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Illinois is a state in the United States of America.


Clayton Williams lived for an unspecified amount of time in Peoria.[1]. In 2018, Nuclear Mom, Nuclear Biff and Nuclear Sis visited Dr. Adamson to tell him of their failure to capture Rachel Roth.[2] Adamson was also visited by Dick Grayson, who was searching for answers as to why Adamson was after Rachel.[3] He eventually knocked him out with the help of Jason Todd, taking him to one of Bruce Wayne's safehouses, where Kory, Gar and Rachel joined them.[1] After Adamson revealed the whereabouts of Rachel's mother, Angela, they headed to Agnews Asylum, where they were captured. They ultimately escaped, destroying the institution.[4]

Donna Troy and Kory headed to Chicago to attempt to catch a criminal known as Shimmer. They were successful in doing so, despite some time passing, but not before Kory was kidnapped by Faddei.[5] Once he explained his mission to retrieve her, they shared some food and went for a stroll, before she trapped him in her spaceship.[6]

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