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"Run. Don't put down roots. Be careful who you trust. Don't use your powers because that would draw attention to you. And for you, that is a bad thing. And above all... don't be a hero."
—Eve Watson to Conner[src]

Dr. Eve Watson is a scientist who formerly worked for Cadmus Laboratories. She was one of the scientists who contributed to the creation of Subject 13, a clone of Superman. She became regretful of her decisions and developed a close, motherly bond to the clone.


Early life and Cadmus[]

Not much is known about Eve's early life, except that at some point she pursued a Ph.D. in genetics. She became employed by Cadmus and, for six years, participated in the elaborate scheme to create a Superman clone. She worked in a Cadmus lab that was also a chemical factory and after an explosion that caused toxic fumes and the death of 16 employees, she was moved to another Cadmus facility. After multiple failures, she theorized that the use of Lex Luthor's genes could help stabilize the clone's creation and allow it to be successful.[1]

Meeting "Conner"[]

While on the run, Eve drives Conner and Krypto safely away from Cadmus.

Receiving a call of emergency one day, she was informed that Subject 13 escaped Cadmus Industries and left a trail of destruction. Partnered with Mercy Graves, she accompanied Mercy's team of trained guards to locate Subject 13. Subject 13 was found with a dog and was in the house of Lionel Luthor. The clone, who now identified as 'Conner', effortlessly defeated all of the guards and stopped Eve before she could flee the scene. Feeling sympathetic for him, she went AWOL and trusted him enough to show him past, failed experiments at a former Cadmus facility. Although she was nearly strangled to death, she was released and told Conner to escape before he could get caught by Cadmus.[1]

After some time, Krypto was captured and brought back to Cadmus. Although she was judged for her disloyalty to Cadmus, Eve stole a keycard that allowed her in Krypto's cell block. She freed Krypto and escaped by flying on his very back.

When Krypto landed, Eve was led to a building in San Francisco where she met Gar Logan and Kory Anders. Kory brought Eve to Conner's bedside where he was resting from the damage of a kryptonite gunshot. Eve explained to Kory who Conner truly was and explained that the only way he could make a full recovery is by taking energy from the sun, to which Kory assured she could do. Eve watched as Kory and Rachel used their powers to heal Conner. Happy to see him healed, she comforted him at his bedside.[2]


"There's no such thing as a bad scientific experiment."
—Eve Watson to Conner[src]

Eve is the most significant parental figure to Conner, who calls her 'mom'. She was responsible for much of his moral orientation and even becomes the sole person who reveals to Conner that he is a clone. She advises Conner on life and its difficulties, showing her warm and caring nature, despite being socially inactive and a workaholic previous to meeting Conner.


  • Expert scientist: Watson has a Ph.D. in genetics. She was hired by Cadmus Laboratories to study the theoretical possibilities of cross-species cloning, and successfully created Conner from the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor after six years and $40 million worth of work.


Season 2[]


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