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"Be careful. Vengeance is a dangerous path."
—Jillian to Donna Troy[src]

Jillian was an Amazon known to Donna Troy.


Early life[]

Jillian lived on Themyscira. When Donna Troy was sent to the outside world, Jillian was sent to monitor her. She became a target of Deathstroke for unknown reasons.[1]

Hunted by Deathstroke[]

Jillian was one day visited by Donna, who wished to return to Themyscira early. She offered to take Donna with her once her exhibit ended two weeks later. Donna joined her, preparing to take a plane, but they were interrupted by Garth, for whom Donna professed her mutual love. However, shortly after, Deathstroke shot Garth[1], intending to shoot Jillian.[2] He was hit dead-on in the chest, protecting both Donna and Jillian.[1]

Later at the gallery, Donna finds Jillian with several Amazons guards. Jillian takes Donna to her office and tells her that she was the target, not Garth. Donna tells Jillian that it's not her fault, and Jillian refuses to run back to Themyscira. She says that she'll handle Deathstroke and Donna is letting her emotions color her actions. Donna insists that she knows exactly what she's doing and leaves.[2]


Later, Jillian and the guards were killed by Deathstroke.[2]

Powers and abilities[]


  • Amazonian physiology: Like all Amazons, Jillian possessed superhuman abilities.[1]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Jillian had superhuman reflexes, since she could see a bullet coming and gracefully cut it in half with her Amazon shuriken.[1]


  • Master marksman: Jillian had impressive aim and has demonstrated this ability with her shuriken with which she cut a bullet in half shot by Slade Wilson.[1]


  • Shuriken: Jillian used a shuriken as a weapon.[1]


Season 2[]


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