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"Imagine community... imagine tomorrow, sustainability, dreams, innovation, vision, solutions, friendship, hope, inclusion... family, chemicals, Cadmus."
"A better future... tomorrow!
—Cadmus Commercial[src]

Cadmus Laboratories is a facility in Metropolis that housed Conner and Krypto.


Conner escapes from Cadmus labs.

Cadmus Laboratories is a facility founded by Lex Luthor, dedicated to genetic experimentation. One of its subjects, officially titled "Subject 13" broke free of their containment pod and attacked various scientists when their experiments on a dog subconsciously awoke him. Following this, he made his way to the cage containing the dog, named Krypto, and set it free.[1] Prior to leaving, "Subject 13" donned a guard's uniform and took up their name, Conner. Eventually, Cadmus became aware of this breakout and assembled a team, led by Mercy Graves and including Conner's creator Dr. Eve Watson, to locate both him and Krypto.[2]

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