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"I'm not afraid of taking a risk."
—Graham Norris to Donna Troy[src]

Graham Norris is an international poacher, and an ally of convenience of Donna Troy.


Norris operated for a long period of time as a poacher, hunting animals to sell their fur. He and his men also captured a live bear, planning to kill it and sell its organs in China.[1]

At some point, Graham met Donna Troy, with whom he crafted an alliance to expose his supervisor, planning to use this exposure to allow him to dominate the fur market. He met with Donna, but this meet was interrupted by Dick Grayson, who beat him and his men up. While he was unconscious, Donna lay beside him, asking Dick to fake photographs her, in order to avoid culpability.[1]


  • Hunting rifles: Graham owns a variety of rifles which he uses to slay the animals he plans to skin.[1]


Season 1[]


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