient of his, Shyleen Lao. They returned upstairs for some tea, during which Caulder told Rachel of how he'd saved all of them. That night, Dick Grayson and Kory Anders entered the mansion, causing Larry, Cliff and Rita to attempt to threaten them off. However, after Dick helped to calm down an enraged Rachel, they let them leave of their own accord, sending off Gar as well so that he could live a normal life.[1]


  • Skilled chef: Larry has been shown to be a great cook, cooking for all of the residents of the Caulder house.[1]
  • Pilot: As a former member of the Air Force, Larry possessed some skill in flying. However, his career was ultimately ended due to a crash.[1]


Season 1[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Larry Trainor is a former test pilot for the Air Force, and a member of the Doom Patrol known as "Negative Man".


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