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"Things get dark and you need someone to talk to, I'm always here. After all... us sidekicks gotta stick together."
—Donna Troy to Dick Grayson[src]

Donna Troy (1989-2019[2]; resurrected 2020[3]) is a photographer and a former and inactive member of the Titans, also the childhood best friend of Dick Grayson and the former girlfriend/childhood friend of the late Garth as well as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman's foster daughter and her former sidekick known as Wonder Girl.


Early life[]

At a very young age, Donna's father was killed in a fire set in the landing of their apartment building by an arsonist neighbor, an experience that left her deeply traumatized.[2]

Young Donna speaks to Dick in his room at the Wayne Manor.

She was eventually found and taken in by Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, and taken to Themyscira, capital of the Amazons, where she was trained to become her sidekick. Sometimes, Diana would attend Justice League business at the Wayne Manor and would bring Donna to accompany her. At some point, she met Dick Grayson and the two formed a sibling-like bond. She would often offer him advice whenever things seemed too complicated or stressful for him.[4] During the many JL-related encounters, Donna also met Garth, a young Atlantean boy and Aquaman's foster son and sidekick with whom she forms a close friendship; they sneaked out of the Justice Hall together on 2003 New Year's Eve drinking ginger ale since their mentors said they were too young to drink alcohol. As the girl was diving in the cold water determined to "find Nemo" (the Pixar animation character), Garth, having a crush on her, secretly used his powers to make a clownfish come to her.[5]

Over the years, Donna eventually stopped training under Diana and followed her path as a superhero then, wanting to explore her independence outside her foster mother and mentor, she asked to spent some time alone in the men's world.[5]

Joining the Titans[]

The first team.

In 2014, she joined the Titans together with Dick, Hank Hall/Hawk, Dawn Granger/Dove (with whom she became a great friend) and later Garth himself, now known as Aqualad. During his time with the Titans, Garth's romantic feelings for her intensified and Donna started to reciprocate him. However, getting scared of what she felt, after helping the team in defeating Dr. Light and spending one night of passion with the Atlantean, she contacted fellow-Amazon Jillian asking to be taken back to Themyscira.

Donna with the Amazons.

Garth confronted her at the airport and they both admitted their love to each other. Shortly after though, Deathstroke ambushed them, firing a bullet at the both of them and Garth took the hit dead-on in the chest, protecting Donna at the cost of his own life. A heartbroken Donna and the remaining Titans vow to bring down Deathstroke no matter what,[5] leading to a massive battle that ultimately put the Titans to an end.

Sometimes after this, Donna became a photographer to do things her way, such as expose poachers.[4]

Helping Dick[]

Graham show's Donna a chained up bear in the back of his truck.

Years later, in 2018, she ran into Dick again, who claimed that he quit being Robin. Seeing that he sought advice and a place to stay, she gladly lent a helping hand. To help clear his mind, she brought him to an exhibition featuring her photographs. However, she received a text message regarding personal matters and told Dick she had to take care of something before leaving. Rendezvousing with a strange group of men, she was taken to a warehouse and was introduced to a poacher named Graham Norris, who offered her the chance to expose his supervisor. While concluding her meet-up, Dick appeared and attacked the remaining poachers, including Graham. Following the assault, she faked photographs to avoid any suspicion of being involved.

Back at her own home, she spoke to Dick on his internal issues and hoped to give him some insight on who he truly is. While looking through his phone, she found an image of a transcript found in Kory Anders' storage unit, written in a peculiar text. Upon Dick's request, she attempted to translate it. The following day while on the road, Donna finally got somewhere with translating the text and revealed that Kory was sent on a mission to kill Rachel Roth, also known as "The Raven".[4]

Donna with her lasso.

Reaching Angela's home just in time, Donna entered and stopped Kory from further harming anyone. Using her lasso, she subdued Kory and was recognized by Gar Logan. Kory eventually regained consciousness but drove off in a frenzy. Before Donna and Dick were prompted to follow, Donna threw a tracker onto her truck. She and Dick were eventually led to an old warehouse where Kory claimed her memories were leading her.

Donna looks up at a future projection of Trigon.

Once they got inside, a large spacecraft revealed itself to be Kory's ship. Both Donna and Dick were informed that Kory is from another planet and that her mission is to kill an interdimensional being named Trigon: a demon capable of destroying her world and many others. Reading an old manuscript that explained the prophecy, Donna concluded that Rachel's mother, Angela, might be involved in Trigon's plan.

On their way back to the house, Donna flipped through the book and discovered that there is only one way to defeat Trigon—through Rachel. Suddenly, all of the power went out, including their vehicle. They all proceeded on foot and found Angela's house invisibly cloaked in a sparkling dome. After Dick easily ran through, Donna and Kory attempted to follow. However, the field repelled them, keeping them both outside.[6]

Donna and the others prepare to enter Angela's house as Trigon welcomes them.

Kory continuously tried to get through the barrier by ineffectively unleashing her power, prompting Donna to warn her that she was wasting her strength. They were interrupted by Jason Todd, Hank Hall, and Dawn Granger, who had come to assist. As time went on, the barrier was mysteriously opened, and they entered one by one. Once inside, Donna entered an illusion, reliving the day of her father's death. Discovering the perpetrator of the fire that killed her father, she killed the arsonist, giving in to her darkness, coming under Trigon's control. Ultimately, everyone gave into Trigon's darkness, cornering Rachel and Gar, and beating up the latter. Trigon finally claimed Rachel's heart, regaining his true form and exiting outside to enact his plan. Mindlessly, Donna and the rest waited as Trigon began to corrupt the Earth. Once Rachel eventually regained control and defeated Trigon, the impact from the battle knocked them all off of their feet, snapping the out of their states. While they bid farewell, Donna left with Kory, Hank, and Dawn.[2]

Team up with Koriand'r[]

Donna and Koriand'r.

Donna and Kory headed to Chicago, where they searched for an old adversary of Donna's, Shimmer after Donna received some intel from Roy Harper. Despite the tireless search, they couldn't find her. They eventually gave up for the night, only to find her coming down the street as they exited their van. The two worked together to bring her down, Donna trapping and pulling her with her lasso, calling the FBI. Donna stepped away to take a call from Roy, while Kory went to get them tacos. When Donna returned, however, Kory was nowhere to be found.[1]

Back to the Titans Tower[]

Donna and the Titans.

Donna made her way to Titans Tower in San Francisco, meeting with Hank and Dawn. They discussed plans to take down Dr. Light with Dick, before he let them know that they had a guest, Rose Wilson, also the daughter of their former rival, Slade Wilson. They all expressed anger at him harboring a probable enemy, but he asked that they focus on the problem at hand, Dr. Light. Donna received a call from Kory, who explained she'd been caught up with an unexpected friend. She asked Donna to keep an eye on Rachel for her. Waiting around for leads, Donna was met by Dick in the kitchen. She asked him why he'd possibly start the Titans back up, given why they'd shuttered it in the first place, expressing her fear that Slade Wilson would get the best of him. Finally locating Dr. Light, the four original Titans made their way to a stadium, where they surrounded him. He shot blasts of light energy at them, fleeing from the stadium. Donna managed to speed up to him, subdue him by throwing a motorbike with her lasso, but he ultimately got away when a busload of civilians interrupted the fight. They promptly made their way back to Titans Tower.[7]

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Hopelessness at Elko's Diner[]

Donna and her friends at Elko's Diner.

Donna checks out the Titans Tower and calls to Gar and Dick, but gets no answer from either. Rachel calls, and when Donna answers she gets static and Rachel saying for her to come to the diner. When Donna got to Elko's Diner, she meet Kory, Rachel and Dawn. Surprised by the arrival of her friends, she was even more perplexed when Bruce Wayne showed up next. Kory and the others are informed that Dick was imprisoned and when it was time to finally depart, Donna and Dawn decided they were going to rescue Gar and Conner, ignoring Rachel's pleads to help Dick.[8]

Confronting Walter Hawn[]

Donna and Dawn interrogate Walter Hawn.

Later, Donna and Dawn confront a Cadmus operative - Walter Hawn, to gain information about Gar and Conner. Donna is using her lasso of truth to question Walter, explaining that the surveillance cameras showed him at the Tower when the soldiers abducted Gar. He explains that the Cadmus scientists did brain surgery on Gar and Conner as part of Phase 1. Donna asks what Phase 2 is then, and Walter tells them that he doesn't know. Donna wipes Walter's memory, drops him to the floor, and leaves with Dawn. She figures that they need backup and suggests they get Hank. Dawn refuses, saying Hank walked out on her, and figures they can take Cadmus out by themselves. Donna finally agrees and they drive off together.[9]

Titans Against Deathstroke and Cadmus[]

Donna and Conner fight.

Donna and Dawn met Kory and Rachel at the tower and told them about what they found in Dick's cell. Donna and the others were enlightened about Cadmus labs and are shown a map of the interior. Suddenly, they get a notification about a disturbance at Golden Gate Park where people were getting attacked by a wild animal.

The Titans unite.

While on their way to the scene, they are ambushed by Deathstroke, who was armed with a machine gun. Thankfully, Dick arrived just in time, in a new suit, and distracted Deathstroke. So, Donna, Kory, Dawn and Rachel made it to Golden Gate Park and interrupted a confrontation between Gar and Conner, who were both under Cadmus' control. Donna eventually fought with Conner but she was eventually repelled and knocked out. Just before Conner could use his heat vision, Dawn deflected it back at Conner, allowing him to drop both Kory and Hank. Minutes later, Gar and Conner were freed from Cadmus' control.[10]


Donna is electrocuted to death.

After saving Dawn, Donna was fatally electrocuted and killed when preventing a damaged transmission tower from landing on civilians. Her body was taken back to Themyscira.[10]

Afterlife and resurrection[]

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"What you saw was who she was. She cared for people. Cared for doing right."
Dick Grayson to Gar Logan[src]

Donna is probably the most functional among all her friends, leaving her superhero life behind, but not because of traumas, but because she wanted to do good in other ways, keeping her Wonder Girl suit in her closet, despite being out of the life. She also has a brother-sister bond with Dick, knowing him better than anyone else and giving him advice, understanding how growing up as Robin was difficult and, at the same time, pushing his buttons, because she is "older, smarter and prettier" and calling him "Boy Wonder".

She could, however, also take matters with a serious attitude, like Dick's urge to punish the guilty by not judging him, but stimulating him to find his path and become his own man, showing maturity and level-headedness. She is also an avid photographer, having started in her youth and the hobby evolving into her profession.

Despite not being her sidekick anymore, she loved and respected Diana not only for raising her but for the symbol that she represents: the symbol of protection for the innocents, taking her teachings to heart well into her adulthood. Also, while not being a violent person, she has no problems with fighting if necessary, like when Kory went berserk, subduing her.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Human-Amazon hybrid physiology: Due to her Amazonian heritage, Donna possesses various inhuman feats; such as superhuman strength, speed, durability and agility.
    • Superhuman strength: Donna has immense physical strength and could fling enemies back with a single, mild blow.[4] She is shown to be physically stronger than Kory, seeing that she was able to keep a firm stance when being pulled from the other end of her lasso.[6] With her lasso, Donna was able to lift a motorcycle to crush Arthur Light.[11] Five years before the reformation of Titans, Donna was able to effortlessly kick the cap off of a fire hydrant.[5] She also easily kicked open the door to William Wintergreen's home. Although she was no match for Conner in terms of brute force, Donna was able to stagger him with her punches. She also restrained him with her lasso and caught a falling lattice tower.
    • Superhuman durability: Donna's body is much more resistant to blunt-force trauma than the body of a normal human being. As such, she has been able to withstand mighty blows from the half-Kryptonian, Conner. However, Donna is still vulnerable to piercing attacks from bladed weapons, such as bullets and knives, demonstrated during her duel against Deathstroke, where she received several deep slashes from his knife. However, she did not survive being severely electrocuted, but she was able to withstand the electricity much longer than an average human would have been able to. She was able to shrug off hits from a inhumanly strong Conner.
    • Superhuman speed: Donna can move at superhuman speeds.[2] She also has quick reflexes, as she caught one of Dick Grayson's shuriken with one hand[4] and blocked one of Arthur Light's blasts by opening a car door just in time. While running behind Arthur Light, Donna appeared as a blur as she moved at high speeds.[11] Donna was able to swiftly intercept a falling lattice tower before it could fall on Dawn and other pedestrians.
    • Superhuman agility: Donna possesses superhuman agility; which allows her to jump farther and higher than an average human. As it turned out, she was able to jump over a garbage truck in a single jump.[4]
    • Longevity: Donna has an extremely long lifespan, due to her Amazonian heritage.


  • Master combatant: Donna is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant; due to her years of crime-fighting with Wonder Woman. Dick Grayson noted her for her proficiency in boxing. She was able to fight Slade Wilson, but she ultimately lost and was nearly killed by him.[12] Donna's fighting style seems to consist of Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido and Tai Chi.
  • Lasso mastery: Donna is considerably efficient in mastering her magical lasso, as demonstrated when she was able to use it to subdue and defeat Kory Anders.[6] She also demonstrated that she could use her lasso in close range combat, as demonstrated during her fight with Slade Wilson where she was able to disarm him of his sword.[12]
  • Sword mastery: Donna is highly skilled with a sword. Shown when she used one to fight ghouls and during her retraining with Lydia.
  • Expert researcher: Donna has enough skill to get in contact with illegal poachers and, translate ancient languages[4] decipher the role of Angela Azarath in Trigon's prophecy.[6]
  • Photographer: Donna is a skilled photographer.
  • Multilingualism: Donna is capable of fluently speaking English, Greek, Sumerian[4] and Italian.[5]


  • Lasso: Donna had a golden lasso that, when in use, glows. It is stronger than the average lasso, seeing that it remained intact after two people with enhanced strength tugged over it.[6] After her resurrection, she reclaimed her lasso.

Former equipment[]

  • Wonder Girl suit: During her time as Wonder Girl, Donna wore a suit of some kind in her superhero persona; however, after she decided to stop being Wonder Girl, Donna stored her suit in her closet.[4]
  • Tracker: Donna carried five-pointed star-shaped trackers that also act as shurikens.[6]


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Promotional images[]

Season 2[]


  • Donna kept her suit in her closet.[4]
  • Donna Troy is a foil to Dick. Both were taken in and raised by superheroes while becoming sidekicks before eventually leaving the role but their life courses go in opposite directions. Dick tried to quit being Robin because of how toxic the lifestyle was and disillusionment with Bruce while Donna stopped being Wonder Girl because she wanted to find a way of doing more good than she already was. Donna outright says that Batman, and by extension Robin, was created to punish the guilty while Wonder Woman and herself were concerned with protecting the innocent to highlight their differences.
  • She loves jelly doughnuts.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Donna Troy, also known as "Troia" or "Darkstar", is a founding member of the Teen Titans. Her first appearance in the comics was Brave and the Bold #60 (July 1965).
  • Donna Troy has a variety of different backstories in the comics depending on the era and writer. However, the most well known and longest held identity of her comic book counterpart is that of being Wonder Woman's little sister and the second princess of Themyscira.


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