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Lady Vic is an assassin that is hired by Jonathan Crane to help retrieve equipment necessary for his plans. She also holds a vendetta against Barbara Gordon for the accidental death of her partner.


Early life[]

Sometime before 2016, Lady Vic acquired a partner.

In 2016, Lady Vic and her partner were working on infiltrating one of Gotham City's art museums when they ran into a masked Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson. During the battle, Lady Vic shot Barbara's leg, though her partner was killed in the conflict, leaving her in mourning.

After losing her partner, Lady Vic, through unknown means, was able to deduce who Barbara and Dick were, as well as their connection to Bruce Wayne.

By 2020, Lady Vic became an assassin-for-hire. During one assignment, she sabotages the engine of a police car belonging to her two victims outside a restaurant's parking lot. Walking into the restaurant, she briefly talks to one of the waitresses when she lays eyes on her victims, two off-duty police officers who were flirting together. After reminiscing on how she lost her own partner, she follows the two as they return to their vehicle. Noticing that the car was refusing to start, the male officer attends to the engine, finding the pipes slashed, when Lady Vic attacks him from behind with a blade, killing him in front of his female companion before moving on to kill her too.

Working for Jonathan Crane and revenge[]

Following her success, Lady Vic travels to Gotham City, having accepted an offer to work for Jonathan Crane. She is instructed to kill several staff in an operating room at Thomas and Martha Wayne Memorial Hospital in order to acquire a Shortwave Positron Multiplier, which she does in front of both Crane and Jason Todd. Afterwards, Lady Vic uses a voice recorder to mimic Bruce Wayne, posing as him in a phone call to an unsuspecting Barbara Gordon in order to lure her away. When Barbara arrives, Lady Vic appears, causing her to draw her gun. Lady Vic mocks Barbara before attacking her with her blades. However, Barbara dodges most of her attack, though Lady Vic kicks Barbara's gun away, causing her to step back and withdraw two batons from her wheelchair. Continuing the battle, Lady Vic approaches Barbara in close quarters and takes a photo of her with the flash on, briefly stunning her and allowing Lady Vic an advantage. Nearly defeating Barbara by holding her against the wall, Lady Vic is repelled by her batons once again and realizes that Barbara reacquired her gun, pointing it at her. Lady Vic then throws a flashbang, blinding Barbara and allowing Lady Vic to make a hasty retreat.

Bitter at being unable to kill Barbara, Lady Vic returns to Crane with the photo she had taken earlier in the fight.[1]


Lady Vic is a twisted killer with sadistic tendencies, taking a liking to savoring her victim's pain. She is also proven to be a dedicated and vengeful person, having acquired a grudge against Barbara and Dick for her partner's death in 2016. Despite this, she isn't above working for the likes of Jonathan Crane,


  • Peak human condition: As an assassin, Lady Vic is in top physical condition. She was able to dodge a point blank gunshot from Barbra Gordon.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant: Lady Vic is a highly skilled fighter and martial artist. She was able to take out two two police officers and fought Barbara Gordon twice. Her fighting style seems to be comprised of Karate, Kali, Wing Chun, and Muay Thai.
    • Master knife wielder/thrower: Lady Vic is highly skilled at using knives in combat whether at close range or at long range. She was able to disarm a cop of her gun with a well placed knife throw.
    • Master swordswoman: Lady Vic is skilled with a sword. She slaughtered many doctors in quick succession with her short sword.
  • Expert tactician: Lady Vic is a skilled planner as she was able to lure Barbra Gordon into a trap using a recording of Bruce Wayne over the phone.
  • Stealth: As an assassin Lady Vic is highly skilled in stealth.


  • Throwing knives: Lady Vic uses throwing for both long range and close quarter combat.
  • Wakizashi: Lady Vic sometimes uses a wakizashi short sword when not using her throwing knives.
  • Flash bang bomb: Lady Vic used a flash bang to escape from Barbara Gordon.


Season 3[]

Behind the scenes[]


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