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"Ghosts" is the third episode of the second season of Titans, and the fourteenth episode overall. It premiered on September 20, 2019.


With the reemergence of Dr. Light, the old Titans reluctantly return to Titans Tower to strategize against their old enemy. But the secrets of the Titans' past threaten to tear apart this newly formed team from within. While the old Titans question Dick's acceptance of Rose Wilson into their midst, the new Titans start to wonder about the unspoken tragedy that disbanded the group years before. Meanwhile, an old friend from Kory's home planet of Tamaran comes to Earth with an urgent mission.[1]



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Jason and Gar show Dick and Rachel the DNA scan confirming that Slade is Rose's father. Dick says that Slade is old Titans business, and Rachel has no idea who he is. Gar reads Slade's file, which notes that he is the only one who survived the military's bioenhancement experiments. Slade supposedly retired years ago after the death of his son Jericho, and Dick says that he'll take it from there. The security alert goes off as Donna, Dawn, and Hank arrive.

The trio enter Titans Tower and the others greet them. Donna says that Kory vanished and isn't answering her phone, and Hank assures Robin that they covered their tracks. Dick asks the newer members to leave, and once they do, Dick welcomes them all home. All he knows is that someone broke Dr. Light out of prison and there's been a trail of bodies ever since. Dick figures Light was trying to pick them off one by one, and now he'll come after all of them. Hank says that he and Dawn will take care of Light and then they're out, and as they go to their old rooms, Dick tells them about Rose.

In the computer room, Dick explains how they picked up Rose. He has video of Deathstroke nearby, and Dick says that their old nemesis is alive and well in San Francisco. They wonder why Rose is still there, and Dawn insists that Rose can't stay here. Dick refuses to put Rose at risk since Deathstroke is after her, and he made sure Deathstroke doesn't know Rose is there. He tells the others to let him worry about Rose while they deal with Light.

In Chicago, a manacled Kory wakes up on a hotel bed. Her captor, Faddei, is watching cartoons on TV. Kory tries to blast him and discovers the manacles negate her powers. She tells Faddei to let him go, and he plays a holographic paper saying that she's to come home at once to take on her royal duties. If she doesn't do so then more guys like him will arrive on Earth. Kory orders him to remove the manacles, and Faddei does so. Room service knocks on the door, interrupting them.

Rose checks her injured eye, and Dick comes in and asks her when she planned on telling him about her father. He wonders why they're in San Francisco, and Rose says that they had a family spat. Rose explains that Slade killed her brother after he fell in the wrong crowd, four years ago. She heard Slade was back in town and went after him, and says that her father would be dead if Robin hadn't dragged her away. Dick says that the newcomers are old friends, and gives her an eyepatch before leaving.

Rachel and Gar spar against Jason, all three of them blindfolded. Jason takes them both down, and Rachel's eyes glow red as her inner darkness flows out of her body. She grabs Jason by the throat, lifting him into the air, and telekinetically prepares to impale him with a sword. Gar tells her to stop, and Rachel manages to get control of herself and drops Jason to the floor. Jason tells her to stay away from him, and Dick comes in and asks if everything is okay. The younger man tells him that it isn't and complains about being left out of the older members' plans. Dick says that he didn't miss anything, and has Gar come with him. He tells Jason to keep practicing and they leave. Jason tells Rachel to see a priest and walks away.

Faddei and Kory have supper, and he points out that he spent 20 years in the royal protection service. He explains that he's here to ensure her safe return home, and it's her choice to comply or not. Kory's phone rings and she steps outside in the hallway to take it. She says that she ran into a guy she knows, and Donna tells her that they're at Titans Tower to deal with Light. Donna tells Kory that they can handle it without her, and Kory asks her to take special care of Rachel.

Kory goes back into the room and Faddei tells her that he used money from her bag to pay for the room. She asks if her parents sent him, and Faddei says that Kory's sister Blackfire sent him. He explains that he volunteered.

Rachel finds Rose in the kitchen and introduces herself. Rose does as well after a moment, and asks why they're all here living together. Rachel explains that they're friends, and she saw what happened on the surveillance cameras. Rose says that her father is after her and asks about the jewel in Rachel's forehead. Rachel tells her that her father put it there, and she got rid of him, and they bond over their lousy fathers.

Dick figures that Light will need a large electric power cell to refuel, and has Gar monitor the power grids. As he goes, Dick asks Gar if everything is okay with Rachel. Gar says that it is and Rachel was just training. Dick insists that Donna, Hank, and Dawn won't be staying, and Gar asks if something happened between them. Ignoring the question, Dick leaves instead.

Dr. Light drinks beers while Slade works on his papers in the house he's rented. After a moment, Light asks Slade what his plan is to kill the Titans now that they're all together. Slade says that they're going to put them in crisis and see how they operate: (i.e. who commands and who follows). Then they'll isolate the weak and let the rest come to them. Light agrees as long as the Titans suffer. When Light jokes about Slade's missing eye, Slade just glares at him and then says that it's time to see how the Titans like being together again.

Hank asks Dawn if she thinks that things will be different than it was before, and Dawn tells him that they're not what they once were. She admits that she should have told him she was superheroing on the side, and Hank admits that he misses being with the Titans as Hawk. He figures that he needs a higher purpose, and running the rehab ranch isn't enough. Dawn assures him that she's moving forward, not backward, and they agree to get back to the ranch as soon as possible.

Kory and Faddei walk down the street, and Faddei says that the pedestrians don't know that they're walking with royalty. Kory says that everyone walks the same, and Faddei figures that she likes the anonymity. She says that she likes making decisions for herself, and says that Tamaranian royalty are selfish. Faddei admits that their system isn't perfect, but their leaders are family. Kory points out that on Earth it's legal for the two of them to be romantic partners, if she liked him anyway. She tells Faddei that he has to prove himself, and Faddei steals a nearby necklace from a display window. Amused, Kory grabs him by the arm and leads him off before the police arrive.

Dick tells Donna that Gar is searching for Light, and she wonders why Dick came back here and thereby starting the Titans over again. He says that everything has changed, and Donna wonders who he is now. Donna asks if the younger ones know what happened with the Titans before, and Dick insists that he's teaching them to be better versions of the original members. She says that there are ghosts in the place and the younger members should know, and tells Dick that he needs to tell the younger members about their sins so they'll learn from them. When Dick complains that she's bringing up how he screwed up, Donna says that it wasn't just him. She warns that Slade will soon come, and Dick figures that they should focus on Light for now. Donna hopes that when Slade eventually comes, that it's not the new gentler Dick that meets him.

Gar tells Dick that he searched the private lines and discovered a power drain centered around a switching station. The main power goes out, and Dick and Gar go to the window and confirm that the city is blacking out as Light redirects the energy. Gar sees a glowing light at the stadium, and Dick tells this piece of information to the former Titans. They figure that it's either a challenge or a trap, and Jason dressed in Robin suit comes out. Dick tells him it has nothing to do with him and they'll handle it, and that Jason will eventually get his time but not right now against Dr. Light. The older members leave, and Rose comes in, joking about Robin's costume.

At the stadium, Light steps out on the field and draws the power to him from the lights. The four Titans move into position, and Dick steps out to confront Light as the villain finishes powering up. Light fires a blast of light at Dick as a distraction and heads for the concourse exit. He hides behind a car and fires a blast of light at Dick. Donna shouts a warning and Dick dodges, and the car behind him blows up.

Hank goes after Light, who fires a blast at him, hits him in the leg, and knocks him to the side. Dawn arrives and sees Hank's injury, and he insists that he's fine. Light runs off and Donna speeds after him. She lasso's a nearby motorcycle and throws it at Light, knocking him to the ground. A bus arrives, distracting Dick as he joins Donna, and Light fires off a blast of light providing cover for his escape.

As they drive away, Faddei reminds Kory of how she recited the stories their mentors taught them. He says that he was trying to impress Kory by breaking the rules, and figures that she'll be a queen for the ages. Faddei insists that it's Kory's destiny to be a queen, and her duty to follow her destiny. Kory asks what happens if he returns without her, noting that it's a death sentence. Faddei explains that no one else had a chance of bringing her home, and admits that he also thought their one night together would matter to her. He insists that they need Kory back home, and he won't be the only one who suffers.

The older Titans return to the Tower and Donna goes to get some gauze for Hank's wound. Hank says that Dick let Light escape, and maybe Dick has lost the taste for how it works and the old Robin wouldn't have needed another shot. Dawn convinces Hank to back off, and the others come out. Jason asks where Light is, and tells Dick that he doesn't take orders from him anymore. He tells Dick to get out of his way, and when he attacks Dick, Dick easily knocks him to the floor. Dick offers Jason his hand to help him up, but Jason knocks it away, gets up on his own, and walks out.

Later, Dick is by himself sparring in the dojo. Rose comes in, says that she didn't come to watch, and draws one of the sword. She wants Dick to take one kill shot. Dick refuses and says that he teaches defense and grabs a staff, and Rose tells him to show her. They spar back and forth, and Dick admits that things were hectic and he didn't handle it well. He gets the upper hand, and then tells Rose that there's been enough fighting, and walks out.

The next morning, Faddei drives Kory to the warehouse where she parked her ship. Her phone rings, and Kory steps aside to take Rachel's call. Rachel says that she was worried Kory went back home, and everybody else is moving on so she wondered if Kory was moving on too. Kory tells Rachel that she has to go back home, and Rachel says that she felt like Kory was her people. She asks to go with Kory, and Kory tells her that she doesn't belong there. Kory asks what's going on, and Rachel says that she's becoming something different and it wants her to be it all of the time. When Kory asks what would happen if she lets it out, Rachel says that it would be like when she killed Trigon. She doesn't know if she wants to be that all of the time. Rachel, for her part says that she doesn't want to cause more trouble by talking to Dick about it, and Kory tells her that she's on her way.

Kory goes back to the car and tells Faddei that it's all good. Her ship uncloaks when it senses her, and Kory finds out that Faddei lost his ship while touching down. She has him go into the ship first, then seals the door by remote and says that she'll be back as soon as she can. Faddei warns her that legions will come for her, and Kory says to let them come before leaving.

Dick approaches Hank as he binds his wound, and apologizes for what happened. Hank says that he saved a bus full of people, and admits that part of him is glad that they're back because it reminds him of why they became Titans. They reminisce about old times, and Hank wonders why Dick opened the Tower again. Dick says that it's the only place that feels like home, and Hank says that it scares Dawn and he can't let her down again so he'll leave with her. His friend agrees and says that they should take Light down before they go.

Jason approaches Gar in the computer room, and Gar tells him that Dick didn't mean anything by it. The other teenager says that he knows he's a dirty little favor to Bruce Wayne, and the Tower is a scrap heap for rejects. Gar insists that he's not a reject, and tells Jason that he isn't either. He insists that they're Titans, and Jason offers to help him find Light. There's a black spot where an underground train station is with no cameras, and Jason suggests that Gar access the heat sensors in case of fire. Gar does so and finds Light, and Jason suggests that the two of them take a look to make sure before telling Dick. When Gar refuses, Jason tells him that he needs it to show Dick what they can do. He says that all they need to do is recon and he needs a win, and Gar agrees.

Gar and Robin go to the train station and Gar complains that Jason is wearing his costume. When Gar goes to call Dick, Robin asks him not to and Gar reluctantly gives in. Robin suggests that they split up to cover more ground and get out faster. Gar agrees and they begin to search the place. Robin finds Dr. Light as he is draining the power, including the light in Robin's flashlight. Light sees him and complains that they sent "Junior Robin", and knocks Robin down with light blasts.

Dr. Light advances on Robin, who attacks him. The villain slams him against the wall and beats him, but Robin remembers Dick teaching him to keep fighting. He deflects Light's next blasts with his cape, then grabs Light by the throat and punches him repeatedly. Robin takes Light down and kicks him repeatedly, then beats him. Light laughs as Deathstroke steps out of the shadows.

Gar hears Robin scream and runs to the noise, but all he finds is a blood trail leading off somewhere and no sign of Jason.


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  • Some of this episode's easter eggs include:[2]
    • Deathstroke’s Dossier at the beginning of the episode kept Slade's background mostly consistent with the origin given in ‘Tales of the Teen Titans’ #44, which revealed that he was a military man who was given a super serum.
    • The dossier also mentioned his association with HIVE, the mysterious criminal cabal that had been plaguing the Titans ever since 1980’s ‘New Teen Titans’ #2.
    • H.I.V.E. stands for Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination, and at least in the comics they’re largely the reason Deathstroke crossed paths with the Titans in the first place. The comic book counterparts to the Titans eventually took down the organization in ‘Tales of the Teen Titans’ #47.
    • While Deathstroke’s dossier is on the screen, ARGUS is also listed as one of Deathstroke’s affiliated organizations. ARGUS is an agency that acts as a liaison between superheroes and the government, first appearing in 2012’s ‘Justice League’ #7.
    • A.R.G.U.S. has also been featured heavily across the Arrowverse, which is also helmed by Greg Berlanti.
    • Kory also learned that her sister Blackfire had summoned her back to Tamaran. Blackfire, whose birth name is Komand’r, was first mentioned by Kory in 1980’s ‘New Teen Titans’ #2, but she didn't physically appear until 1982’s ‘New Teen Titans’ #22.
    • In ‘Tales of the New Teen Titans’ #4 a more detailed account of her backstory was given. It mentioned that the comic book counterpart of Blackfire was the black sheep of the family, who resented her sister and did everything she could to make her existence miserable. Which eventually led her to cross the line into attempted regicide and treason.
    • When Dick and Hank reminisce about some of their more upbeat Teen Titans adventures, Hank mentioned “the odd cult retreat” while Dick brought up “bad jam bands.” Which are references to many of the Titans earliest adventures,which involved helping out troubled rock bands. This was a tradition that began in ‘Showcase’ #59
    • Talk talking about the cult, is also a reference to the time when in the comics, Robin and a few of his Titan teammates got to take down a cult during a backup story that ran from ‘Batman’ #241-242.