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"Lady Vic" is the sixth episode of the third season of Titans, and the thirtieth episode overall. It premiered on HBO Max on September 2, 2021.


Crane enlists the help of lethal assassin Lady Vic, who has a troubled history with Dick and Barbara. Meanwhile, Kory and Gar bring Blackfire back to Wayne Manor.[1]



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Behind the scenes[]

  • Barbara Gordon receives a call from "Bruce Wayne" on a red phone hidden in her desk, a reference to the Bat-Phone which, in the 1966 Batman television series, is a series of three red telephones in Wayne Manor used by Commissioner Gordon to contact Batman.
  • It is revealed that Barbara once used an artificial intelligence named Oracle, a nod to her comics counterpart's new alias after being paralyzed by the Joker.
    • Furthermore, Barbara states that she shut down Oracle out of fear, even referring to it as a "monster". In the comics' Prime Earth continuity, Oracle became self-servient, becoming the aforementioned "monster" and enemy of Batgirl.
  • In a flashback, Dick compares Barbara's thievery to Selina Kyle, a notable anti-hero and love interest of Batman in the comics.
    • In the same flashback, it is revealed that Barbara came up with the name "Batgirl", though Dick initially preferred the one he made, "Robingirl".
  • Jonathan Crane calls Jason Todd expendable, a call-back to "Red Hood", where Jason said the same about the Titans.
  • Gar Logan compares Dick going off on his own to find Jason to Bruce doing the same with the Joker, even fearing that Dick might kill Jason just as Bruce did to the Joker.


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