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"What we are isn't as important as what we're not. And we're not this anymore."
—Dawn Granger to Hank Hall[src]

Dawn Granger (born c. 1991) is a vigilante known as Dove. She is the daughter of an unnamed man and the late Marie Granger, the older sister of Holly Granger, the ex-girlfriend of Dick Grayson and the late Hank Hall, as well as a former and inactive member of the Titans.


Early life[]

Dawn was born in London to Marie Granger and her unnamed husband. She was raised in a dysfunctional family under an abusive father who used to physically abuse them on multiple occasions. Over the years, Dawn and her younger sister Holly rebelled against their father. As a consequence of the domestic abuse, Dawn broke his arm and grew estranged from him, meanwhile, her mother remained with him—something Dawn protested. At some point in her life, she studied gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, and classical dance. In 2001, she moved from London to Washington, D.C. and became a professional ballerina as of 2009.[1]

Meeting Hank and mother's death[]

Dawn performs at a ballet recital, center stage as her mother proudly watches.

In December 2009, after one of her performances, Dawn had afternoon tea with her mother when the sour topic of Marie getting back with Dawn's father came up. Although she tried to warn her mother to stay away from him, Marie was convinced that her husband was a truly changed man. Taking a stroll after brunch, they both bumped into Hank and Don Hall. After the men helped pick up their belongings, they all became slightly sidetracked. To their surprise, a car accident occurred and caused a truck to simultaneously run into both her mother and Don.

Grieving, Dawn expresses her angered feelings at her mother's killer.

"Life isn't fair."
"Why not? Why can't we make it fair?
—Counselor and Dawn Granger[src]

Dawn ran into Hank again at a support group where, after one meeting, he stopped showing up. Initially grieving on her own, she was eventually offered a drink from him. She was appreciative of this gesture and the pair began to bond over the loss of Marie and Don. She would personally invite him to afternoon tea at her mother's favorite tea room and, in return, ate at Don's favorite pizza parlor.

One night, she was encouraged to spend that night at Hank's apartment and Dawn accidentally stumbled across strange red and blue suits. Soon after, she was entrusted with recorded footage of Hank and Don fighting as Hawk and Dove. Questioning the reason behind his actions, Hank opened up about his molestation as a child, by his coach, Vincent, including years of bottled-up anger. However, she was disappointed to hear that he never sought revenge on his abuser.

Dawn pretends to surrender as Vincent grabs his gun and points it at her.

Dawn then decided to take matters into her own hands. Flipping through Hank's yearbook, Dawn managed to gain details on the said coach's whereabouts and went to pursue him. She approached Vincent's front door that night and demanded that he confess his crimes. Refusing to be turned away, Dawn barged into his home where she was eventually held at gunpoint. Managing to disarm him, she engaged in physical combat but was outmatched. Close to being shot, Hank arrived and prevented it from escalating. To Dawn's surprise, she found further incriminating evidence on Vincent's computer and refused to leave when asked to, making her present for when Hank beat him to death. After they returned home, they became intimate and shared a night of lovemaking. Despite that, the next morning, Dawn told him that it would be better to keep their relationship professional and act as if nothing ever happened.[1]

Becoming Dove[]

At some point before 2014, Hank and Dawn started to operate as vigilantes in Gotham City, whereas Dawn claimed her identity as Dove. Eventually, their actions attracted Robin, who chose to assist them despite being told otherwise by Batman. During their careers as vigilantes, the trio eventually revealed their identities to one another. She joins the Titans with her fellow vigilante heroes in San Francisco. During this time she pursues a serious relationship with Dick, which ultimately left a strain on Dawn, Hank, and Dick, due to their history. After dismantling the Titans, Dawn eventually entered a more serious relationship with Hank and moved away from San Francisco in order to resume their vigilante careers in their hometown, Washington, D.C.[2]


The first team.

At some point, Dawn joined the Titans, a group formed by four superheroes, Robin, Wonder Girl, Hawk and herself. The team would be based out of Titans Tower in San Francisco, California.[3]

Four months after Aqualad joined the Titans, they would encounter Dr. Light.[4] The Titans were successful in apprehending Light, and he was sent to San Quentin State Prison.[5]

After Light was sent to prison, the Titans would suffer a major loss; Aqualad would be killed by the mercenary known as Deathstroke.[4] Deathstroke proved to be such a formidable enemy for the Titans that they disbanded and shuttered Titans Tower.[5]

Dick's return and falling comatose[]

Hawk, Dove and Robin.

One night, Dove rescued Hank and knocked out some thugs, unchaining him and returning home. Dawn helped Hank out of the bathtub before he gave her a key belonging to the cage holding his pet doves. They proceeded to attempt to have sex, but Hank was unable to due to his wounded hip. The following day, Dawn opened the door to find Dick and Rachel Roth, the latter of whom introduced herself to Dawn. They headed to the roof, where Dick explained the situation with Rachel, before being interrupted by Hank. That night, with Dick having shown up, Dawn suggested to Hank that they have him help them on their final vigilante mission, but Hank was hesitant. The following day, Dawn and Rachel went out, returning home with smiles on their faces, much to the shock of Dick. Dick quietly explained to Dawn an idea he had, paying them to look after Rachel for him, but she did not like it.

Hank once again interrupted, assuming the worst and leading to a physical altercation between the men. That night, Dawn had Rachel promise to look after Dick before she and Hank headed out on their mission. At first, they seemed to be going fine, but were caught unawares. Thankfully, before they could be killed, Robin showed up. They returned home, finding Rachel on the roof, having found the money to be used to pay Dawn and Hank. They were suddenly joined by a family, who instigated a fight, ultimately sending Dawn flying through the dove cage and over the edge of the building.[2]

Dawn awakens from her coma after a series of flashbacks.

Dawn was taken to the hospital, where she lay in a coma[6] for several days. She mysteriously regained consciousness, telling Hank, who mostly stayed at her side in the hospital, that she has had a vision of Rachel while in a coma and that they need to find someone named Jason Todd.[1]

Dawn and Hank headed to Wayne Manor, where they found Jason and asked for his help. They headed to Ohio, where they met up with Koriand'r and Donna Troy. They all entered the house, but in doing so all entered a dream state. Dawn and Hank imagined they were back in their apartment, and Hank managed to convince Dawn to shoot up, giving in to their mutual darkness. Because of this, in the real world, they all fell under the demon Trigon's control. Cornering Gar and Rachel, they all beat the former up. With Gar seemingly dead, Rachel was distraught and also gave into her darkness, being possessed by her father. As the possessed Titans watched as Trigon's enacted his plan to destroy the world, Rachel managed to defeat him, snapping them all out of their state. Following this, they all bid farewell, Donna and Kory joining the couple.[7]

Attempting to settle down and the resurgence of Dr. Light[]

Dawn and Hank planted roots in Wyoming, living there for three months. After two, Dawn secretly began operating as Dove, despite the couple agreeing to put the life behind them. With Hank helping to rehabilitate Ellis, a drug addict, Dawn expressed he pride in him. In the middle of the night, Dawn got up and decided to shut down Ellis's "friends'" meth lab, beating them up and forcing one to call the police on themselves. When she returned home, Dawn found Hank awake, admitting she'd been acting as a vigilante for some time, much to Hank's displeasure. They were suddenly interrupted by Ellis, who knocked on their door. He began to radiate with light from within, causing Dawn and Hank to run for their lives, closely escaping the explosion that ensued. Hank called Dick, explaining the situation and assuming it to be their old enemy Dr. Light, suggesting they meet up.[8]

They made their way to Titans Tower in San Francisco with Donna. They discussed plans to take down Dr. Light with Dick, before he let them know that they had a guest, Rose Wilson, also the daughter of their former rival, Slade Wilson. They all expressed anger at him harboring a probable enemy and incentive for an old one to come after them, but he asked that they focus on the problem at hand, Dr. Light. Waiting around for leads, Hank expressed how much he missed being a part of the Titans, hoping it may be different if they started doing it again, but Dawn reminded him of his addiction. Locating Dr. Light, they made their way to a stadium, where they surrounded him. He shot blasts of light energy at them, fleeing from the stadium. Donna managed to subdue him, but he ultimately got away. Dawn helped an injured Hank back to the Tower, where he proceeded to attack Dick for not doing anything to stop Light, but Dawn talked him down.[5]

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"I don't get nerves, Hank."
—Dawn Granger to Hank Hall[src]

Dawn is a very kind and caring individual, easily getting along with Rachel, bonding over their shared love of Game of Thrones and becoming very protective of the girl, who calls her Khaleesi. She is not, however, above using violence, clawing the face of thugs and beating up crooks in Gotham, probably because she grew up in a violent home, with an abusive father who she stood up to and even looking while Hank killed his abuser, despite being told to leave, which shows a darker, wrathful side. Despite loving Hank, she appears to have unresolved feelings for Dick, as told to him by Rachel, who sensed these same feelings when they first met because of her powers.


"Nice catch."
"Seven years of gymnastics, dance, and jiu-jitsu."
"I know, right?
Hank Hall and Dawn Granger[src]
  • Peak human condition: Due to her training and her previous life as a gymnast, Dawn is in the best physical condition, with quick reflexes and great agility, speed and strength.
  • Peak human speed & reflexes: Her speed and reflexes allow her to block bullets with her armor.
  • Peak human strength: She is strong enough to easily break bones and knock a man out with a single punch.
  • Peak human durability: Dawn's durability and endurance are also very remarkable, since she was able to survive the fall from the roof of a building.[2]
  • Peak human stamina: Her conditioning allows her to recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly.
  • Expert martial artist: Dawn possesses impressive combat skills,[2] having taken seven years of jiu-jitsu before assuming the mantle of Dove.[1]
  • Expert acrobat: Dawn is a gymnast who has developed her agility and reflexes to be able to do amazing feats.[1]
  • Expert dancer: Dawn is a talented ballerina whose training in dance helped develop her reflexes and skills to the point where she could become a vigilante.[1]
  • Sign language: Dawn is capable of understanding Jericho's sign language communications.[9]
  • Skilled singer: Dawn is a capable singer. She performed a duet with Hank in a country bar.[10]


  • Dove suit: Dawn wears a protective suit whenever she is out fighting crime as Dove.[2] The suit is armored to block bullets and can be used as an offensive weapons with it's razor sharp edges. It is also light enough not to impede Dawn's speed or agility.


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  • Dawn watches Game of Thrones.[6]
  • Dawn takes afternoon tea every day at five o'clock, she also enjoys American pizza.[1]
  • Dawn is a foil to Hawk with her being strategic, defensive, and lithe while Hawk is an aggressive, offensive bruiser.

Behind the Scenes[]


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