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An unidentified woman was the single mother of an Hank and Don Hall.


Hank and Don Hall's mother was a woman who originated from the slums and had a background of bad economic conditions. She gave birth to two boys, Hank and Don Hall, each with different fathers. Neither father took parental responsibility nor were they ever present in her life or that of the boys. This led her to raise them alone, having more than one job to support their family. Greatly respecting their mother's sacrifices, the Hall brothers studied hard in order to get a scholarship and attend a prestigious private school where, in 1999, Hank became a top star for its football team: The Hawks.[1]

Sometimes after that year, she developed cancer and, after a long and painful course, died as she could not afford medical care, leaving Hank and Don to fend for themselves.[1]


Season 1[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Rae Hall was the mother of Hank and Don Hall and she was happily married with Judge Irwin Hall, who was the father of both boys.


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