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Commissioner Jim Gordon was the father of Barbara Gordon and an ally of Batman.


At some point, Jim Gordon fathered a daughter, Barbara, and joined the Gotham City Police Department, rising to the rank of police commissioner. During his years as commissioner, Jim often worked with Batman and Robin, feeding them cases and leads to solve crimes and calling them by firing up the Bat-Signal.[1]

In 2016, Jim issued a statement regarding a series of thefts, saying that he was perplexed as to how so many complex security systems were rendered inert by the perpetrators.[2]

Sometime after 2016, due to unknown circumstances, Jim Gordon was frozen in a block of ice by Mr. Freeze, causing him to die of a heart attack afterwards.[1]

False reality[]

In a false reality created for Dick Grayson by Trigon, Jim Gordon was killed after the Joker captured him and tortured him for three days.[3]


Season 1[]

Season 3[]


  • Jim Gordon was a fan of Scotch whisky.[4]
  • Jim's death in Trigon's false reality is a nod to Batman storyline The Killing Joke, where Jim was also abducted and tortured by the Joker after shooting his daughter Barbara. However, unlike the series, Jim survives the traumatic event.


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