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For the character of the same name, see Donna Troy.

"Donna Troy" is the eighth episode of the first season of Titans, and the eighth episode overall. It premiered on DC Universe on November 30, 2018.


As the Titans disband to go their separate ways, Dick decides to turn to old friend and investigative journalist, Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl, for answers. When he's soon embroiled in her undercover investigation of a crime syndicate, he realizes that past events have taken more of a psychological toll than he previously imagined. Meanwhile, seeing Kory's distress over her inability to recover her identity, Rachel attempts to use her powers to heal Kory's memory… with unintended and frightening consequences.[1]



Guest starring[]


  • Tomaso Sanelli as Young Dick Grayson
  • Andi Hubick as Young Donna Troy
  • James Hawksley as Jerry Ridley
  • Anders Yates as Paul
  • Shahi Teruko as Art Gallery Guest
  • Jung-Yul Kim as Huge Man
  • Jerry Schaefer as Train Conductor
  • Vanessa Jackson as FBI Agent #1
  • Julia Juhas as FBI Agent #2
  • Karl Campbell as FBI Agent #3
  • James McDougall as Rail Worker


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