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"We're not born good or bad. The choices you make define your destiny. Trigon chose darkness. I have to choose what my future holds. You will, too."
—Kory Anders to Rachel Roth[src]

Koriand'r[5] (born November 11, 1991),[1] anglicised as Kory Anders and codenamed Starfire[2], is an extraterrestrial warrior princess[6] from the planet Tamaran with the abilities of solar energy absorption and redirection. Sent to earth to destroy a powerful demonic entity known as “the Raven”, Kory acquired temporary amnesia in a car-crash and forgot her mission. Accidentally befriending her target, she decided to protect Rachel, and teamed up with Dick Grayson and Gar Logan to destroy the Organization. Kory provides emotional counsel to her new friends.


Early lifeEdit

Kory Anders was born November 11, 1991[1] on the planet Tamaran.[5] She was born into a family of monarchs, therefore giving her the title of a princess along with her sister Blackfire. Much to her sister's dismay, Kory was beloved and far more successful than her sister, thus fueling rivalry and contempt between them as they grew older.[7] There was also a time where Kory committed an illegal act becoming romantically involved with a royal guard named Faddei. The discovery of this led to the end of their relationship and public scrutiny.[3]

Unknown whether it is due to customs or her royal status, it has been implied that Kory has been well educated and physically trained in intense tests such as "The Glass Games" and "Two Moons Race".[7] Eventually, Kory was deemed worthy enough to take on an ancient prophecy listed in a sacred book titled "Gul'ron Dez Dire" ("Death of Worlds"). She was tasked to avert the inevitable return of an inter-dimensional demonic conquerer, Trigon, who would engulf the life-sustaining planets within the entire universe in a fiery darkness, including her homeworld. She was then given the codename "Starfire" and tasked with the mission to travel to Earth and secure Trigon's only doorway to her dimension: his half-human daughter Rachel Roth, codenamed "The Raven". Once the mission was complete, Kory would become the new monarch of Tamaran.[5]

Earth and losing her memoryEdit

After arriving on Earth, she anglicized her name and went undercover, using the identity "Kory Anders", purported to be a California native and chose a rather unique attire. In late 2016, she visited Saint Paul's Convent, hoping to find Rachel but failed.[8] She also started a series of updates regarding her ongoing investigation on Rachel Roth, the latter of which was recorded on November 6, 2017.

A year later, Kory started to operate in Vienna, Austria, at the service of Konstantin Kovar, a shady man and crime lord. Kory pretended to work closely with him in order to find the whereabouts of Rachel. Also, with his assistance, she could afford to own the entire top floor at the Hotel Das Alpen. During this time she committed many ruthless acts, often torturing men to get information out of them.

Kory wakes up in a car

Kory wakes up in Austria with no recollection of who she is.

One day, she was apparently exposed by Kovar's men and woke up in the aftermath of a fatal car accident, being the only survivor, but with no memory of who she was. Afterward, she was randomly pursued by armed men and luckily escaped to a service station where she went through her belongings and found an ID and a card for Hotel Das Alpen. Returning to the hotel, Kory was greeted by an employee named Lena, who Kory ultimately asked for coffee before retiring to her room. While there, she found a tied-up man, who she forced to reveal the name of their employer, Konstantin. As he broke free and fought back, Kory overpowered him with wondrous strength and killed him by snapping his neck, leaving her perplexed. Kory headed for the Das Schäman, where she wandered behind the scenes to meet with Konstantin. He aggressively questioned her betrayal but she admitted to not remembering anything. He professed his love to her, to which she coldly admitted never feeling the same way. Kovar pulled out his gun and shot at Kory, but before the bullet could hit her, she involuntarily blasted fire from her hands, charring all three men in the room, before reclaiming the unscathed photograph of Rachel.[1]

Meeting Rachel, Dick, and GarEdit

Starfire attacks Nuclear Dad at a gas station

Kory attacks Nuclear Dad to free Rachel from his watch.

Kory eventually found herself back in the USA, investigating the Roth residence in Traverse City, Michigan. She found old photos, before being interrupted by police officers. She pretended to be an FBI agent but ultimately incapacitated them, escaping with a single photo. Eventually, Kory traced Rachel in Coolville, Ohio, where she encountered Nuclear Dad and burned him alive before rescuing Rachel. In the process, Kory questioned Rachel if she knew who she was. Unfortunately, Rachel denied but Kory still rescued her from her captors.

Driving elsewhere, she explained to Rachel that she could not remember anything but hoped that Rachel would be the key to figuring out who she is. They made a quick stop at Bulldog's Diner for food, where Kory physically dealt with an unruly patron, Travis. Next, Kory took Rachel to Saint Paul's Convent in Covington. The head nun met them at the door, recognizing both of the girls. She welcomed them, explaining that Kory had been there the previous year, while Rachel had been there as a baby with her mother. While Rachel checked out her old room, Kory asked about some keys she had found, which the nun mentioned a roller rink nearby. Rachel and Kory headed there next and Kory found yet another key, identifying it for a storage facility in the area. The duo was intercepted by Dick Grayson, who Kory recognized as being the one having been mentioned by Rachel. They headed back to the convent and while Dick and Rachel had a talk, Kory stole Dick's car and headed to the storage facility. She found documents and tapes as well as text in an otherworldly language she could surprisingly understand. She was soon joined by Dick, who was intrigued by her research, but they were interrupted by a massive explosion, which came from the convent nearby. Running back outside, they noticed smoke billowing in the distance, as well as a flock of ravens flying overhead.[8]

Kory stops the Doom Patrol

Kory keeps the Doom Patrol at bay while Dick searches for Rachel.

Kory, along with Dick, headed back to the orphanage where they found half of it blown up, along with the head nun injured. She explained that Rachel had escaped despite them trying their best to keep her safe. She was then taken to the Covington Police Department, while she waited in the car for Dick to get information on Rachel's whereabouts. After attaining the name and address of a man, Kory was driven to the reporter's location. Upon arrival, Dick began to interrogate the suspect, but when he refused to talk to another cop, Dick barged into his house and began beating him. After Kory noticed the man's young son, she restrained Dick. Once Dick left, the man gave Kory the only possible location of Rachel he could think of, the Caulder house on Danny Street. Apologizing for Dick's hostility, she offered the man money before being ordered to leave. Once they reached their next location, they ran into three of its occupants. They eventually found Rachel and saw Dick calming her down from a demonic rage. Shortly following, the group left, joined by Garfield Logan.[9]

Forming an allianceEdit

After Dick traded his Porsche for a minivan, they made their way to the Do-Si-Do Motel, where they hoped to lay low. Deciding that they needed to understand how to work better together, they found an old building where they could demonstrate their abilities. However, while Rachel's powers got a little out of control, Kory saved the group by firing a blast of fire at her darkness. Later that night, Kory got the chance to know Dick a little better and the two bonded. She went to the liquor store and brought a bottle of tequila visited Dick's hotel room. Determined to get him to open up, they both eventually made love. However, he remained guarded despite this. Returning to her room where Rachel was, Kory was ambushed by Nuclear Biff and Nuclear Sis, and forcibly knocked them downstairs. Taking the fight outside, Kory was eventually incapacitated by Nuclear Stepdad. She regained consciousness, seeing everyone pull all of their strengths together and easily overpower the Nuclear family. Shortly afterward, they were tied up and interrogated. Failing to get answers out of them for the time being, Kory was prompted to kill them but was forbidden by Dick. After Dick left to go find their boss, Doctor Adamson, Kory returned to the room to find the family's heads blown off, primarily fearing that Dick would suspect it was her.[10]

Kory eventually received a call from Dick, having taken Doctor Adamson. He had Kory and company meet him at a safe house, where they met Jason Todd. After Dick left, Kory looked after Adamson, who was unconscious. She woke him, attempting to get him to speak, but he refused to speak to anyone but Rachel.[11] After Rachel and Gar seemingly ran away, Kory and Dick chased after them. Following them to a location known as Agnews Asylum, they were cornered by a group known as The Organization. They were eventually captured and Kory was kept in a dark, isolated room where she attempted to break free. She unwisely used her solar-based powers until they were completely depleted and she was knocked unconscious by a gas. The doctors transported her body to a separate room, where they bounded her to an operating table and performed live operations to test her limitations. Before things could become too grave, such as having her finger cut off, she was rescued by Dick, Rachel, and Gar. Once the group escaped alongside Rachel's mother, Kory blew up the asylum.[12]

Regaining her memoriesEdit

Startled awake from nightmares about her traumatic experience at the asylum, Kory was told by Dick that she was mumbling in her sleep. Questioning if there was anything revealed about her, she was told otherwise. Realizing that Dick had his belongings packed, he confirmed her suspicions that he would be leaving due to something personal.

Kory chokes Rachel

Understanding her purpose, Kory begins choking Rachel.

She was eventually left in charge to look after the rest of the group while taking a train to Angela's home in Ohio. Suddenly, in the midst of their travels, Kory was bombarded by unclear flashbacks and memories. Meanwhile, a strange man kept looking in her direction, causing her to grow extremely suspicious of him. Following him to a separate cart, she tried to get information by threatening him but failed. Shortly afterward, the train made a prolonged stop and Kory gathered her friends to get off the train. Soon, Kory was pursued by the FBI and caused a massive explosion in order to devise an escape. She ran into her group in a stolen truck and drove the rest of the way to Killdeer, Ohio. Upon her arrival, she confessed to Rachel that she struggled to understand her intrusive memories. Rachel offered to help heal her mind to see if it could help her regain her memories. Seeming ineffective at first, Kory's memories came flooding back, reminding her that her true task was not to protect Rachel, but to kill her. Becoming enraged, she grabbed Rachel by the throat.[2]

She was momentarily stopped by Gar, but ended up grabbing him instead and threw him into Dick as soon as he entered the home. Seconds away from setting Rachel ablaze, she was restrained and subdued by Donna Troy's lasso. After she was knocked unconscious, she came to shortly afterward with no memory of what just happened. Distraught, she left the home and took off in their recently acquired truck, still being haunted by more memories.

Kory, Dick, and Donna in Kory's spaceship

While informing Dick and Donna of her alien heritage, Kory also explains Trigon's prophecy.

With Dick and Donna on her tail, she approached a warehouse where she claimed the puzzling memories were leading her. She entered the warehouse and was surprised to find her spaceship, X'Hal. She welcomed Dick and Donna to follow her inside and enlightened them on Tamaran and her mission to stop Trigon. Flipping through the pages of an ancient manuscript on her ship, Donna informed that Angela might willingly be playing a significant part in fulfilling Trigon's prophecy. While on their way back to the home to try and stop her, Kory changed into her stealth suit. However, a blackout occurred, cutting off the power of the vehicle. They all continued on foot and reached an empty location where the house formerly was. Realizing that the house was just cloaked in an invisible field, Dick was the first to run through. As Kory and Donna attempted to follow, the field deflected them and prevented them from entering.[5]

Kory continuously tried to get through the barrier by ineffectively unleashing her power, however, she was stopped by Donna who warned her of wasting her strength. Interrupting their brief quarrel, Jason, accompanied by Hank Hall and Dawn Granger, showed up to their location. Both Kory and Donna were informed that Rachel contacted them through their dreams. In return, Kory briefed them on Trigon and his plan to potentially harm Rachel and countless planets.

Kory Donna Jason Hank Dawn

Kory and the others prepare to enter Angela's house as Trigon welcomes them.

As time went on, the barrier was mysteriously opened and Kory was the last to enter. Unknowingly, as she entered the house, she also entered an illusion. When Rachel and Gar suddenly appeared, Rachel ran into her arms but motivated Kory to kill her, implying that it would all end with her death. With some hesitance, Kory proceeded to strangle Rachel while incapacitating Gar in the process. Apologizing, Kory unleashed her flames and reduced Rachel to ash within seconds before it crumbled in front of her. Ultimately, everyone else gave into Trigon's darkness, cornering Rachel and Gar, and beating up the latter. Trigon finally claimed Rachel's heart, regaining his true form and exiting outside to enact his plan.

Mindlessly, Kory and the rest waited as Trigon began to corrupt earth. Once Rachel eventually regained control and defeated Trigon, the impact from the battle knocked Kory off her feet, having her awaken on the porch of the Roth residence. During the departure of the team, Kory was offered the chance to leave with Dick and the kids but she respectfully declined, wanting to venture elsewhere. She gave her farewell, leaving with Donna, Hank, and Dawn.[4]

New friends and old onesEdit

Kory meets a Tamaranean

Kory meets fellow Tamaranean and former lover, Faddei, who addresses her by her full name.

Contrary to their first impression of one another, Kory and Donna grew close over time and began operating as a vigilante team in Chicago. Having just picked up a box of donuts in an entirely new getup, Kory approached a surveillance van with Donna sitting inside. Following up on intel, both were on the lookout for a criminal named Shimmer and, meanwhile, Donna grew impatient of waiting around, but Kory insisted otherwise. While stating that impatience did not pay off on Tamaran, she implied her keen interest on Earth and its people. To Donna's annoyance, Kory endlessly listened to '70s music as time went on. Getting nowhere, they eventually called it quits and exited the van. However, they ran into Shimmer on the streets. Due to her being non-cooperative, a battle broke out between them and Shimmer was easily apprehended. When the FBI and police arrived, Kory was fascinated by an officer's uniform while the arrest took place. Planning to reward themselves with tacos, Kory stepped away from Donna and encountered Faddei, an old flame. Unhappy to see him, she is debilitated when her guard is lowered and carried her off elsewhere.[6]

Regaining consciousness, Kory found herself in a hotel room with Faddei and her hands bound. Attempting a surprise attack, she failed due to her powers being inhibited by the cuffs. Voicing that it was what he expected, Kory demanded to be released, but before he could do that, she was shown a message that stated she needed to accept her role as royalty or else more consequential threats would track her down. Again, she demanded that he removed her cuffs, to which he obediently did. Eventually, Kory's personal belongings were returned back to her during dinner and she left the room to return Donna's phone call. When asked on her whereabouts, Kory told Donna that she ran into an old friend, but when Kory was informed about the escape of Arthur Light, Kory asked if she was needed. However, she was told that things were under control and that Rachel missed her. Kory returned to the hotel room and caught up with Faddei, questioning who sent him. He mentioned her sister Blackfire and said that he volunteered only after Kory cited her romantic past with Faddei.

X'Hal scans Faddei and Kory

X'Hal scans Faddei and Kory before they can climb aboard.

While walking the streets of the city, Kory expressed to Faddei that she found Earth liberating, stating that it was nothing like living as royalty on Tamaran because she could make her own decisions. While walking past a jewelry store, their eyes met a necklace that seemed "fit" for royalty. For amusement, Faddei broke the window and took the necklace for her and both of them fled from the scene. During the drive, Kory and Faddei recalled their romantic history with one another. Bringing Kory near tears, she acknowledged that his return without her could mean a death sentence, ultimately putting her in a difficult situation. Making the decision to return home, Kory took Faddei to where X'Hal was located. Shortly afterward, Kory received a call from Rachel. As she spoke to her, Rachel confessed that she was having a hard time with her powers and had no one else to turn to for support. Once she realized the seriousness of the situation, Kory decided at the last moment to return to Rachel. After getting off the phone, Kory directed Faddei to her ship and allowed him to step on first before locking him in. Despite his warnings, Kory still left.[3]

Arriving at Titans TowerEdit

Kory speaks to Rachel about their abilities

Kory entrusts Rachel Roth about the true strength of her abilities.

Kory kept her word and drove to the airport in Chicago to take a plane to San Francisco. When she arrived at the tower, she was welcomed by Rachel and was casually informed that Jason was missing and that the rest of the Titans had gone to search for him. Among other things, Kory was told of Rachel's uncontrollable power, being shown self-inflicted wounds. She tried to reassure Rachel by relating to her situation--noting that her bracelets are meant to keep her and other Tameranean's power moderated. She explained that no one was born evil and that Rachel can pave her own destiny with the choices she makes.

After some time, the rest of the Titans returned and Kory followed up on Jason. Led to another part of the tower to have a confidential discussion, Kory was enlightened about Deathstroke and his relation to Rose Wilson. At some point, Hank suggested trading Rose for Jason, but Kory strongly advised against it and insisted they think like a team. However, Rose tried to escape after overhearing them. After she was chased down, Kory and the team witnessed her being mortally wounded by Rachel's provoked power. Despite Kory's attempt to console her, she was shunned. Kory then proceeded to get answers out of Donna but all she implied was bad history. Understanding the situation, Kory told Donna about her personal encounter with Faddei and confessed to Donna about her status as royalty. Over time, Dick summoned them all to discuss a plan to ambush Deathstroke. When Kory and Dick get the chance to be alone, he questioned if she was there to stay permanently, following up with a compliment of her being a leader. He opened up about why he moved to San Francisco with the Titans and Garth's death. Lastly, she was told that her help would be needed.

Kory fights Deathstroke

Kory stalls Deathstroke, giving Dick the opportunity to save Jason

While the team did not realize that Dick secretly planned to face Deathstroke on his own, Kory did and followed him and stopped Deathstroke from harming Jason, who was handcuffed to a scaffolding rigged with explosives. Eventually, a battle commenced between them. Kory deflected bullets with her powers and fought Deathstroke on her own so Dick could rescue Jason. However, Kory was repelled by an explosion and was stunned. As Deathstroke prepared for a finishing strike, she was saved by Dick, giving her time to recover and retaliate. Deathstroke then threw a flashbang, giving him time to press the trigger and set off the explosives. Kory, fearfully, watched from afar as Jason managed to grab Dick's hand but slip from his grip.[13] Fortunately, Jason was caught by Conner. Kory and Dick went to the ground to meet up with Jason, but Conner was shot with Kryptonite bullets just before they got there.[14]

Kory took Conner to Titans Tower and placed him in a bed to be treated, but she could not seem to inject an IV into his arm due to his skin being impenetrable. Not knowing what he was shot with, Kory was unable to treat him. At one point, Conner woke up and grabbed Kory's wrist blurting out Kryptonian words. Failing to break free, she protested back in his language, which prompted him to let go. Conner suddenly became unconscious again, whispering for Eve, which Dawn noticed. Later, Eve arrived at the tower, having been led by Krypto. Gar was hesitant to let her in, but Kory recognized the name, and allowed her to enter. Eve told Kory that the only way to heal Conner would be to give him radiation equal to the sun's. With help from Rachel, Kory used her own abilities to give Conner the necessary radiation. After this was done, Conner suddenly recovered and was happy to see Eve again.

Queen BlackfireEdit

Later, Kory followed sounds of commotion coming from another part of the tower and noticed a predicament with the Titans and Jason, who left.[15] Afterward, Jason appeared with Dick, who confessed his dark past involving the death of Jericho. After nearly everyone walked out on him, Kory got an important message from Faddei, who managed to escape from X'Hal. Kory met up with Faddei to discuss important matters involving her sister, Blackfire, who now wore the crown and terminated her entire court. Since her ship was no longer operational, they journeyed to get to Faddei's ship.

Blackfire speaks with Kory

Kory confronts a projection of Blackfire that stands in Faddei's place as his ashes fall to the ground.

Making a quick stop for lunch at a small diner, Kory thought Faddei was acting peculiar. The pair exchanged words about Blackfire, who Faddei suddenly seemed to show sympathy for. They got back on the road and Faddei's ship was located out in the middle of an isolated area. Using this moment as her chance, Kory addressed him as Blackfire, now aware of a mind-controlling device she used on him. Faddei, who struggled to regain control, begged to be killed as an act of mercy since the mind-control would most likely be fatal. Hesitant, Kory burned him to ash and a projected transmission of Blackfire stood in his place. The two quarreled and Blackfire revealed that she was now ruling Tamaran on her own terms. Once the transmission ended, Faddei's ship blew up. Kory jumped into Faddei's car and drove off.[7]

Manic Episode & Elko's Diner Edit

Kory is then having a hallucination of her flying back to Tamaran, then later revealed to be her being in an arcade for over an hour, with a young girl snapping her out of it. The little girl then tells Kory she needs to get her life right but before she can clap back, she throws up in a trashcan. Kory then makes out with a random man who tells her that he's a psychiatrist and he thinks she's having a manic episode because she's showing signs of risky and impulsive behavior, and thinks she's seeking escapism by using him as a transitional object, with Kory thinking that's what humans do so they don't have to think. The make out session is cut short and Kory tells him last year she forget who she was and it was the first time she wasn't obsessed over her destiny and it allowed to discover new things like friendship, love, and freedom, and now she doesn't have a home, a family or destiny. Kory then tells him to go and he leaves. Kory then hears a loud static on her television, which then cuts to an advertisement commercial for Elko's Diner in Nevada.

When Kory gets to Elko's Diner and asks the waitress to speak to Elko Joe, the lady has no recollection of him, then when Kory asks for two jelly donuts, the waitress says they don't serve donuts, only pie or cake, Kory then tells her she's had a few bad days and it would be great if she could make donuts, then when the lady tells her they don't make donuts again, Kory slams her hand on the bell and tells her that her sister killed her parents, stole her crown and left her marooned on Earth, and tells her that if she has flour, eggs, and sugar, then she needs to figure it out and furiously slams the bell one last time before the lady walks away. When Rachel, Dawn, and Donna entered Elko's, she is confused, but Bruce Wayne enters and explains the situation. Donna and Dawn decide to rescue Gar and Conner with Rachel and Kory on their way to break Dick out of prison. After they knock out the security guards, Kory tries to use her powers the first time to knock the cell door down, but is unsuccessful, the second time she is able to knock the cell door down with her powers. When Kory and Rachel enter the cell, they find dick nowhere to be found, except for a writing on the wall that says "Jericho's alive".

Kory's Powers FluctuatingEdit

When Kory and Rachel stop at a store, Kory tries to use her powers again, but they don't work. When Rachel asks if she's mad at something, Kory sarcastically tells her she's thrilled to be looking for a guy that doesn't need to be rescued. When Kory and Rachel get back in the car, Kory looks at her phone and tells Rachel something's happening with Gar, then tells Rachel they're going back to San Francisco. Kory then angrily tells her someone needs to make some adult decisions around here and they shouldn't look for Dick just because an intergalactic space witch had a bad dream, calling Rachel the space witch because she has no idea where she's going or why, then when Rachel misspells Tamaran, Kory corrects her with Rachel not caring about what her planet is called.

Kory (now on the verge of tears), tells Rachel it's not her fault, it's hers, and that she got upset because she used to be so in control of everything, like she could do anything, but now she feels like all her best qualities are gone, with Rachel telling her those aren't her best qualities. Kory tells Rachel she's sorry for pulling the adult card and calling her an intergalactic witch. Rachel replies that she does care about what Kory's planet is called. Kory tells Rachel they're partners in this and do their own secret handshake. Rachel agrees they should go back to San Francisco because Gar needs their help, Kory then tells Rachel she's sorry they couldn't find Dick, with Rachel telling her he'll find his way back as they drive back to San Francisco.

Titans Against DeathstrokeEdit

Kory and Rachel make it back to the tower and tell Donna and Dawn about the writing they saw in dick's cell that said Jericho's alive, when Dawn says she doesn't what it means, Kory tells her it was a style Neanderthals used to depict images in cave walls, usually battle scenes or hunting, with Dawn telling her she was talking about Jericho being alive. Donna then talks to the others about Cadmus lab, and they view the map of Cadmus, with Rachel thinking that four of them are just gonna break into Cadmus, Donna tells them that Rachel and Kory are all the fire power we need, with Kory telling them that her powers have vanished, and she hasn't been able to get them back. When they get a notification about a disturbance at Golden Gate Park where people are getting injured by a wild animal.

When they're on their way to the park, they're ambushed by Deathstroke who uses his gun, Kory tries to stop his fire but gets shot in the arm, then when Dick arrives in his new costume, Rachel takes the opportunity to heal Kory, telling her she's never seen her bleed and didn't think she could, seconds later Kory's wound is fully healed. Kory, Donna, Dawn and Rachel make it to Golden Gate Park in the middle of a confrontation between Gar and Superboy, Kory gets Conner's attention and he looks at them. When Donna is temporarily knocked out by Superboy, Kory tries to punch him, but is instead put in a choke-hold, she's then tossed away and when Gar and Superboy are released from Cadmus' control, she punches Mercy in the face, leaving her unconscious.

Donna's Funeral & Becoming a TitanEdit

After Donna sacrifices herself by saving civilians from a falling electrical pole, she is shocked to death and her body is carried in a coffin for her funeral, then at Titans Tower, when the team is having Dinner, Kory thanks Bruce for bringing them together, but Bruce has no recollection of being at Elko, with Dawn and Kory thinking Bruce being at Elko was from Rachel, with Kory telling Dawn her powers are gone and Rachel's get weirder. When Gar tells the team that there are cops and a bomb squad at the Mission District because of a disturbance, the team individually get up and leave to deal with the threat, then walk together as a full on Titans Team.

Alternate RealitiesEdit

Trigon's False RealityEdit

In Dick's illusion conjured by Trigon, Kory was an old friend and detective he ran into while investigating Gotham City. She appeared in the hospital after the Joker was brutally maimed by Batman, stating that the Joker was going to live. Once she was informed by Dick that he arrived in Gotham to visit Bruce, she attempted to convince him to turn back and return to his family. However, just as Dick considered, Batman appeared at the hospital and murdered the Joker.

Detective Kory Anders and Dick Grayson

"Detective" Kory Anders tells Dick Grayson that Batman must be stopped.

Later, Kory reached out to Dick to notify him that there was carnage, caused by Batman, at Arkham Asylum. Upon his arrival, Kory showed him the bodies of prisoners including those of nurses, guards, and warden. She came to the conclusion that Batman could not be saved and that he must be stopped. When Batman's identity is revealed, the Gotham police department planned to raid the Wayne Manor. Before departing, Kory promised not to kill him but was the last to show up to the raid witnessing nothing but corpses. Among the dead bodies of officers, she spotted Captain Frank Finney, who was actually Trigon, dying among them. Noticing Batman, she prepared to kill him, but is quickly shot at with the cold gun and is fatally frozen solid.[16]


"You may have gone through some bad shit. I may have, too. I don't know. But what I do know is that no one manages alone. I don't have to remember much to remember that."
—Kory to Dick Grayson[src]
Kory is approached by thugs

After confronting Travis, Kory patiently waits for a fight to ensure after she is threatened.

After losing her memories, Kory was reduced to an alien woman lacking a moral compass, thoughtlessly resorting to violence to get what she wanted. However, she showed a great level of tenacity, determined to find answers no matter what. For instance, when discovering a photograph of Rachel, Kory tracked her down. Believing that she was meant to protect Rachel, Kory was willing to put her brash methods aside to accomplish it. Kory has also shown herself to be supportive of people who have difficulties standing up for themselves. For instance, she subdued an abusive man from harming his ex-girlfriend. She also showcases a dauntless attitude, unable to back down from a fight.

Although Kory tends to be belligerent, she has more of a softer side than she lets on when it comes to dealing with people who she thinks of as friends. She also has a witty sense of humor as well, making ironic remarks about Gar's veganism and other risqué innuendos. Even though she was not the best at showing affection, she can grow quite attached and sometimes feels the need to lend a helping hand to others who are facing emotional challenges. For instance, she supported Gar's decision when he was having difficulties coming to terms with harming a man who nearly killed Rachel. She would also make several attempts to get Dick to open up about his past and would feel saddened if she failed and was impressed when he finally did. However, this trait of Kory can be to a fault, seeing that she rarely seeks help for herself until she reaches a breaking point.

After regaining her memories, Kory became a lot more sensible. If anything, her feelings towards her friends doubled and she was willing to disobey the orders of her initial mission to protect and fight with them. Over time, she has become curious and fascinated with Earth. She also tends to have a peculiar taste in fashion and 70's music, most likely due to her coming from a planet where customs and culture are vastly different from Earth's, as well as becoming a voice of reason within the Titans, stopping arguments between the senior members and proposing not only rational ideas but also upholding morality, so that the heroes do not turn into villains themselves.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


"I think it comes from the sun. I can absorb its power and direct it. I'm weaker at night, though. I'm sometimes empty. And it takes me a while to recharge."
—Kory Anders to Dick Grayson about her power.[src]
  • Tamaranean physiology: Kory possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Tamaraneans, including extraordinary strength, durability and accelerated healing. Also, she is able to constantly absorb solar radiation and store it within her body for later use.[8]
    • Superhuman strength: Due to her Tamaranean physiology, Kory possesses superhuman strength, as she can overpower beings of lesser or equivalent power with relative ease. Her incredible strength allows her to inflict significant bodily damage to opponents and launch them through the air with mere strikes.[10] She was able to break a metal chain apart just by pulling on it with both hands, During her fight with Deathstroke, Kory was able to overpower him, despite his enhanced strength.[13]
    • Superhuman durability: Due to her Tamaranean physiology, Kory has greater durability and physical endurance than any human. With it, she possesses an inhuman resistance to direct collisions or temperature and pressure extremes. Her physical condition is elevated to solar levels as her body absorbs solar energy without inflicting bodily damage and fatigue. She also resisted the blows of the superhuman Nuclear siblings[10] and recovered shortly after being struck by Donna Troy.[2] Kory was completely unharmed after being thrown at various metal objects by the explosion generated by the bombs dropped by Slade Wilson.[13]
    • Accelerated healing factor: When being experimented on, it was revealed that Kory regenerated remarkably fast after having her resistant skin seared with a laser[12].
    • Solar energy absorption: Kory’s cells act as miniaturized solar-receptors which are designed to harness the plasma and energy expulsions released by the Sun and metabolizes the energy into usable forms. This solar ray absorption process occurs constantly when Kory is directly exposed to sunlight at a rate determined by the expenditure of energy for her bodily needs. With the Sun being her power source, her enhanced capabilities become diminished during the night.[12] After three months, it was shown that Kory is able to maintain her powers at night, since during the fight with Shimmer, she used her powers to the fullest and without being limited at night, as previously happened.[6]
      • Thermal blast:
        Kory fires solar energy

        Kory emits a fiery burst of solar energy from her hands in the midst of a conflict.

        Koriand’r can release limited quantities of solar energy from her cells that travel throughout her body and direct the energy outwards through her hands where it explodes into fiery bursts of energized plasma. This energy emission applies intensified heat and volatile force which she can utilize for various effects, such as is igniting fires and explosions or incinerate opponents into charred bodies of ash. When using this ability, her entire body and even her hair radiates with solar energy while her eyes are completely glazed over with bright green, her pupils and irises vanish.[1]
      • Thermal shield: For defensive purpose, Kory can expand her solar energy to create personal thermal barriers that she can conform as needed. She utilizes these shields for cover and hinder from enemy fire or greatly enhance her combative skill to parry attacks from opponents without suffering damage.[13]


  • Master combatant: Kory is well versed in self-defense and a highly skilled unarmed combatant, even while being amnesiac. As she was capable of immobilizing multiple armed officers with relative ease and simultaneously dominated both of the Nuclear Siblings on equal terms, despite their ambush upon her.[1] Kory was able to fight on par against Deathstroke, blocking many of his punches.[13]
  • Multilingualism: Kory is capable of fluently speaking English, German, and Russian,[1] in addition to her native Tamaranean.[5] She also appears to know Kryptonian, utilizing it to communicate with Conner.[17] Thus, Kory is the most polyglot tic of her friends.


  • Solar energy depletion: Using her powers to its maximum for an extended period can significantly drain her solar energy to the point where Kory is unable to use her ultraviolet energy-based powers until she can "recharge".
  • Emotions: Kory’s powers are linked to her emotions as shown when she started to lose them after confronting Blackfire's hologram and finding out her parents are dead.[18]


  • Sawar bracelets: Kory owns a pair of Sawar bracelets. These bracelets are used for keeping Kory's abilities somewhat suppressed, so they don't get out of control.

Former equipmentEdit

  • X'Hal: Kory Anders came to Earth with a massive Tamaranean spacecraft equipped with a cloaking device and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, it was destroyed and apparently engulfed in flames.[5]
  • Gul'ron Dez Dire: A Tamaranean history book, which has a prophecy about Trigon.[5]



Promotional imagesEdit

Season 1

Season 2


  • She has a bed in her storage unit, possibly to recharge her energy reserves with the artificial ultraviolet rays.[8]
  • Kory has an Uber account.[12]
  • Kory is a fan of AC/DC and Sister Sledge.[2][6]
  • Kory's passport claims that her place of birth was California.[1]
  • Kory is about six feet tall.[8]
  • She does not like jelly doughnuts.[3]
  • Kory is a big fan of 70's pop and disco music.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the DC comics, Starfire is one of the main members of the Teen Titans as well as a long-time love interest of Dick Grayson/Nightwing, the two nearly wed until an evil version of Raven put a stop to the wedding. Her first appearance in the comics was DC Comics Presents #26 (October, 1980).
  • Like her original comic incarnation and her animated one, Starfire possesses an extremely passionate and intense personality, but is much less spacey than them.


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