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"This isn't simply a sanctuary, Rachel. It's an incubation chamber, an experiment. The work I do on them will push medical science forward decades in a matter of years. What's happening here will one day save thousands, even millions, of lives."
Niles Caulder to Rachel Roth[src]

The Caulder house is a residence owned by Dr. Niles Caulder in Covington, Ohio. The property is located on Danny Street and is locked up to the outside world.


Dedicating his life to saving those that society had forgotten, Dr. Niles Caulder opened up his house to Larry, Rita Farr, Cliff and Gar Logan. In 2018, Rachel Roth visited with Gar, accidentally breaking Dr. Caulder's back again, before Gar left to live a normal life.[1]

Known inhabitants[]

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Season 1[]


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