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"All I know is I'm just so proud of you, kiddo."
—Clay Williams to Dick Grayson[src]

Clayton "Clay" Williams is a club bouncer in Detroit. He used to be a circus strongman who branded himself as "Atlas the Strongman". He's good friends with Dick Grayson, and offered to adopt him after Dick's parents' deaths.


For years, Clayton Williams performed as a strongman in Haly's Circus. After Mary and John's deaths, Clayton comforted Dick during their funeral. He expressed his desire take Dick in, but acknowledged that he would have a better life with the billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne. Clayton returned to the circus, but Haly had lost credibility due to the Grayson's fatal fall. The circus tanked and Clayton moved to Detroit participate in strongman competitions, and then to work as a bouncer.

Clayton's work took him to a club called Corvo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was visited by Dick, who informed him that Hayley's Circus performers were being targeted by a murderer named Nick Zucco. Clayton was delighted to learn about Dick's success as both a detective and a vigilante, but expressed limited concern about potentially being kidnapped. Sure enough, he was promptly kidnapped by Zucco and used to lure Dick into his lair. Clayton was briefly burned with acid to torment Dick, but he escaped largely unscathed.


  • Peak human strength: Clayton possess above-average human strength, due to this he has earned the alias "Atlas the Strongman." As such, he was able to effortlessly lift a young Dick Grayson over his head with both hands, and according to data archives found by Grayson, he set weightlifting records. Even fifteen years later, he had Grayson short of breath when he picked him up and hugged him.[1]


Season 1[]


  • Williams is 1.95 meters (6'4") tall.[1]
  • Williams weighs 300 pounds.[1]
  • Williams' phone number is 1-(414)-555-0111.[1]
  • Williams lives at 2845 Kingsborough Avenue in Milwaukee.[1]


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