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Jack Drake is the father of Tim Drake and husband of Janet Drake, working at the family-owned restaurant Excellent Gotham Golden Noodle House. Before getting into the restaurant business, he was a police officer and worked homicide cases.


Jack Drake was once a police officer who worked homicide cases. At a later point, he began to work at Excellent Gotham Golden Noodle House, a family-owned restaurant.[1]

In 2020, when Tim Drake returned to the restaurant late, Jack and Janet learned that he was stopped by Gotham City Police Department officers, who let him off with a warning. Jack then set a meal for the family when a news report revealed the death of Robin, causing Tim to become upset as Janet consoled him.[2]

Sometime later, Jack and Tim Drake were at the restaurant when a unknown man entered the store and shot Jack, leaving him bleeding as Tim urged Stevey to phone the police. Jack survived his wounds and would later hear news about the condition of Tim, who had been shot by Jonathan Crane. Jack would soon board up his restaurant after Crane and Jason Todd enacted a plan to cause chaos in Gotham City. Remaining sheltered with his wife at the Excellent Gotham Golden Noodle House, Jack would reunite with Tim after his return from the afterlife.[3][4]

Upon their reunion, Jack and his wife would meet Donna Troy, who had returned with Tim from the dead. The Drake family and Donna would then begin to plan out a way to fight back against Crane's plot.[4]


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