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Demons are a race of supernatural beings. They come from an unknown dimension.


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Powers and abilities[]

  • Soul-self/Astral projection: Rachel is able to manifest a darker side of herself, though she is unable to control it herself. These manifestations can take the form of astral projection; her astral body appears demonic and able to physically interact with people. Her dark soul seems to work independently and seems to know things she doesn't as in the premiere it was able to warn Rachel that she was in danger and should run. Rachel is seemingly able to suppress Raven to a degree: in the premiere and the second episodes crucifixes and prayer seem to be what Rachel turns to for help in hindering Raven.
  • Umbrakinesis: Through her darker side, Rachel has the power to create and control the element of darkness but she is unable to control it. After some training with the others, she was able to control it for a short time to attack the Nuclear Family.
  • Portal creation/Teleportation: Through her darker side, when under emotional distress, Rachel was shown to create a portal, to Trigon's dimension.
  • Biokinesis (possibly): Through her astral form, Raven was able to kill a man by liquifying every organ in his body. She has also shown to reverse her healing powers on individuals that she had previously healed. By using her healing power, she also seemed to be able to awaken Kory Anders' memories. Whether this is an enhanced form of her telekinetic abilities or if it is innately biokinetic is yet to be confirmed.
  • Resurrection/Healing: Rachel possesses the ability to rapidly heal others from any physical injury, such as when she was able to resurrect a dead deer and heal its wounds without even trying to, as well as when she healed Dr. Adamson from his wounds, although this caused great pain and fatigue for her.
  • Empathy: Rachel is able to manipulate and sense the emotions of others, allowing her to gain insight into their thoughts and intentions, such as when her foster mother was secretly afraid of her, despite claiming to not be. Rachel is also able to enter peoples' minds through physical contact, allowing her to view their memories. Rachel has also demonstrated the ability to send an emotional state of calm through individuals who are in extreme pain, fear and anger.
  • Telekinesis: Rachel has demonstrated the ability to telekinetically move objects or other individuals without physically touching them. Her telekinetic powers have been able to throw people across rooms and lock doors into place, keeping strong individuals such as Dick Grayson from entering. As well as being able to shatter all the windows of the cars in a parking lot when angered.
  • Telekinetic blasts: Rachel is able to exert enough telekinetic force to form a powerful blast of concussive force, capable of destroying a part a convent with relative ease.
  • Dimensional travel: Trigon can teleport to and from his demonic dimension, although he needs his daughter to act as a doorway in order to do it after he was banished.
  • Illusion casting: Trigon can create elaborate illusions to fool others, being even capable to appear like an ordinary human, or creating fake realities.
  • Healing: Trigon is able to resurrect others being or heal wounds in mere seconds just by imposing his hands.
  • Telepathy: Trigon is able to gaze into the minds of mortals. He can learn a person's entire history by reading their mind, and usually reads his opponents' minds to learn how he can manipulate them.
  • Mind Control: Trigon can possess anyone he feels necessary for his plots. He is capable to enslave and control anyone if he surrenders to his inner darkness.
  • Force field generation: Through concentration, Trigon is able to project fields of psionic force which he can manipulate in shape and size, even giving them cloaking capabilities.
  • Immortality: As a demon, Trigon does not age like mortals and is said to have existed for centuries, if not millennia or even the dawn of time.
  • Superhuman strength: Trigon was able to get through Rachel's body to get her heart out.
  • Transmutation: Trigon was able to transmute Raven's heart into a red mystical gem.
  • Life destruction: While walking all the fauna and flora on their way died instantly.
  • Shapeshifting: Trigon can change his appearance from his true form into a human form.

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