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Gotham City is a city in the United States. It's known for high crime rates, gothic revival architecture, and, of course, Batman. Batman and his caped acolytes, Robins, are a staple feature of Gotham's night life.


At some point, Bruce Wayne's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were shot and killed by a criminal, causing the orphaned Bruce to undergo a catalyst of events that would turn him into the city's fearsome crimefighting vigilante Batman. Oftentimes, Commissioner Jim Gordon would aid Batman in his crusade.[1]

In 2002, after the death of his parents, Dick Grayson went to live with Bruce Wayne in Wayne Manor.[2] Over the years, Dick engaged in vigilante activities as Robin, alongside Bruce as Batman.

Sometime on or after 2016, Commissioner Gordon's daughter, Barbara Gordon, became the city's newest vigilante, Batgirl.[3] However, after this, her career was cut short by the Joker, who shot and paralyzed the young heroine, as well as the death of her father, who died from a heart attack due to Mr. Freeze encasing him in ice.[1]

In 2017, Dick moved from Gotham City to get away from Batman and his activities, becoming a police detective in Detroit.[4] A week later, Bruce took in seventeen-year-old Jason Todd, training him to be Dick's successor as Robin.[1]

After reforming the Titans, Dick visited Wayne Manor to make amends with Bruce.[5]

Sometime between 2019 and 2021, Jason took Rose Wilson to Gotham City, where they stopped three drug rings.[6]

In 2021, Jason Todd returned to Gotham to rejoin Batman, leaving behind San Francisco and the Titans. Several months later, Jason was killed by the Joker, causing Batman to snap and kill the Joker in his cell.[1] In the aftermath, Dick had the Titans move to Gotham to protect it in Batman and Robin's absence.[7]

After leaving Gotham, Dick informed the Titans that Bruce had called him and the Titans all complained at the prospect of going back to Gotham, all of them eager to get back to San Francisco instead.[8]

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