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"So unusual. Boy or beast? You'll have a lifetime to decide."
Trigon to Gar Logan[src]

Garfield "Gar" Logan, also known as Beast Boy, (born c. 2003)[2] is a shape-shifter who formerly resided in Caulder house and a former member of the Doom Patrol under the care of Dr. Niles Caulder. Seeking adventure in the outside world, Gar befriended and rescued a girl named Rachel Roth and took her in. He eventually befriended her guardians, Dick Grayson and Kory Anders, Gar later joined the Titans and accompanies them on their mission to destroy a cult known as the Organization. Gar hopes to protect his new friends and regain a sense of purity after accidentally killing someone.

When Deathstroke temporarily dismantled the Titans, Gar was briefly under the control of Cadmus until Rachel managed to bring him back.

As the Titans gained notoriety for their heroic acts in San Francisco, it was by this time that Gar officially became known as the hero Beast Boy.


Early life[]

At Caulder house, Gar keeps a photograph of his mother and father in his bedroom.

Garfield Logan was born in c. 2003 to unknown parents.[2]

Gar becomes a meta-human.

Not much is known about Gar's childhood, but both Gar's father and mother died at some point in his life, thus making him an orphan. In 2016, Gar lived in the Congo basin and somehow contracted a rare disease from a primate.

After doctors left him for dead, Dr. Niles Caulder found him and cured him, albeit with some side effects. He eventually lived with Caulder and a number of others in Caulder house in Covington, Ohio in the United States of America.[2]

Meeting Rachel[]

In 2018, Gar robbed a Visions Electronics while in the form of a tiger, stealing Xbox video games, before running away and turning back into a human form.[3] While attending Scooters Roller Skating Rink another day, Gar noticed a girl named Rachel Roth playing on a pinball machine. He instantly befriended, her complimenting her hair. However, she was pulled away and had to leave, leaving him disappointed.[4]

Gar and Rachel are dragged to the main hall, by Cliff, demanding that she must leave.

Shortly following, Gar, as a tiger, found Rachel in a forest near Saint Paul's Convent. Having seen her blow up half of the convent and run away, he allowed her to follow him to the Caulder house. However, on the way there, they encountered hunters who had shot a deer. Despite scaring off the hunters by turning into a tiger, he gave Rachel time to grieve the death of the shot animal. Eventually reaching Caulder house, Gar sneaked Rachel into his room but they were interrupted by Cliff. Gar prompted Rachel to hide in the closet, while Gar told lies that he went out for a video game controller. Just when it was believed that Cliff was exiting the room, he quickly discovered Rachel's hiding place and dragged them both to the main hall of the house. Gar answered inquisitive questions, from Rachel, as to how Cliff came into existence, describing Caulder as the "greatest doctor in the world", and even implied that there were others who lived in the manor. After Rachel wandered off and met Larry, they all agreed to let her stay for dinner. Sent to summon Rita Farr for dinner, to no avail, Gar returned.

During dinner, they were interrupted by Caulder, who needed all of their assistance with a new patient, Shyleen Lao. Following a successful outcome, Gar was harshly scolded by Caulder for disobeying him and bringing Rachel into their residence. However, he sought interest in Rachel's ability, allowing Gar to tell him all that he knew about her. During dessert, Gar, along with everyone else, could attest to Caulder's miracles when saving their lives. With a lot of convincing Rachel agreed. Caulder proceeded to experiment on Rachel by strapping her to a medical table but Rachel chose to abort the procedure. Seeing how uncomfortable it made her, Gar began to rebel but was tranquilized. Gar regained consciousness around the time Dick and Kory came to save Rachel. Following this, Gar chose to leave with Rachel and her friends, hoping to live a more normal life.[2]

A new team[]

Gar unintentionally flashes Kory, Dick and Rachel after changing back to normal.

Making their way to Do-Si-Do Motel, they hoped to lay low. However, Gar was surprised to discover that Rachel and her friends were being pursued by enemies. It is eventually decided by Dick that they need to understand each other's abilities and they are taken to a vacant barnyard. Everyone showcased their powers, leaving Gar especially impressed with Kory. However, when it came to him, he nervously explained that he needed to be unclothed in order to shape-shift or else he would tear through his clothing. Having everyone turn away upon request, he transformed into a green tiger, leaving them all bewildered and entertained by his brief nudity. When it came to Rachel, she nearly lost control and nearly attacked them until things were back under control. Dick, on the other hand, refused to demonstrate anything.

That night, Gar and Rachel bonded. Upon being asked, Gar intricately explained how it felt to transform into a tiger, finding some amusement in it. Back inside of his hotel room, Gar was startled by the appearance of the Nuclear family, specifically Sis and Biff, who attacked Kory. Ordered by Kory to get Rachel to safety, Gar and Rachel waited in the parking lot until Kory met up with them, but they were eventually surrounded. Suddenly, they were saved at the last minute by Dick. To Gar's amazement, Dick was disguised as Robin. They pooled their resources and overpowered the Nuclear family and tied them up. Gar and Rachel interrogated Sis and Biff to no avail. Ultimately, Gar met Dick just as he was about to leave, questioning if he could ever get to meet Batman.[5]

When Dick is located, Gar was taken to a safe house where he met Jason Todd and learned that he was also a Robin. This left Gar astonished yet again.[6]

A breaking point[]

Gar is tasered by multiple scientists who want to be shown "what" he is.

During a meeting, Gar listened in on whether or not Rachel should be allowed to speak with Adamson privately. Given permission, it was revealed that Rachel's birth mother, Angela Azarath, was alive and being held in an asylum. Rachel begged everyone to help rescue her, including Gar, but they all implied that it was too dangerous. Gar followed her as she exited the room in a rage and revealed that he was willing to secretly help. By using Kory's uber account, they located the asylum. Although Rachel expressed that she would be worried to not be recognized, Gar attempted to reassure her that it would be opposite. Outside of the asylum, both teens observed from a safe distance when they were suddenly ambushed and tazed until they are both unconscious.

Gar is eventually drugged and put in a wheelchair where they proceed to lock him in a cage and torture him by experimenting on him with electric shocks. Being left alone, he is surprised to Rachel arrive with her mother to help rescue him. His cage was unlocked but a scientist is nearby and attempted to attack Rachel and her mother. However, Gar transformed into a tiger and instinctively mauled the scientist to death. After he snapped out of it, he regretted his actions. Eventually, Gar assisted Rachel in liberating both Dick and Kory and they all fight their way out of the asylum, giving Kory the opportunity to ignite an explosion.[7]

The following day, Gar woke up to Rachel preparing breakfast and assisted her while joking about Dick and Kory's intimacy. Angela eventually entered the kitchen and, after hugging Rachel, offered Gar a chance to bond with them. Once everyone was awake, they shared breakfast and discussed their next plan: Finding a permanent place to stay. When Angela offered them a chance to stay at her family home in Ohio, they all agreed. Unfortunately, Dick planned to be elsewhere and left Gar with the rest of the team. They each gave their farewells, sadly watching as Dick drove off.

Trauma and Trigon[]

Kory, Rachel, and Gar reach Angela's house in Ohio.

While on a train to Ohio, Gar remained with Kory in the dining car. When Kory stepped away briefly to get alcoholic drinks, Gar enlightened that Rachel and Angela found them seats in another car. Told that it would be best to let Rachel spend time alone with her mother, Kory was not as fun as he expected her to be. Later, Gar opened up to her about attacking the scientist and feelings of remorse. Even though she understood, she told him to never feel bad about defending himself. The topic went on into a rather uncomfortable one, with Kory making implications that Gar had a crush on Rachel. Asking if he could have a shot of alcohol, he had an unfavorable reaction to it. Afterward, Kory momentarily stepped away and soon after, the train stopped moving, thus allowing Gar to nap. He was then startled awake by Kory who rushed him to find Angela and Rachel and get them off the train. After evacuating the train, Gar turned into a tiger and scared a man off, having him leave his truck. With the truck now in their possession, they picked up Kory and drove the rest of the way to Ohio.

At some point, Gar was present when Kory revealed she was having difficulties with her memories and Rachel offered to help. However, Gar got a rather unsettling feeling about it before Kory began to suddenly choke her.[8] Gar made an attempt to jog Kory's memory but failed and ended up being grabbed by the throat and thrown into Dick as he entered the house, stunning both of them. After Donna Troy subdued Kory, Gar expressed his knowledge of who she was, to which she reacted indifferently.

Gar attains a mysterious illness that causes him to bleed internally.

After Kory fled, Gar sat with Rachel to speak about what the predicament. Although Rachel suspected that she might have been the cause of Kory's reaction, Gar insisted that it was not her fault and that Kory would return. Still doubting herself, she told Gar that he should leave before he got hurt as well. Attempting to comfort her, Rachel's demon persona reflexively lashed out at him. Meanwhile, Angela brought them both lunch to eat, Gar stepped away to clear his mind. He wandered upstairs into a bedroom and came across old photographs. However, when stumbling across a mirror, he saw what appeared to be a reflection of himself with blood around his mouth. Terrified, he exited the house and attempted to call Dick, but his phone strangely lost connection. Suddenly, he saw a gory illusion of the doctor, from the asylum, that he killed. Rachel then exited the house and approached Gar. He told her that there was something wrong with the house but wrote it off as exhaustion and returned to the house to rest. Later that night, Gar woke up feeling terribly ill. Evaluating himself in the bathroom, he collapsed and started bleeding from the mouth, nose, and ears. Through Rachel's failed attempt to heal him, Trigon was contacted and managed to heal Gar instead.[9]

Due to unclear circumstances, Gar silently turns into a snake after enduring extreme harm.

After making a successful recovery, Gar overheard Trigon offering Rachel a chance to side with him. Decisively, Gar denied Trigon and attempted to escape with Rachel. Gar and Rachel ran through the house, locking themselves up in a bedroom while dark Dick chased them. When looking out of the bedroom window, Gar noticed that the rest of the party, consisting of Kory, Donna, Hank, Dawn, and Jason were kept outside. Eventually, locating a secret passageway, they found themselves back in the living room, this time surrounded by the recently possessed Titans. They proceeded to assault Gar, much to Rachel's distress. When Rachel begged to Dick for it to stop, Dick picked up Gar and threw him across the room, seemingly killing him. Gar, however, managed to transform into a snake, sneaking up behind a now-possessed Rachel. He was able to convince her to snap out of it before reverting Dick. Gar stood on the sidelines as Rachel managed to defeat her father. Eventually, Gar, and Jason left with Dick. They headed to San Francisco, where they acquainted themselves with the old Titans' base of operations.[10]

Joining the Titans[]

Living in Titans Tower for the next three months, the newly-formed team began training. Using Dick's suggestion of a blindfold, Gar and Jason fought with wooden swords. However, Jason became annoyed when Gar properly hit him on the head, leading to Dick stressing the importance of the exercise. That night, Gar went to offer Rachel some food. She invited him in and they discussed how she'd been feeling different. Their conversation was interrupted when lights flickered through the window, and they joined the rest of the team in the living room as helicopters flew past the tower. They turned on the news, seeing news of a girl fleeing from police. Impressed with her skills, Dick went to retrieve her, bringing her unconsciously back to recuperate. While unconscious, Dick changed her bandage on her eye, and Gar noticed that not only did she have no eye but that the wound had healed unnaturally quick. When the girl came to, Dick talked to her, while the rest of the team discussed her in the training room. Wanting to find out who she was, Gar and Jason took her old bandage and analyzed the blood, finding her identity to be that of Rose Wilson, the daughter of Deathstroke.[11]

Gar is not so confident that he and Jason Todd should be disobeying Dick Grayson's rules.

The recent discovery is brought to Dick's attention and Gar attempted to do more research before being told by Dick that there is no need. A few moments later, Gar welcomed Hank, Donna, and Dawn into the tower upon their visit. Gar, Jason, and Rachel proceeded to have a sparring session, which was cut short due to Rachel's lost control of her powers and nearly attacked Jason. Fortunately, Gar was able to get through to Rachel and stopped her before things could escalate. Doing his job at keeping tabs on Doctor Light, a suspicious Dick asked Gar if Rachel was okay. Gar ultimately lied and kept everything a secret. As things with Doctor Light seemed to be more dire, Gar, Rachel, and Jason became somewhat curious. However, Gar witnessed Jason get ultimately disciplined for his behavior. Returning to manage the tower's computer, Gar is approached by Jason and is persuaded to secretively locate Doctor Light to prove themselves worthy. A reluctant Gar eventually gave in and the duo are led to a subway tunnel. As the two get separated momentarily, Gar heard Jason's painful screams. Frantically, he ran back to Jason's previous location and found that all that was left was a trail of blood.[12]

Gar returned to the Tower in need of assistance and ran to Rachel first. Seeing a strange cloud floating above her bed while she slept, Gar inquisitively touched it, having his wrist wounded by it. Treating it as something minor, Gar confessed that Jason was missing but was overheard by Dick. This led to Gar confessing everything to Dick and while Dick continued the search, Gar spoke to Rachel about the severity of the situation, which had everyone acting differently. As the guilt in Gar festered, he engaged in arguments with Rose and then Rachel, exchanging some unpleasant words with her. Although he meant to apologize, Jason's tracker was located and he informed the rest of the team.

Gar and the Titans enter the living room after Rachel "kills" Rose.

Upon Kory's return, she was privately briefed on what happened to Jason. Growing tired of the secrets, Gar suggested that he, Rose, and Rachel could eavesdrop on the cameras. As they listening in, they learned some things about Deathstroke and their debate to surrender Rose. Bothered by their comments Rose attempted to escape the tower, prompting Gar to confess to the team that they had been listening. When Rose was finally located by Gar and everyone else, she was left disfigured and seemingly dead after a confrontation with Rachel. However, her healing factor kicked in and resurrected in front of his very eyes. [13]

Meeting Conner and crossing path with Cadmus[]

Gar and Conner.

Following the rescue of Jason and the arrival of a young comrade, the tower was visited by a mysterious woman named Eve Watson and a dog named Krypto. Gar, who spoke to her through the intercom, was hesitant on letting her enter but was given permission by Kory.[14] Returning to bed for the rest of the day, Gar was awoken by quarreling between the Titans and Gar then was left alone at the Tower to watch after Conner Kent (Superboy) after hearing the Titans split up. Later then, he was awoken by Conner himself, who was naked. Gar then took Conner for a walk outside the Tower near the park, showcasing some of his tiger powers; when Conner got a little too carried away, he was only trying to save a man who was getting arrested by the police, but then he ended up hurting several cops leaving them in critical condition. Gar was scared as he didn't know what to do, so he ran away.[15]

Gar in the Titans Tower.

Sometime later, Gar looked on the computer news about Conner hurting the cops, then suddenly, Gar was alerted from the computer with Krypto ringing the doorbell. After that, he was reunited with Conner and then they all walked back to the Titans Tower, but three of them have been getting ambushed by Cadmus slap soldiers Gar then finally showed off his improved karate skills beating up a soldier, then turning into a tiger with Mercy surprised to see it through a screen. Gar then attacked another Cadmus soldier in his tiger form before getting tranquilized by Mercy, who turned him back into a human, panting, falling asleep, then finds himself at Cadmus, wearing a tight containment suit preventing him from turning into a tiger. In a while, Mercy Graves walked in and had a conversation with him about Niles Caulder. Sometime later, he was found through a glass watching The Wizard of Oz.[16]

Sometime later, Mercy was watching as a team of Cadmus scientists were conducting experiments on Gar, they removed part of his skull, exposed his brain and poke at it causing Gar to speak about Rachel and her powers, Mercy told the scientists to probe deeper, and Gar’s eyes began to turn green. Later, after they closed Gar's brain, Mercy was again watching Gar while he was in the room talking to a female Cadmus scientist. In Gar's mind, he was talking to Rachel in the Titans Tower; Mercy presses a button and classical music began to play which triggered something in Gar that caused him to morph into his tiger form and attack the scientist in the room with him. Mercy watched as the injured scientist begged her to let her out of the room, but Mercy just smiled as the tiger tore her colleague apart.[17]

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The Red Hood threat[]

Gar and the Titans defeat Gizmo.

Some time after Cadmus's defeat, Gar and the Titans continued to fight crime. Gar and the team confronted Gizmo and a team of thieves, who planned to steal technology, but working together, Gar and the Titans easily defeated Gizmo and his henchmen.[18]

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False reality[]

Gar and Rachel in Trigon's false reality.

In a false reality created by Trigon, Gar was in college and was sharing a college dorm with Rachel. Preemptively, they both confessed they were calling for Johnny Grayson, who had a white, stuffed tiger, given to him by Gar.[19]


Initially, Gar is introduced as a nerdy, awkward teenager who loves videogames, vintage films, and many things related to pop culture. Due to his isolated upbringing, he is innocent, kind, caring, selfless, and very friendly. As seen in his situation when meeting Rachel, he was willing to risk his own safety by providing shelter, despite barely knowing her. Gar is also loyal, especially to his mentors, being sure not to cross any boundaries. However, depending on how serious the situation is, Gar is willing to do what he feels is best even if it causes him great uncertainty. Gar can be protective as well, unfortunately having faced a lot of physical assault because of his willingness to protect and fight alongside those he cares about. As shown in the majority of his exchanges with Rachel, he can also be sympathetic to ordeals that others have faced.

Whether intentional or not, he tends to be comical, usually lightening intense or awkward situations with his sense of humor. He has knowledge of superheroes and vigilantes and has even expressed interest in wanting to meet Batman or being a Robin. He was also able to identify Donna Troy just by witnessing her lasso.

Although he is granted with special abilities that can benefit him in battle, Gar can come across as a pacifist. He has implied to be vegan and he is averse to violence. Due to this, he has experienced trauma after accidentally killing a man in order to protect himself. He has even questioned if it negatively affected other's impressions of him.

Meanwhile, Gar mostly seems to be a wholesome teenager, he also has somewhat of a rebellious streak, having repeatedly snuck out and stealing video games to satisfy his hobbies and craving for things pop culture, although it was never to the point of hurting other individuals.

After being brainwashed by Cadmus, Gar's personality took a dark turn, with him murdering many people, based out off his unresolved anger against his argument with Rachel, the person he is the closest to. However, he still retains the same guilt, as he is horrified to discover what he did following him turning back into a human. Later after Mercy Graves and Cadmus were defeated, Gar attended Donna Troy's funeral and was later seen sobbing by Dick that he missed Rachel and was comforted by Dick Grayson after, while he was attending dinner with the other titans and Bruce Wayne there was an alert that the city was in trouble, he and the other titans suited up and took action.

Powers and abilities[]


"When I'm the tiger, it's not completely me. It's like I'm inside something controlling it, but it has control, too."
—Gar Logan to Koriand'r[src]
  • Metahuman physiology: As a result of his sickness from the Congo and Dr. Caulder's experimental medicine, Gar Logan's biology was altered, turning his hair green and granting him the ability to transform into different animals.
    • Shapeshifting:

      Gar in his green tiger form

      Gar is able to shapeshift into any animal, his main transformation being the form of a green tiger.[3] It is hypothesized by Dr. Niles Caulder that this is done by unzipping his DNA and rearranging it, while the form of a tiger is psychological due to his love for them.[2] When partially transforming into a tiger, his irises turn and skin green and he protrudes a set of fangs and claws. He can also understand humans in his tiger form. After Trigon healed him, he started to morph into other animals, such as a snake, which he transformed into while trying to stealthily approach Rachel to free her from her father's control.[10] Gar obtains the abilities and functions of the animal he turns into. After feeling fear of losing his friend, Beast Boy shifted into a bat in order to summon other ones to lift Nightwing's corpse to be revived in the Lazarus Pit which suggested that his emotions help focus his power in different animal forms.[20]
      • Superhuman strength: Gar, in his tiger form, is superhumanly strong. His bite is strong enough to drag and throw grown men and women with ease. Even when he is not in his tiger form he is still very strong, enough to contend with Cadmus soldiers.
      • Superhuman durability: Gar's tiger form has a dense hide and is resistant to cold temperatures. Under CADMUS' control, he leapt through a glass window without taking any damage. He also survived getting punched and thrown around by Conner, who is a clone of Superman and was also under CADMUS' control, and recover from his superhuman attacks in a relatively short period of time without much injury. His snake form was able to slither across broken glass with no discomfort. Even when he is not transformed he is still very durable, enough to remain conscious after being electrocuted several times by asylum doctors. Including the time he was cut by Rachel's razor mist channeled by her umbrakinesis with lesser reaction to the pain and even the burn when Kory blasted him with her fire project.
      • Superhuman speed: Gar's tiger form is very fast. He can quickly outrun and attack his enemies. He also ran away before a security guard could shoot him.
      • Superhuman longevity: Possibly due to his meta-human physiology, he is granted an extended lifespan allowing him to outlive certain average people.
      • Superhuman agility: Gar's tiger form is superhumanly agile. He can nimbly pounce on his enemies and jump long distances in a single leap. When he was punched through the air by Conner, he easily landed on his feet.
      • Superhuman smell: Gar's tiger form has a superhumanly olfactory sense of smell. He was able to smell the scent of a letter written for Jason sent by Molly Jensen, who he managed to track where she lived to talk to her. This may also apply to his snake form.[21]
      • Fang protrusion: Gar's tiger form has sharp fangs which can tear through flesh. He can easily devour humans with his teeth, but he could not penetrate Conner's Kryptonian skin. His snake form may also have fangs.
      • Claw protrusion: Gar's tiger claws can also tear through flesh.
      • Flight: In his Bat form, Gar gains the ability to fly.
      • Summoning animals: Gar is apparently capable of summoning animals to his aid, such as when he summoned a swarm of bats with a hive mind.[9]
      • Psychic immunity: Possibly due to his shapeshifting, Gar was unable to be affected by Trigon’s mind control as the rest of the Titans were.[10]


  • Expert martial artist: After three months of training with Dick, Gar demonstrated some melee combat skills while training with Jason Todd. Due to his three months of training with Dick Grayson and probably also with Jason Todd, Gar's reflexes and agility allowed him to quickly evade several attacks by Jason Todd during his training.[11] He was able to use his skills to take down a Cadmus soldier. His fighting style was shown to improve as he took on four masked men and utilized his tiger agility to run on a fence to kick an armed one.[18] He was also able to subdue Starfire[1] and defend himself from several police officers.[22] His combat skills seem to compromise with Kickboxing, Karate, and Tricking.
    • Skilled swordsman: Gar demonstrated great skill with a wooden sword that he used to train with Jason Todd and was able to stay in combat against him for a while, although it must be borne in mind that Jason was blindfolded at the time.[11]
  • Physician: Having assisted Dr. Niles Caulder for years, Gar gained some level of medical knowledge, being able to assist him in Shyleen Lao's operation[2] and remove intubation from Kory.[7]
  • Intimidation: In his tiger form, Gar scares people away.
  • Stealth: In his snake form, Gar can quietly sneak up on people unnoticed. This applies to his tiger form too, since tigers, like all cats are masters of stealth thanks to silent paw pads.
  • Cooking: Gar was baking a pizza he made for lunch, showing he has some level of skill in culinary arts.[20]


  • Power instability: While Gar is capable of transforming into other animals, from what he states he can only do it in a time of fear and after he has changed back from that animal, it is locked away and can’t seem to transform into it again. Basically this means that his main weakness that he needs to overcome is a psychological and emotional barrier that is hindering the full potential of his powers as of now.[20]



Promotional images[]

Season 1

Season 2


  • Gar's favorite animals are tigers.[2] He has been nicknamed "Tiger Boy."[5][11][13]
  • Gar likes Orange Crush soda.[2]
  • Gar is an avid video game fan.
  • Gar enjoys old black and white films and collecting memorabilia from them.
  • Gar has mentioned that he likes Vinyl records.
  • He is a fan of Toei Animation.
  • It has been implied that Gar is a vegan.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Beast Boy, is a regular member of both the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans. His first appearance in the comics was DC Comics Presents #99 (November, 1965). This version of Gar is the adopted son of Rita Farr AKA Elasti-Girl and Steve Dayton AKA Mento.
  • In the DC comics, Gar Logan gained his powers from a machine his father, Mark Logan, used on him to save his life from Sakutia, a deadly disease he contracted from a green monkey. He did so by devolving his son into a green monkey. The process saved Gar's life, but permanently turned his skin and hair green, and gave him the ability to morph into any animal, including those that were extinct. This was later revealed to be a connection forged with The Red, one of the natural forces of the universe such as The Green that gives Swamp Thing his powers.
  • The jacket that Gar wears resembles his costume from the comics.
  • The Titans incarnation of Beast Boy is the only one that has to take his clothes off unlike the other ones which their suit shrinks whenever they transform.
  • This version does not have green skin permanently until he starts transforming. Only his hair stays green.


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