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For the episode of the same name, see Barbara Gordon (episode).

Barbara Gail Gordon is a main character in the Titans TV series. She is the commissioner of Gotham City Police Department and a former vigilante named Batgirl.


Early life[]

Barbara Gordon was born to Police Commissioner Jim Gordon. She grew up in Gotham City and would eventually take on the role of Batgirl, one of Batman’s protégés. During this time she became romantically involved with fellow vigilante Dick Grayson, although their relationship ended under unknown circumstances.

After Dick left Gotham she continued fighting crime with Batman and his new sidekick Jason Todd. At some point she was shot by Batman’s nemesis the Joker. This cost her one of her legs, requiring her to use a wheelchair, effectively ending her career as a vigilante.

Barbara lost her father when he suffered a heart attack after being frozen in a block of ice by Mr.Freeze. After her father’s death, Barbara became Police Commissioner of Gotham.[1]

Red Hood[]

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Fake Reality[]

In a fake reality created by Trigon, Barbara went missing.[2]



"The bitch still has moves."
—Lady Vic to Jonathan Crane[src]
  • Master martial artist: Before her wheelchair, Gordon was an experienced combatant as she was shown to defend against Dick Grayson while carrying a vase with one hand. She even displayed techniques in kickboxing while fighting against Lady Vic a highly trained assassin, then years later during her immobility, Barbara was lured into a trap by her and fought again using dual esckrima sticks to land a few strikes and head butted her face which impressed the latter.
    • Master stick fighter: During her time as Batgirl, Barbara was trained in stick fighting. After her accident she has demonstrated she is still capable of using batons while in a wheelchair when fighting the knife wielding Lady Vic.
  • Expert tactician: Barbara is a skilled tactician as she was able to plan break-ins at secure facilities and managed the Oracle system. As commissioner she efficiently coordinates the GCPD at HQ or in person.
    • Leadership: As commissioner of GCPD, Barbara is a highly respected leader.
    • Expert thief: She was very skilled at stealing many valuable types of jewelry in the most secured places with lousy state of the art security during her time of vigilantism.


  • Restricted Mobility: Barbara was paralyzed after being injured by the Joker.


  • SIG Sauer P365: Barbara uses this handgun as her service sidearm.
  • Esckrima Sticks: Barbara can deploy two esckrima sticks from her wheelchair that she can use in close quarters combat.


Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Barbara Gordon is a superhero who has operated under the aliases "Batgirl" and "Oracle", and is also the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon.
    • In this iteration, she loses one of her legs as opposed to being shot in the vertebrae.
  • Barbra's roll as Commissioner of the GCPD maybe a reference to the Batman Beyond version, where an older Barbra Gordon takes on the same position in New Gotham.


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