"It's time to light 'em up."
—Arthur Light to Slade Wilson[src]

Dr. Arthur Light was a metahuman physicist and a criminal who was an enemy of the Titans.


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Arthur Light was once a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, where he gained a doctorate. Soon after, he gained metahuman powers after a failed experiment involving light manipulation. He became a criminal and was eventually incarcerated by the Titans in San Quentin State Prison. However, Slade Wilson managed to kill all the guards in the prison and also unlocked Light's cell. While he was escaping, Light saw that one guard was still alive, so recharged himself using a hallway light and killed the guard. He first went after Hank Hall and Dawn Granger in Wyoming, turning their friend Ellis into a light-based bomb, before heading to San Francisco to plant a light bomb in Dick Grayson's car.[1]

He stayed with Wilson, planning their attack on the new Titans, unnerved by Slade's lack of humor. Light drew a large amount of power from San Francisco, before relocating to a sports stadium, luring the old Titans there. He drew more power from the stadium and fought them off. He was trapped under a motorbike by Donna Troy, but managed to escape after a distraction. He then proceeded to go underground to train tunnels, absorbing more energy. Light was found by Robin, who at first was knocked down, but subsequently bloodily beat Dr. Light. However, before Robin could deal a final blow, Deathstroke appeared.[2]


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Light was found dead by The Titans, killed by Deathstroke.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Meta-human physiology: Dr. Light gained metahuman powers through a failed experiment with light manipulation.[1]
    • Photokinesis: Dr. Light has the ability to manipulate light.[1]
      • Light absorption: He is able to absorb light from sources, weaponizing it against enemies.[1]
      • Light-explosion inducement: Dr. Light can fill individuals with light, causing it to radiate out and overpower them, exploding like a bomb.[1]
      • Light energy blasts: Arthur can shoot projectiles made up of light energy against his opponents.[2]


  • Genius level intellect: Light is a brilliant physicist who is able to manipulate and use light as a weapon.
  • Combatant: Light possesses a basic level of combat skills with his powers. However, he has no fighting skills of his own and is easily defeated twice by Jason in a hand to hand fight.
  • Intimidation: Due to his power and sadism, Light is greatly feared by the Titans.


  • Dr. Light suit: Arthur wore this suit to harness his light manipulating powers.


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