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Krypto is the pet dog of Conner, a Titans member and a former test subject of Cadmus Laboratories.



Krypto is released by Conner.

Krypto was a subject in Cadmus Laboratories that was kept from a Kryptonite-filled cage. Experiments were being carried out on Krypto, which barked in pain. Their barks were heard by Subject 13,[1] who assaulted his torturers and freed him from his cage, Krypto's eyes glowed red.[2] They left, heading to the I-94, causing a car crash.

Escape from Cadmus[]

Conner learns Krypto's name before choosing an identity for himself.

The man, who took the name Conner, walked with Krypto through the city. Conner attempted to buy a Superman shirt, but didn't have the money to buy it. Conner and Krypto left the shop, but soon witnessed a man robbing an older woman. Conner told Krypto to stay back as he intervened, saving the woman, who thanked him for returning her money. At the prospect of money, Conner asked the woman if he could have it. The woman quickly handed it over, which Conner used to purchased the Superman shirt. After seeing a truck with a picture of a field on it, Conner had memories of a similar field in Kansas. Inspired, Conner and Krypto traveled to Kansas and met Lionel Luthor. Cadmus soldiers suddenly infiltrated Lionel's house. Conner and Krypto fought them off, then noticed Eve Watson in a van nearby. After confronting her, Eve took Conner and Krypto to a diner to talk more without being discovered by Cadmus. Outside the diner, Conner witnessed a man threatening his girlfriend. Wanting to protect her, Conner almost attacked the man, but Eve stopped him. Angry, Conner shouted, setting off all car alarms in the area.

Krypto and Conner at Cadmus Industries.

Eve, knowing that Cadmus would be alerted to this, took Conner and Krypto away from the diner and to a former Cadmus facility. At the facility, Conner saw Lex's previous attempts at creating a Superman clone. Horrified, he grabbed Eve and started to choke her, causing Krypto to bark at him. Conner dropped Eve, and she told him to run, but that he couldn't use his powers or be a hero, or else Cadmus would find him. Conner and Krypto escaped the facility just before Mercy Graves and other Cadmus soldiers arrived. On the streets, Krypto and Conner had to helplessly walk past a man be beaten up by someone else. However, when Conner saw Jason Todd fall off a building, Conner ignored Eve's advice. He jumped into the air and caught Jason, who thanked Conner for saving his life. Conner said that he was glad to have helped, but was suddenly shot by kryptonite bullets just as Dick Grayson and Koriand'r arrived. Krypto, however, was unable to help, having been put in a kryptonite collar by an unknown individual and ushered away from the scene.[1]

Krypto with a kryptonite collar.

Krypto was taken back to Cadmus and put in a cage. Eve later came in and freed him from his cage, but was unable to remove his collar. Instead, she took out a mirror. Krypto fired his heat vision at the mirror, which directed it back to the collar. Eve took it off, and Krypto flew the two of them away as Cadmus soldiers arrived. Krypto then located Conner at Titans Tower, where Gar Logan was hesitant to let them in. After Eve told Kory her name, they were allowed to enter. They discovered that Conner had been shot with kryptonite, and Eve told them that the only way to save Conner would be to bring the sun to him, which was impossible. Kory, however, used her abilities to give Conner the necessary radiation, with Rachel Roth using her own to contain it. Conner soon recovered, and after Eve left to hide from Cadmus and LexCorp, Krypto jumped on Conner's bed and began licking his face to comfort him.[3]

Joining the Titans[]

Krypto in Conner's bed.

After Dick Grayson told the Titans of his secret, everyone except Gar left. When Dick himself decided to leave, as well, Gar was left in charge of the tower. Krypto went over to comfort him. A few days later, Krypto watched as Gar and Conner played a video game, where Conner used his super-speed to beat the boss. Krypto accompanied Conner and Gar as they walked through the city. After Conner heard a cry for help from a man being arrested by the police, he naively attacked the officers, with Krypto joining in as more forces arrived.[4]

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  • Kryptonian-canine hybrid physiology: As a partial genetic clone of Superman, he has most of the physical abilities of a Kryptonian who has absorbed the solar energy of a yellow sun. However, due to the canine DNA, he lacks the more advanced powers like X-ray vision, Telescopic Vision, etc.[1]
    • Super strength: Krypto was able to grab a missile with his teeth and threw back at the soldier who fired it.
    • Super speed: Krypto can move at superhuman speeds.[3]
    • Enhanced senses: Krypto was able to locate Conner in Titans Tower all the way from a Cadmus facility.[3]
    • Heat vision: Krypto is able to make its eyes glow red and release heat vision powerful enough to melt an assault rifle. This ability can be used even when Krypto is in a Kryptonite collar.[2][3]
    • Flight: Krypto has the ability to fly, and can take a fully grown adult with him.[3]
    • Invulnerability: Krypto is immune to almost all forms of physical damage. Bullets simply ricochet off his inpenetratable skin.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Despite being a canine, Krypto appears to possess human-level intelligence, with him capable of quickly grasping different situations and understanding how to deal with upcoming threats. he can also tell a friend from foe, even if he is unfamiliar with them.
    • Sonic scream: Krypto’s bark was so powerful it was able to completely incapacitate Gizmo.


  • Kryptonite: When put in environments with kryptonite, such as his cage in Cadmus or a kryptonite-infused collar, Krypto's powers are dampened.


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