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"Some people spend their whole lives preparing, only to run away when their turn is called."
—Faddei to Koriand'r[src]

Faddei was a Tamaranean royal guard.


Early life[]

Faddei attended Easailin alongside Princess Koriand'r. At some point, they had a one night stand. He eventually began working as part of the Tamaranean royal guard.[1]

Retrieving Koriand'r from Earth[]

Faddei was sent by Blackfire[1] to Earth in search of Koriand'r,[2] so he could take her back to Tamaran and become queen.[1] While she initially refused, he used a device to make her unconscious.[2] He took her to a hotel room and cuffed her up. When she came to, he explained the situation over some room service, Kory realizing that if he returned empty-handed he'd be killed. They went for a walk, during which he stole her a necklace. Ultimately seemingly making up her mind, Koriand'r took them to her spaceship, letting him walk through the doors first. Once inside, he realized she'd tricked him and the doors shut, locking him in until she returned.[1]

Blackfire's On The Hunt[]

Faddei texts Kory that he's downstairs waiting for her, when she gets in the car, he tells him that getting out of her ship wasn't a big problem, but it was her sister that's the big problem. He tells her that Blackfire sent several of her friends to kill both of them and she now wears Kory's crown, when Kory tells him that Blackfire needed to circumvent her entire court, Faddei tells her they're all dead, killed by royal guards, anyone who gets in her way will die, and he tells her the best thing to do is run and stay out of reach.

Faddei and Kory stop at a gas station to refuel their car, but as Faddei is refilling the gas tank, a strange purple substance enters Faddei through his ear, and his eyes become white for a moment, before returning back to normal.

When they stop at a diner, Faddei hasn't eaten any of his food, and he gives it to Kory. They both talk about Blackfire, Faddei starts saying that even though they're both angry, Kory still loves her. Faddei then tells her she wasn't so nice to her either, mentioning the joke she made at her cousin's wedding about her hair. With Faddei that both of them have helped each other through rough situations before, and they could do it again. When Kory brings up the idea of going back to Tamaran and starting a revolution, Faddei says he's a lover and not a fighter, with Kory saying she's a fighter.[3]


Faddei and Kory travel to Faddei's ship where it scans both of them before revealing itself, Faddei then tells her it's too bad that she couldn't find it in her heart to forgive. Kory then calls out Blackfire to end this game, revealing that Faddei was mind controlled by her, and Kory knew he wasn't at the wedding when she joked about her hair. When Kory tells Faddei she's sorry after telling him if any of part of him is still alive, Faddei struggling to break through Blackfire's mind control tells Kory to kill him, but to do it quickly, Kory then speaks a tamaranean chant before burning Faddei to death, with his ashes falling to the ground.[3]

Powers and abilities[]



  • Device: Faddei possesses a device that he used to make Koriand'r unconscious.[2]


Season 2[]

Season 3[]


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