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For the episode of the same name, see Blackfire.

Komand'r[2], also known as Blackfire, is the sister of Koriand'r and the current Queen of Tamaran after having her own parents murdered when staging a coup against her own people.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Blackfire's past other than implications that she shared a rather unfair childhood with her sister, Koriand'r, who on Earth goes by Kory Anders. Both sisters grew up in a royal family and lived customarily privileged lives, complete with servants. Despite this, Blackfire did not feel loved by her family or people. She had difficulties making friends and was often made fun of, especially by her sister. Because she lacked the ability to absorb and project fire that most royals inherit, she was often underestimated and spent a majority of her life in her sister's shadow. There was also a time when she found out about Kory's relationship with a royal guard, Faddei, and nearly had him castrated.[1]

The search for Koriand'r[]

Blackfire's hologram speaks to Kory on Earth.

Following the high demand that her sister claim the throne, Blackfire sent Faddei to Earth to retrieve Kory and bring her back to Tamaran.[3] When the mission became prolonged due to unknown circumstances, Blackfire took matters into her own hands using deadly Tamaranean-tech to possess Faddei's body. Imposing as Faddei, Blackfire attempted to convince Kory to return to Tamaran to possibly rule as queens together. Eventually, Blackfire was discovered, which ultimately caused the mercy killing of Faddei. She revealed that she claimed the throne for herself and murdered their parents. Claiming she now found her own family, she welcomed Kory's threats.[1]

Arrival on Earth[]

After a woman puts her kids in the car and prepares to put her groceries in the trunk, Blackfire uses tamaranean-tech to possess her body. As the woman's body started morphing into Blackfire, a man was going to tell her about the cart, only to be punched back by her fist, then she makes her eyes glow lavender for a moment before she walks away with an evil smile. [4]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Tamaranean physiology: Komand’r possesses all of the various superhuman attributes common among the Tamaraneans, including extraordinary strength, durability and accelerated healing. Unlike the rest of her family, she is unable to absorb solar radiation and store it within her body for later use.
    • Superhuman strength: Blackfire was able to effortlessly swat away a human man who was approaching her.
    • Opti-chroma kinesis: Like most Tamaraneans, Blackfire has the ability to make her eyes glow. Unlike other Tamaraneans whose eyes glow green, Blackfire's eyes glow lavender.
    • Extra-Sensory Perception: Blackfire can telepathically call out to other Tamaraneans, which she used to induce sleepwalking-like trances on Starfire to lead the Titan to the prison Blackfire was kept in.
      • Disruptive frequency: When threatened by a sleepwalking Koriand'r at Wayne Manor, Blackfire was able to project a high-pitched wave from her body that temporarily neutralized Starfire's starbolts as well as waking her from her trance.


  • Master combatant: Komand'r has shown high levels of combat skills, she was able to give her sister Koriand'r a good fight, despite the latter losing the battle. She was able to subdue to Garfield Logan with relative ease.
  • Master tactician: As Queen of Tamaran, Blackfire is a skilled leader being able to lead her kind.
  • Intimidator: Due to Blackfire's status, she commands an extremely terrifying presence, instilling fear into enemies and allies.


  • Powers instability: Unlike the rest of her family, Komand’r can’t absorb solar radiation and project it as fire.


Blackfire suit:


Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • She had a speech therapist named Lexi.[1]

Behind the scenes[]


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